Always Together

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Chapter 46

After dinner, an impromptu movie plan was made. Since Kris’s initial hesitancy has passed and now when she is less intimidated by Alec, she got into her enthusiastic friend mode.

When she learned Alec, due to his strict routine, hardly gets any chance to really hang out. She took upon herself to make Alec experience all random shit that friends do. Since the movie theater is near from this place, she insisted we all should go and watch a movie together.

Although, I prefer watching movies at home, snuggled up in my bed or couch, but since everyone is up for movie so I even agreed for it.

The instant we leave the restaurant Alec shifts back into his stoic mode. I know he is not a people person and even inside the restaurant, he was mostly responding rather than initiating any talk. So, him returning back to his intimidating self is not something which is surprising.

“You go and buy the tickets, Avery and I will buy the popcorns,” Kris informs Jake.

There are not many options, so it is decided that we are watching some action-thriller movie, even when I wanted to watch an animated movie.

Alec follows us to the concession stand, walking closing beside us. After we have bought drinks and popcorns he pays for them even before we can object.

When we get to our previous spot, we see Jake still standing in the line waiting for his turn. Getting away from the crowd we stand next to the wall, where Jake can find us easily.

Kris narrows her eyes at some girls who try to get too close to Jake and touch his biceps.

“I will be right back, my man needs me,” Kris says, then frowns at me, “I will take this with me before you finish it even before the movie starts.” She snatches popcorns from my hands and hurriedly walks to Jake’s aid, who is looking damn uncomfortable with all the touching.

I shrug and put the remaining popcorns in my mouth, which I already have in my hand.

“She is...” Alec pauses, looking at Kris who has shoved the girls away from Jake, and he quickly brings Kris in between him and the girls as a shield, “strange.” He lightly chuckles.

“Strange or not, she is the best.” I smile lovingly at my friend, who is glaring at the girls in a silent challenge.

“You are really close to her,” he asks quietly.

“Yeah, she has been always there for me,” I reply in an equally quiet tone.

“Even I want to be there for you,” Alec says, surprising me, “Will you ever let me in?”

This is not a simple question to answer, however, my heart says that I can trust him.

So, instead of answering him, I hold his hand and give it a light squeeze. Silently, letting him know that I trust him, but still uncertain about sharing the part of myself which is unknown to most of the world.

“I will try.” I bite my lower lip and stare at the floor, not wanting to hurt his feelings.

“For now, it is more than enough for me.” His lips tilt up in a slight smile.

After a moment, I release his hand, but instantly he curls his finger around my hand securely. When I glance at him, I find him looking at our joined hands with an unreadable expression.

He lets out a silent sigh, then reluctantly leaves my hand, putting his hand in his pocket. I curl my hand in a fist, missing the warmth of his hand.

These feelings are new to me and unexplainable. Kris is also my friend, but there is something different about Alec. I feel some kind of connection with him.

After a quick word between Alec and Jake, we get settled in our seats, with Alec and Jake sitting on either side of us making us sit in the middle seats.

“Oh, God, he is so hot.” We hear a girl whisper-yell somewhere from behind us as the main lead is doing some stunts on the screen.

Kris and I share a look and start laughing... well Kris silently, and me, not so silently.

From the corner of my eyes, I notice Alec cringes listening to these girls talk. The funniest thing is whenever any of those girls walk by him, he leans to my side and only relaxes when they have walked away from his seat.

After the movie ended, we walk outside the theater listening to Alec and Jake pointing out the flaws in the movie’s fight scenes. There are so seriously discussing the fight scenes as if the fights shown in the movie were real.

Shaking my head at them, I turn back to my mobile to continue playing the game which I have started somewhere during the movie, out of boredom.

Sudden silence around me, makes me pause my game and look around.

“Shit!” I curse when I realize I have lost them.

“Oh, God!” I panic when I see a dog barking at me, his bark doesn’t seem friendly at all.

I quickly look around to decide where should I head. But when the barking continues and I see it slowly coming towards me I head off in a random direction trying not to run while my heart is beating frantically.

Once I had seen a dog biting a man, since then I am afraid of dogs.

My phone rings in my hand, at the same time I hear my name being called. I find Alec standing with his phone pressed against his ear as he looks around clenching his jaws.

Running to him, without thinking, I throw myself at him. He slightly stumbles but lifts me in his arms without difficulty.

“Avery!” I hear Kris calling my name.

“She is here,” Alec answers.

“What happened?” He asks softly while looking at me, but his eyes hold a hard expression.

“It’s following me,” I whisper and turn my head in the direction from where I have come.

“Who?” He asks while his eyes are narrow as he scans the place.

The same dog appears, from between the cars, making tighten my hold on Alec’s neck.

I flinch and pull myself up in his arms, as the dog barks.

“Don’t bite me,” I mumble, clenching my eyes.

“Avery where-” Kris stops in a mid-sentence when she sees me in Alec’s arms.

She starts laughing, when she sees the dog, quickly realizing why the hell I am in Alec’s arms.

She should be thankful, it was Alec whom I have found first if it was her we both would be on the floor. Because I would have run to her at the same speed because that much I am terrified.

Jake also joins her, enjoying my horrified expression. But his laughs die down when Kris sharply smack him upside the head.

“Why are you laughing at her?” Kris glares at him.

“You were also laughing at her,” He says defensively while rubbing his head.

“She is my best friend, I have the right to laugh at her.” She narrows her eyes at him, “But no one else is allowed to laugh at her.”

Momentarily, I forgot about the dog which is busy in growling at us. But with a loud bark, it brings our attention back to it. This time even Kris jumps in fright.

“Bad doggy!” She scolds the dog, pushing Jake in front of her.

“Go sit in the car,” Jake tells Kris handing her, his car keys, “I will bring Avery.”

“No, stay here.” I shake my head at Alec who takes a step forward but stops when I ask him to.

“Avery, we can’t stay here.” Jake lightly laughs.

“No, the dog will bite us, if we pass it.” I look at the dog, who is now sitting on the floor keeping his eyes on us probably deciding who to target first, then back at Jake.

“No problem, I will drop Avery.” Alec glance at my face then he turns to Jake.

“No, you will not drop Avery, you will keep carrying Avery.” Shaking my head frantically, I hold his face with my one hand and turn his face towards me.

Jake laughs loudly hearing this, whereas Alec is stifling his laughter while the corners of his lips are twitching upward.

Jake waves at us, still laughing, as he walks to his car leaving us there.

“What I meant is that I will drop you home.” Alec smiles.

“Oh.” My eyebrows raise and I suddenly feel like stupid.

No wonder Jake was laughing at me. In my defense, I am to think scared to think logically.

Feeling embarrassed because of my stupidity I look away and release a sigh of relief when I notice the dog is nowhere in sight.

Maybe he got bored and left us.

“You can put me down now,” I say, loosening my grip on him.

“Nuh-uh.” He tightens his hold and shakes his head.

“Alec will keep carrying Avery.” He teases me, while his chest vibrates with his deep chuckle as he starts walking while still carrying me, adding more to my embarrassment.

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