Always Together

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Chapter 47

“Alec, please, put me down,” I request him while squirming trying to get down as he carries me to his car which is parked a little far from where we were, “I am not that lightweight.”

“Really?” He stops walking and raises his eyebrow at me mockingly.

“Firefly, I don’t how much you weigh, but I can assure you I lift more than this even when I am being lazy,” He says smugly, then he starts lifting me up and down as I am a freaking barbell.

“Alec, what the fuck are you doing?” I glare at him.

“Language.” He sighs loudly, shaking his head.

“Alec, put me down, now,” I say while holding the hem of my dress to keep it in place, “I am wearing a knee-length dress, anyone can see my undergarments.” Horror fills my tone as I realize my panties might be on clear display for anyone.

Thankfully, I am not wearing my Spongebob underwear.

Instantly, he puts me down and looks around to check if there is anyone around who might have seen us, even I am doing the same.

I release a big sigh when I find no one’s attention on us.

“I am sorry, I should have been careful,” he says apologetically, looking at me. “I didn’t think about that.”

I start laughing at his words while he looks at me with puzzlement.

“Why are you laughing?”

“It seems like you have knocked me up.” I bite my bottom lip to control my laughter.

For a moment he looks stunned, then serious expression settles on his face as he stares at me.

“Avery,” he says in an unimpressed tone.

If it isn’t the slight twitching in his lips, I would have said he doesn’t find the humor in what I have said.

“C’mon, you know, it was funny.” I shrug.

“Avery, there is a dog behind you,” he says, looking over my shoulder.

I scream, turning around to find... nothing?

“Now, that is what I call funny.” His lips raised a little from one side, thoroughly amused with the reaction which he got from me.

When I give him my meanest glare, he just laughs then grabbing my hand he starts tugging me towards his car because he realizes I am not in a mood to follow him, anytime soon.

“C’mon, you know, it was funny.” He throws my words at me when I stubbornly cross my arms and refuse to sit in his car.

“Asshole!” I slap his arm when he opens the passenger door and deposits me on the seat.

Closing the door, he walks around the car and sits in the driving seat, completely ignoring my death stare.

After a few moments I get tired of glaring at him, so I relax in my seat taking a deep breath. His car smells so clean. The smell of car freshener mixing with his own smell, with the hint of woodsy fragrance of his cologne, making me want to inhale a deep breath again.

Shit! This seems weird.

“Why are you so much afraid of dogs?” He asks.

My first thought is to not to reply to him, but then I thought it is useless as after a few minutes I will start talking to him again.

“When I was around five, I saw a dog attacking a man and bite chunk out of his leg.” A shudder runs down my spine remembering the blood and the man’s screams, “Since then, I guess, fear developed in me.”

“Of course, anyone will fear dogs after witnessing something horrific like that,” he says in an understanding tone.

He checks his phone when it lights up just when he has stopped the car on the red light, a smile forming on his face.

Whose message he is reading while smiling like that? Maybe it is his girlfriend.

“Girlfriend’s message?” I ask noticing his smile.

“Mom’s,” he replies, still having that soft smile on his face.

“I don’t have a girlfriend.” He finishes typing a reply and at the same time starts driving the car as the signal turns green.

“Then boyfriend?” I ask frowning in confusion, because other than that I don’t see any reason for him not having a girlfriend.

“God, Avery!” He looks at me in disbelief, “If I don’t have a girlfriend, then it means I would have a boyfriend?”

“Then why would someone like you will be single?” I mostly ask to myself.

He is handsome and the way he gracefully carries himself adds more to his personality.

“Don’t you think that it might be possible that I am not interested in a relationship or,” After a small pause, he says almost quietly, “I am waiting for my imperfect person who will make my life perfect.”

“I never thought any guy could think like that.” I give him an impressed smile.

“I thought most of the guys just think with their weenie,” I say while shrugging, “Like where their third leg directs them, their other two legs will start walking in that direction.”

“Avery!” He half-shouts looking appalled. “Girl, for the thousandth time I am saying, you need a filter.”

“Hey, but you are not denying that I am wrong.” I laugh loudly.

“What I am going to do with you!” He exasperates and looks heavenward.

“No worries, you will eventually figure it out.” I pat his arm encouragingly, holding back my laugh.

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