Always Together

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Chapter 48

Alec’s POV

Wiping the sweats from my forehead with the front of my t-shirt, I start running again. Morning runs are my favorite, they not only refresh me, but even help me in clearing my mind.

However, for the past few months, this is the part of the day in which I allow my mind to openly think about only one person, Avery.

She is like a puzzle to me, and God knows how much I love solving puzzles. At the same time, she is like an open book to me.

Shaking my head, I laugh remembering how much she hates when I sneak up on her. Well, it is not my fault that she is most of the time lost in her own thoughts. Honestly, I hate when people are ignorant of their surroundings because any ignorance can be dangerous. However, when it comes to her I find it adorable. Although, I will warn her to be careful when she is alone.

After getting back from my run, I make a list of things that needed to be done today. Even though today I don’t have any work, but there are other things around the house that need my attention.

Most importantly, I have to assemble that cat tree tower which I bought online for Frisky. I am tired of her climbing on shelves then caterwauling to help her get down. Because she knows how to climb, but it seems like she always forgets how to come down.

Although everything cannot be done in one day, still I can try. Firstly, I need to give my car for full service. So, after finishing up some of my work, later in the afternoon I head to the Andersons Automobiles.

It has been quite some time since I have met Frank. Along with giving my car for service, I will also meet Frank. Drumming my fingers on the steering wheel, I hum along with some song playing on the radio. Soon, Andersons Automobiles and Spareparts come into my view and I park my car in front of it.

Killing the engine, I walk inside the front of the shop hoping to find Frank. However, instead of him, I find some other guy standing behind the counter.

“Hello, how may I help you?” He politely smiles.

“Hey, is there Frank around?” I ask while keeping my one arm on the front table and look around.

“He is gone for some work, but he will return soon,” he answers. “If you want you can wait for him in the waiting area, in the meantime.”

“Okay, thanks.” I nod my head at him, “Oh, and yeah, I want full service of my car, it is parked in the front.” Twisting my body slightly, I point in the direction of my car.

“Yeah, sure, no problem.” He nods his head, “Give me your keys, I will bring your car in the garage, so we can start working on it.” He extends his palm and I place my keys in his hand.

“Terry, cover the front.” He hollers over his shoulder and walks outside. Soon a lanky looking boy who looks like he is in his late teens, whose name I guess is Terry, comes from the door behind the counter.

“Okay, Mason.” He answers then he looks at me, nervously.

The front door opens again, and Terry looks expectantly at the door, his eyes sparkle as a grin replaces his earlier nervous face.

“The truck will be here in twenty minutes.” Avery’s voice reaches my ear, making me look in her direction, “Unload the tires from the truck.”

Interesting, this kid has a crush on my Firefly.

She has not looked up from the book which she is holding, as she walks straight ahead while drinking the milkshake which is on her other hand.

“Okay, Avery.” Terry pushes his glasses up his nose and nods looking upset for not getting any attention from her.

I want to laugh at his defeated face, but I stop myself by maintaining my usual impassive face.

Avery’s stops in mid-step. I thought maybe now she will look up, but instead, she just turns her book page carefully not spilling her milkshake.

“Happy Birthday, Trevor!” She says and walks to wherever she is heading to, still not even bothering to look in his direction.

“Thank you, Avery.” The boy smiles cheerfully and his whole face lights up while his cheeks slightly redden, clearly infatuated with her.

Should I give him birthday punches?

“Happy Birthday.” I turn to him and wish him, as it seems polite, but can’t help myself from glaring at him.

“Thanks.” He says with a smile that seems permanent on his face and starts cleaning the counter, looking lost his La La Land.

The waiting area is divided by a glass wall, which gives a view of the part of the garage where cars are being repaired. I watch workers working on three cars, at the same time, along with mine. Stuffing my hands in my jeans pocket I walk outside the waiting area, in hope that Frank has returned.

I stop in front of another door which is beside the waiting area, which seems like a breakroom. There I find Avery sitting on the beanbag in the very far corner of the room, completely lost in her book.

Without alarming her, I take out my mobile from my pocket and click her picture. I bite my lower lip, to stop myself from smiling as I send a text to her attaching her picture along with it.

I watch her frown when her mobile pings, keeping her milkshake on the floor, she retrieves her mobile from her pocket. Her frown turns into a small smile as she looks at the screen and this time I can’t stop the smile which comes to my lips.

Her lips apart and eyebrows slightly raise as she checks the message, instantly her head snaps around, in an obvious attempt to find me.

A moment later her eyes land on me, winking at her I walk back to the front of the shop.

Even though we have met outside a few days back, but still, I will refrain from any direct interaction with her openly. I will not avoid her, but I will also not approach her.

Frank is standing near the front counter, talking to some other man, probably a customer. Even before I can approach him, Frank heads turn to me with slightly narrowed eyes. But relaxes as soon as he watches me at the same time ordering something to one of his workers.

Avery is completely opposite of him, she doesn’t notice what is going on even if it is happening right next to her. Whereas, his sharp eyes don’t miss anything and are always on alert.

Quickly, finishing his talk with the other man, he gives me his full attention.

“Alec, how are you doing?” He shakes my extended hand in a strong grip, the hold which I return with an unflinching eye contact making him nod at me appreciatively, “What brings you here?”

“I am good, sir,” I politely reply as he motions me to follow him. “I brought my car for service,” I answer his second question, as we enter what I assume his office.

After pointing to the chair in front of his table, he takes his seat behind it.

“What would you like to have?” He asks reaching for the intercom on his table.

“Nothing, I am fine, thanks.”

He nods and picks up the intercom he inquires about my car, then he informs me, it will take around half-an-hour more then my car will be ready.

Soon half-an-hour passes, in our conversation. Most of our conversation is car-related. He taught me a few more things about cars. I enjoy listening to him, as he is a very knowledgeable person.

Well, I even figured from where Avery got her colorful vocabulary.

The guy, whom I have met first, comes inside the office and informs that my car is ready and he brought it in front of the shop.

Thanking him, I take leave from Frank. After paying for the service, I head to my car and drive back home. A few minutes later, I notice a small box wrapped in a fancy paper on the dashboard of my car. Pulling my car off the road, I examine the box with which a small note is attached.

Shaking my head I lightly chuckle, when I read the note, immediately relaxing as I realize who has put this box in my car.

You are not the one who can be stealthy ;)

Removing the wrapping paper, I open the box to find a cylindrical shape keychain inside it. Taking out the keychain, I look closely and turn the upper part of the keychain and watch four wings slightly open and the middle section of the keychain lights up.


A small smile settles on my lips, as I drive back home, while a thousand thoughts are running in my mind all of them are about Avery.

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