Always Together

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Chapter 49

Dragging my feet on the way back home, I kick an empty soda can feeling upset and annoyed.

Why I am annoyed? Well, it happens Kris and I made plans to visit that bar which I have discovered a few weeks back. However, since I actually don’t remember that exact direction, I decided to find it again on foot. So, later we can come there by car.

However, when I find that bar and thought it wouldn’t hurt to check it once by myself, I was not allowed inside that bar. Firstly, they said I was underage and I can’t drink, to which I reply, I already don’t drink I just want to hang out for a while. Secondly, they said even then they will not allow me to enter the bar and when I countered other bars allowed me entry. They simply said ‘Our bar Our rules’.

So, now feeling like a loser, I am walking back home. I just wanted to see that bar from inside, I am curious to find out whether it looks like Snuggly Duckling even from inside. Well, no worries I will come back when I will turn twenty-one.

Before I can take a turn to my house, somebody pins both of my arms on my sides from behind. Honestly, I don’t even get scared as this thing is happening to me so much lately, also simply by touch, I can tell who this person is.

“Do you float in the air? That’s why I don’t hear your footsteps?” I roll my eyes, my words laced with boredom.

“And a simple tap on my shoulder is enough to get my attention, why there is a need to restrain my hands?” I twist my wrists in his hold to make my point.

“Just safety precautions, so that I don’t get hit by you.” Alec lightly chuckles.

“Alec, you are good, but you still need to learn some more things,” I throw his words at him, smugly, “But don’t worry, I will teach you.”

Then I kick him on his shin, catching him off guard. He instantly releases my hands while a grunt leaves from his gritted teeth.

Turning around, I laugh at him as he glares while rubbing the spot where I have kicked.

“Don’t you think you abuse, or try to abuse, me a lot?” He straightens and crosses his arms over his chest, and involuntarily my eyes follow the way his muscles flex in his arms.

“Well, don’t you think are manhandling me a lot.” Clearing my throat, I forcefully look away from his arms.

“I didn’t see you complaining?” He teases arching an eyebrow.

“I don’t complain, I directly take action,” I say in a proud tone then I turn on my heels to walk away from him.

But instead of walking forward, my feet are carrying me backward as Alec starts dragging me backward while holding the back of my shirt.

“What are you doing?” I grab the collar from the front so it doesn’t choke me.

“Taking you with me.” He simply answers as he stops beside his car.

“C’mon get inside.” He opens the passenger door, “Get inside.” He slightly nudges me towards it when I don’t move.

“Is this a new and nice way to kidnap someone?” Getting inside the car, I look at him.

“Trust me, if I had to kidnap you I would have already thrown you inside the car,” he says casually then walks around to sit in the driver’s seat.

Since I don’t have any better things to do and somewhere I was even missing spending time with him, that’s why I decided to go with him.

I don’t say anything and let him drive to wherever we are going. I can feel he is stealing glances, probably thinking why I am not asking him anything. However, I trust him, so I am not worried about what he has on his mind.

At least it is better to sulk in my room.

“Thank you,” he says, after some time, breaking the silence, “I loved your gift.”

“Really?” I ask excitedly, “I thought it was stupid.”

I am relieved he liked the keychain because after buying the gift I was kind of nervous that he will not like it.

He just looks at me and gives me his brief genuine smile.

“Now you have your own firefly, so you should stop bothering me.” I glare at him, playfully.

“You are my firefly, that means nothing can stop me from bothering you.” He smirks.

“Jerk.” I try to sound annoyed, but can’t keep the smile off of my face.

I feel somebody shaking me lightly, forcing my eyes to open, I rub my eyes with the heals of my palm to clear my vision. Alec slightly chuckles from beside me, then I realize I must have fallen asleep.

You can’t blame me his car is damn comfortable, that anyone can fall asleep easily.

“Let’s get outside the car before you fall asleep again.” He gets outside the car and then opening the passenger door he takes out a picnic basket and a blanket.

Stepping outside the car, I look around my surrounding while rubbing my hands up and down on my arms to warm them up as the chill breeze blows.

It is a cliff edge that gives the view of the entire town. Although it looks just like any other cliff edge, however, the vast vegetation spread across the cliff makes it different. You can practically feel fresh air filling your lungs, making the entire experience so serene and calm.

“I have never seen this place.” I turn to Alec, who is also taking in the view, holding a picnic basket in his hand while the blanket is rolled under his arm.

“I accidentally discovered it, I thought maybe you would like it. That’s why I brought you here.” He looks around and exhales a deep breath, “It is so peaceful here.”

Nodding my head, I agree with him.

Walking over to the metal railing fixed on the edge, I look down to see nothing but the darkness. It is strange how this darkness also seems beautiful... dangerous but beautiful. There is a strong urge to stand on this railing and scream my heart out, to let go of everything that is buried inside me. To let myself free in every sense of the world, perhaps, even from the world.

Plastering a smile on my face, pushing all the negative thoughts somewhere in the back of my mind, I turn to find that Alec has already placed the blanket on the ground and even taken out the food items from the basket.

I slightly feel guilty for not helping him.

When Alec catches my gaze, he studies my expression for a moment, making me uncomfortable. I don’t know, but his scrutinizing is something that always bothers me. Like he can easily read through me.

“All this is really nice.” I wave my hand at the blanket and walking back I sit beside him, trying to save myself from his stare.

“Thanks, it’s been a long time since I have a picnic,” he says while shrugging lightly, “I wanted to spend time with you, so I dragged you here with me.”

I laugh feeling happy, that I am not the only one who was missing our time.

“Why are you laughing?” He asks looking a bit confused.

“Nothing, I just missed spending time with you.” I shrug, while a smile slowly graces his lips.

“I am sorry.” He sighs as his smile vanishes from his face, making me frown, “Avery, I wish we could have been like normal friends, like hanging out together and doing random shit just like Kris has mentioned.” He chuckles half-heartedly.

“Who wants normal, when you can have something awesome.” I smile and place my hand over his, “Alec, every friendship is unique in its own way. We don’t need to show the world that we are friends. It is something just between you and me. All the moments we share means so much to me, so never ever try to compare our friendship with others.”

" And we don’t need all those random shit, because we are too cool for that stuff.” I wink at him, playfully, “Our thing is more like being chased by bad people with guns.”

He lets out a loud laugh and shakes his head.

“If I tell you that I feel jealous when someone tells that they are your friend or knows you.” He bites his lip and hesitantly speaks.

This time I let out a chuckle and pinch his cheeks, because he looks adorable, instantly making him glare at me.

“Well, firstly, I know there is hardly anyone who wants to be my friend.” I exhale a quick breath to reign my laughter.

Victoria’s influence is too strong on people, being the daughter of the mayor gives her some kind of power. She made sure that I don’t have any friends, honestly, it is the only good thing she did for me. Because I don’t need any ass lickers. The rest of the people who don’t give a damn, about what she wants, are cordial. But they aren’t my friends.

I always wonder when did I have stuck a stick in her ass, to make her hate me so much.

“Secondly, even if someone claims that they are my friend, you should know there are only two...” I shake my head, “No, three people whom I consider as my friends. Kris, Jake, and you. So, there is nothing for you to be jealous.” I shrug and nudge his shoulder.

“This is a small town, and everyone knows each other. They might know about my life, but it doesn’t mean that they know me. You are one of those people, who truly knows me, for who I am. Not because they know about my life or my family. I am just Avery to you, not some orphan girl who lives with her grandfather.”

“You are not just Avery, you are Avery.” He shakes his head. “Avery who is strong and amazing, who doesn’t depend on anyone. She shines on her own, lighting the lives of others by taking away their darkness.”

“However, to me, you are just my Firefly.” Turning his hand, he interlocks our fingers, “The girl whom I don’t deserve, but I am too selfish to let her go.” His gaze holds intensity while each word possesses some kind of power in them.

The power that makes me feel that this is something that is even stronger than friendship.

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