Always Together

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Chapter 51

Alec blinks as if he is also surprised with what has just happened, running his hand through his hair he looks away.

I don’t think I will be able to face him.

Maybe after decades or two, I will. But not now.

I kissed Alec!

“Oh, My God!” I whisper to myself as my cheeks turn a shade darker.

“Avery.” He turns to me and opens his mouth to speak, then closes it like even he doesn’t know what to say.

My eyes flicker to his mouth. His mouth which I was just kissing.

Quickly, I move my eyes back to his face which is now not giving away anything.

I should not have kissed him, he is my friend, for Godsake.

But why I don’t regret this kiss at all? Why it felt so right?

My heart racing so fast as I start to panic.

Keeping my head down, while slowly heat starts to creep onto my cheeks again, I quickly get out of his car and run to my house.

Thankfully, at my first attempt, the door gets unlocked and closing the door behind I race to my room.

“Holy moly!” I clasp my head with both hands, as soon as I enter the room, thinking about... yeah, the kiss.

I fan my cheeks with my hands as I start to pace around the room.

“You kissed Alec.” Standing in front of the mirror, I point at myself.

Staring at my flushed cheek, I remember how he was holding me while his lips moved gently against mine, like he has all the time in the world.

I was shocked, but it strangely didn’t feel awkward. It almost felt natural.

Slowly, I drag my finger over my bottom lip, still feeling tingles from the kiss. The sensation of his lips pressed against mine is still present. Gradually, slow shy smile tugs at my lips making me question my feelings for him.

Do I like him? Yes, of course, I do.

Do I like him as a friend or is he something more than that? This is something that I am not able to figure it out yet.

But what I know is that he does make my heart skip a beat.

Groaning I cover my face behind my hands, falling on the bed face down grinning like a maniac. Sometime later I fall asleep.

“Avy!” I hear Pops calling me from outside my room, the way sunlight is crawling into my room from the slight opening of the curtain, I assume it is already morning.

The previous night again comes to my mind, and just by the thought of it, a blush starts to form on my face.

Hey, I am still a normal girl... well, normal according to my standard, but still, normal... who had her first kiss. So, I can blush all I want, not that I am even trying to. The moment I think about it, my face automatically becomes red.

“Avy! Get your ass out of the bed,” Pops yells along with knocking on my door.

Pops, let a girl peacefully enjoy thinking about her first kiss.

“I am up, stop assaulting my door,” I yell back, quickly getting out the bed I open the door.

“Do you know what is this is about?” Pops holds Frisky and a big smile breaks onto my face as she adorably meows at me.

“Frisky.” I squish her face.

“Easy, don’t kill the poor thing.” Pops immediately covers Frisky not allowing me to shower my love on her.

“Now I remember, why I never let you have any pets.” Shaking his head, he sighs, “You are violent.”

“Hey! I just wanted to cuddle her.” Crossing my arms, I pout.

“More like killing her, with cuddling the life out of her.” He laughs while petting her, who seems quite friendly with him.

“Somebody left this creature on our doorstep in the morning, with a note to take care of her till they get back.” He raises his eyebrow at me, “I assume you know who is the owner of this squirmy thing.” He adjusts his hold on her when Frisky tries to slip out of his hand.

Yeah, I know him, he is the one whom I kissed last night.

“Umm... yeah, it’s Alec,” I say keeping my face neutral, “He told me, due to some work he will be away for a while. But I didn’t know he will leave Frisky at our place, he didn’t mention any such thing to me.”

Maybe he would have if our mouths weren’t busy with something... like kissing.

“Hmm.” He just nods, then looking down at Frisky he says, “Let’s give you some milk, then we will shop for your food. That idiot didn’t mention in the note what you like to eat, so we will buy a little of everything.”

He walks, probably to the kitchen, with Frisky in his hand. Well, it looks like Frisky has already become Pops’ favorite.

The day passed pretty quickly with helping Frisky settling in her temporary new home and... also thinking about Alec. It is like he is constantly on my mind, whatever I do, he seems to occupy my thoughts.

“Are you missing him, too?” I ask, scratching Frisky’s little head when she curls up in my lap.

“Should we call him?” I check my phone for the hundredth time, in hope of getting any message from him, even though I know he will not be able to contact me.

“I am actually missing him and only a day has passed.” I sadly pout, thinking about our late-night conversations.

Sometimes we just call each other and watch Disney movies together. I was surprised to learn that he is a Disney fan and would happily watch Lion King every time we can’t decide what to watch. Well, we kind of watched Lion King every night straight for a week.

“Alec, c’mon, sneak up on me from somewhere,” I say loudly as if Alec will suddenly appear in my room.

Yeah, I have gone mad!

“Will you watch cartoons with me, Frisky?” Picking her up, I turn her to me.

“Yes, I will.” I nod her head while answering for her.

Putting up Cartoon Network on TV, I make myself comfortable on the couch. Frisky again curls up beside me, pushing her head against my hand and starts purring when I pet her.

She is one attention-seeking fellow. Alec must have spoiled her with all the attention as she is always demanding some sort of attention or pampering.

She is just too adorable with her cute big eyes and innocent face.

Even though I am watching TV, but my mind is somewhere else. My head is swarming with so many questions and I don’t have the answers to most of them.

After last night I can’t deny that I do feel something for him, but the question is, does he also feels the same? Or what if I am just trying to make something big about this kiss,?

Maybe he just kissed me in the heat of the moment and it doesn’t mean anything to him.

What if because I am developing feelings for him, will make me lose my friend?

This thought terrifies me. I don’t know when or how Alec became an important part of my life. He effortlessly made his place in my heart and now I think it is really difficult to imagine him not being a part of my world.

My future seems incomplete without my family and it looks like without him also it will remain incomplete.

Alec, that’s how you are important to me.

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