Always Together

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Chapter 53

Alec’s POV

Extreme rage consumes me as her eyes flash in my mind. The eyes which always held mischievous sparkle, which I love the most, looked so dull. As if someone has sucked the life out of them.

I make my way towards Victoria while anger running through my veins like hot lava. She smiles when she looks at me, but before she can open her mouth. I wrap my fingers around her neck while pushing her against the window.

“I believe in equality, I don’t care whether the person in front of me is a guy or a girl. I will give, both of them, the same treatment. Because I am raised not to raise a hand on innocent and I simply follow that rule.” I tighten my hold on her neck.

“Therefore, you being a girl will not going to stop me from beating the hell out of you if try to hurt my Avery in any way.” Slightly raising her above the floor, I squeeze my fingers around her neck, feeling her windpipe beneath my fingers. Her face starts turning blue while tears continuously fall from her eyes as she claws my hand as I continue to close my hand around her windpipe.

“No words are coming out of your mouth, now?” Tilting my head, I watch her struggling to breathe whereas only wheezing sound is coming from the mouth.

From the peripheral vision, I can see Jake standing close to me to hold me back if I completely lose my control. Even though, I want nothing but to snap her neck. But I refrain from doing so, but this doesn’t mean I would care if this bitch will die by my hands.

Just there will be a lot of fucking answering to do. I think I can handle that.

“Nobody messes with my Avery, do you understand that?” I harshly smack her against the window, which rattles with the impact.

Somebody turns off the music and the entire house is completely silent, as I can feel everyone’s stares.

“Next time, if I find you or anyone trying to insult her or hurt her.” I look around the room, my eyes landing on her puppets who look like they will pass out any moment, “The thought of bullet between your eyes will look more welcoming, than what I will do with you all.” A sinister smile forms on my face, thinking about the ways I would love to torture them.

I throw her on the floor and she starts coughing furiously trying to regain her breath.

“Alec, Avery is not answering my call.” Kris grabs my arm to gain my attention.

I have to give credit to this girl, just a moment ago she watched me almost squeezing the life out of somebody, and she doesn’t even look afraid of me.

“I called Frank, even she is not answering his calls.” She starts to panic, “She always answers our calls. For once she will not receive my call, but she never misses Frank’s call.”

“I am worried, this is not normal.” Kris’s eyes fill with tears, as she shakes her head and looks at Jake. Jake has been silent this whole time, but his expression holds anger and worry, both.

There’s something alarming about Avery’s expression, the moment I saw her, I knew something is off about her.

“What the hell were you thinking, James, when you invited this bitch at the party?” Kris yells at her brother who looks dumbfounded.

“I swear, Kriss, I did not invite her,” he says raising his hands in surrender while shaking his head feverously. “What the fuck you are doing in my house?” He turns his gaze to Victoria while glaring at her in disgust.

Ignoring them, I get outside the house and start driving to the first place which comes to my mind where she could have gone.

Her parents’ cabin.

Speeding to the cabin, I reach there faster than it usually takes. My eyebrows scrunch up together in confusion when I find Frank sitting on the porch steps while his head in his hands.

Quickly, getting out of the car, I walk to him. As I get near him, I notice he is holding some paper in his hand.

Something is definitely not right.

“Where is Avery?” I ask him, without wasting any time, as he raises his head.

“She found the letter,” he whispers, instead of answering my question.

His disheveled look is nothing compared to what he might be feeling. Because he sounds so broken, almost defeated. Looking nothing like the man, I came to know.

“Whenever I feel upset because of my son’s death, I read this letter to tell myself why he doesn’t deserve to be missed!” He grits his teeth, his expression changing from pain to anger, “He put my little Avy through so much pain when that girl didn’t even understand the meaning of pain.” He throws the paper on the ground, which lands near my feet, while he stands up.

Picking up the paper, I read the words that have made a father hate his dead son. By the time, I reached the last word, I am livid. I can’t believe that any father could hate his child this much that he wished they never existed. I have never felt so much hatred for anyone in my life, how much I feel disgusted with this person whom I have never even met.

“He was a sick person, for blaming an innocent child for something which was not her fault.” Frank’s hands balled up in fists, “How could he hate his own flesh and blood?”

“Sometimes I feel he did the right thing. Because Avery doesn’t deserve a father who only loathed her, she deserves to be loved and cared for. But I never wanted Avery to learn the truth about her father, not because I love my son. It is because I love Avery more than I could have ever loved my son and I don’t want her to get hurt.” He swallows and clenches his jaws.

“He always treated her coldly. When I talked to him, he promised me that he will try to bond with her. I thought they both need each other, Garret needs Avery to heal from the pain of losing Claire. And Avery needs his father’s love to fill the void of her mother. But, I was so wrong.” He shakes his head as his shoulders slump down.

“Avery loved her father so much, even when he never showed her any kind of love. Her whole face used to light up when he used to talk to her.” He looks at me with pain evident in his eyes, “She didn’t want to leave her dad because she was worried that he will feel alone, and sat with him for hours and eventually fell asleep beside his grave. That much she loved her father.”

“My Avy must be devastated after reading this letter. She is strong, but somewhere there is still that nine-years-old Avery living inside her who terribly feels the absence of her parents. This letter would have crushed the heart of that Avery.” He rubs his eyes.

“I don’t know where she is.” He throws his hands in the air and let them fall on his sides, “And no one can find her if she doesn’t want to be found.” He looks so defeated.

“I will go and try to find her.” Placing a hand on his shoulder I squeeze reassuringly, “You go back home and inform me if she comes home because I don’t think she will come here.”

“Yeah, you are right.” He weakly nods, worries etched on his face while the stress lines on his face have nothing to do with his age.

This was the first place that came in my mind where she could have come, but now after knowing the truth, I know this will be the last place where she wants to be now. Taking out my phone, I call one of my men to track her phone and send her location as quickly as he can.

In the meanwhile, I drive around the town to every possible place where she can be. In another situation, I would have laughed by thinking about this, as I visit nearly all the shady places because that’s where I have mostly found her.

I didn’t think this day would turn out to be like this, I was so excited to meet her. I wanted to surprise her, that’s why I asked Kris to make sure Avery comes to the party. If I had any idea what she is going through I would not have asked Kris to force her when she had refused to come.

I wanted to see her reaction because obviously she would not be expecting me there, as she doesn’t know I have just returned today. Today at the club, I met Kris’s brother who came with Jake and some of his friends, there he even invited me. First, I was not sure if I wanted to go, but when I thought Avery is going to be there, as it’s Kris’s brother party, I decided to go.

Without even stopping my car, I answer my phone on the first ring. A string of curses flies out of my mouth when I am informed her phone is switched off, and they just managed to get the location of the last place where her phone was on.

After asking them to send the location, I order them to keep trying to find her location maybe she will turn on her phone. Although I know the chances are slim because of how much I know her, right now she would just want to get away from everything.

As soon as this thought comes into my mind, fear engulfs my heart. She is bottling up her feelings inside for so long and her father’s letter was the last straw. She was already suffering, moreover, that bitch’s words pushed her off the edge.


I don’t know why, but my heart is telling me this is where she is. Speeding up, I drive my car towards the cliff. Her last location is twenty minutes away from the cliff, that only confirms my guess.

I park my car, in the same place where I have parked last time and release a sigh of relief when I find her car nearby.

She is here.

Stepping outside the car, I look around but I don’t find her. However, when I walk a little further my blood runs cold and I can’t take a step forward when I find her standing near edge with closed eyes.

No, Avery... Don’t, do this.

I look at her with wide terrified eyes, as she clenches and unclenches her grip on the railing as her back is leaning against it dangerously looking calm.

Forcing myself to step forward, I take slow steps towards her not wanting to startle her. Even though I just want to run to her and hold her in my arms.

“Avery,” I say quietly, swallowing the lump forcefully down my throat.

It takes three times for me, to get her attention. Opening her eyes, she slightly turns her head to me. She blinks and her lips stretch in a small smile, the smile which is filled with so much anguish that it crushes my heart into million pieces.

Her eyes seem so dead, mirroring her emotions. But the thing which scares me the most is the determined look which is settled on her features. Without saying anything she just returns her gaze back to the depth of the cliff.

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