Always Together

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Chapter 59

Alec’s POV

A genuine smile forms on my face hearing these words from her mouth. ‘Mine’ she has utter this word with so much sincerity that it is hard not to believe her. The way she looks at me... the way her lips raise in one of her rare smiles... everything about her tells me she means every word she has spoken.

The feeling of irritation rises inside me as somebody calls her and her eyes shift away from me. But then in the very next moment, it is gone when she settles against me. My arm involuntarily snakes around her waist pulling her more into my side. Leaning her head back on my shoulder she reaches for her drink.

Earlier I feared for her safety, that’s why I decided to avoid her in front of everyone. But now it is not the same, she doesn’t need a friend who can’t acknowledge her in open. She needs someone who shows her she is cared for and be there for her not only when she is alone but also before everyone’s eyes. She needs that assurance that she matters.

My eyebrows furrow in confusion when she lightly whines in a silent complain.

“More,” she says frowning at the almost empty glass in her hand as it will refill magically.

“What are you drinking?” I ask her.

“I don’t know, something blue.” She glances me, tilting her head to the side, “Has my tongue turned blue?” She asks sticking out her tongue while crossing her eyes to look at her tongue.

“Have I become a smurf?” She touches her face, “I will be Smurfette.” She smiles to herself.

My eyes move to Jake who is looking a bit pale while staring at Avery. On the other hand, Kris is giving him a murderous glare.

“I think I may or may not have, accidentally, switched the drinks.” He nervously looks at the similar-looking glass in Kris’s hand.

No wonder her face is slightly flushed... she is intoxicated.

“Shit.” Kris curses then focus back on Avery.

“Babes, are you okay? How are you feeling?” Kris rubs her shoulder.

“I can’t tell you because I don’t want to lie to you.” Avery pouts.

“What do you mean?” Kris glances at me for a moment in a silent question then back at Avery.

“I am feeling weird, I should be happy that I am free but still I am feeling a little bit sad even when I have buried them,” Avery speaks in a very quiet tone that Kris has to bring her ear near mouth to hear her properly.

Kris’s eyes widen in realization as she understands what Avery meant. However, I am confused.

“It will take some time, but you will get over with it.” Kris swallows as her eyes glaze over, “You are strong.”

“Am I strong?” Avery asks herself with a pained smile, “Maybe, I am.” She shrugs.

“I want to go home.” Instantly, her mood changes, “I am fed up of people, now I want my solitude.” She looks around with a distaste.

Maybe I will ask her later, what got her upset.

“How did she come?” I ask Kris.

“She drove here.”

“Ummm... can you look into her pockets for the car keys?” I ask Kris. It feels completely wrong for me to search her pockets.

She laughs at probably my hesitation and nods.

Avery starts laughing loudly when Kris pats her pockets, then after a bit struggle, she manages to take out keys from her back pocket.

“I will be taking her home and I will tell Henry to drive her car to her house.” I take keys from Kris’s hand and stand up, pulling Avery with me.

I walk outside the club, holding Avery tightly against my side. Surprisingly, she doesn’t protest and is extremely quiet.

I glance down at her to check whether she is okay, only to find her lost in deep thought.

As if sensing my stare she looks at me.

“What’s wrong?” I ask her while unlocking my car.

“I am not a firefly.” She shakes her head, “No light comes out from my bum.” She twists her neck to look at her backside.

Not expecting this, a loud laugh leaves my mouth as I glance at the girl who is innocently looking at me.

“You are a different firefly.” I hold her face in my hands, “You are my Firefly.” I caress her cheeks with my thumbs as slowly a smile breaks out on her face.

“I am Alec’s Firefly.” She smiles looking pleased as I help her inside the car, “And I have a cute bum.”

Oh, God!

“Are we going to play car chasing tonight?” She asks excitedly as we ease into the road.

“No.” Shaking my head, I try to suppress my smile when I see her deflated expression.

“Can I be a hot cop?” She asks looking at me like she is asking for my permission.

“Umm...” My brows pinch together in confusion not knowing what to reply.

“I will have your gun and pretend to be a cop.” She starts rummaging through my dashboard, “I promise I will not break your gun.”

Of course, she just wants the gun.

But sorry Firefly, I know you well so I have already switched the place of my gun.

“There is no gun, how I am going to save you from bad guys?” She pouts sadly.

Well, needless to say, I am loving this intoxicated Avery. Never in my life, I thought that I will enjoy the company of any drunk person. But then I think I just enjoy being with her, drunk or sober.

“There are no bad guys here, they are afraid of you. So they will not come anywhere near us.” I bite my lower lip hide my amusement.

“Really?” Her eyes widen in astonishment, “They are not going to come after you if I am with you? I don’t want you to get hurt, ever.” The concern in her voice makes my heart skip a beat.

Even when she is not in her complete senses, she is not worried about herself. She sounds concerned for my safety.

“You always manage to surprise me.” I lightly chuckle, focusing back on the road.

“Alec, I am hungry,” she says after a few minutes of silence.

“Okay, so what you want to eat?”

“Are you going to cook?” She asks hopefully.

How can I say no to her?

“Yes, I am going to cook.”

A squeal, followed by a loud thud, makes me run towards the living room, just when I have placed the baking dish in the oven. I enter the living room, only to find Avery on the floor with her expression cross between wincing and laughing while Frisky hovering her.

Pulling herself off the floor, she again sprints off in another direction with Frisky chasing her. The moment I brought her home, she is running and jumping around like a kid on a sugar rush.

“Avery, stop running you will hurt yourself,” Shaking my head, I scold her which obviously falls on deaf ear as she has started climbing on the stairs. Two at a time.

My eyes widen and I feel like I am going to have a heart attack when I watch her come sliding down the balustrade. As soon as her feet touch the ground, she comes barreling towards me with both of her arms outstretched in front of her.

“Alec!” She half-screams and half-laughs, I catch her before she makes both of us fall.

She hugs me as tight as she can mumbling something incoherent excitedly. While I give myself a moment to recover from the fright which she has given me earlier.

I should ask Frank how he had not suffered from any heart attack until now.

“You have a pool, I just saw. I am going to do a skinny dip.” She tries to pull herself away from me. But, I don’t allow her to move tightening my grip on her.

Hell, no! She is not doing a skinny dip.

Exhaling a long sigh, I pick her up and walk back into the kitchen. There is no way I am letting her out of my sight.

She doesn’t need to look anywhere for danger, she is a danger even for herself.

Keeping my hold on her, I hoist her on the kitchen counter.

“Don’t you dare move from here, understand?” I pin her with a stern look.

Thankfully, she simply nods without giving me a hard time.

I start cleaning the kitchen, keeping an eye on her, as I wait for chicken enchiladas to cook.

From my peripheral vision, I notice something has got her attention as she leans across the counter to reach it. Avery picks the sharpie from the counter, and I start praying she doesn’t start drawing something on the counter or cupboards as I watch her uncap it.

Looking at the pen she smiles, then she draws a star on the back of her hand.

She raises her head and looks at me straight, then nodding her head she motions me to come forward. Keeping my hands behind my back, because I don’t want her to use my hand as her drawing paper, I stand in front of her.

She frowns then harshly pulls my hand towards her.

Okay, I guess, I am getting a star from her.

To my surprise, bringing forward my arm she writes ‘Avery’s’ in bold letters on it. Then she repeats the same with my other arm.

“You have beautiful arms.” She stares at them in awe, “I love them.” She runs her fingers on my forearm.

Even though, I don’t like the word beautiful as I would prefer strong. But coming from Avery suddenly I feel proud.

“I hate when that dustmite Harley, touched your arm.” Although, her face contours in anger, she looks cute, “I wanted to tear her hand into pieces.”

“This is mine.” She darkens the letters on my forearm, “Nobody is allowed to touch it. Okay?” She glares at me.

Involuntarily, a small smile comes on my face while nodding my head.

Suddenly, she looks intently at my face. My eyebrows slight raises in alert, hoping she will not write anything on my face.

Because let’s face it, with this face of hers, I will let her do anything she wants.

“This is also mine.” She touches my lips and let out a small laugh, making me draw a sharp breath.

“All your kisses are mine. I love your kisses.” She talks as if I am not standing here, the faraway look on her face also gives the impression that she is lost in her own world.

“Your kiss takes my pain away, little by little.” Her eyes glaze over and my heart clenches seeing the moisture in her eyes, “Each kiss puts back a piece of my heart... slowly healing it.” A tear stream down her cheek.

My heart swells listening to her words... I resist the urge to kiss her and take all her pain away, instead, I just pull her to me securing her in my arms.

Pulling away, I peck her nose making her laugh loudly.

“Alec,” She says pouting a little, “I am hungry, feed me.” Opening her mouth she points at her mouth.

“Gladly.” Chuckling, I plant a kiss on her head.

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