Always Together

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Chapter 60

Fuming in anger, I storm inside the club nearly punching the guy who tries to stop me.

Jake, you are so dead!

Looking around, I take a deep breath to control my anger, ignoring the smell of bleaching agents mixed with sweats. The sounds of shouts and grunts fall onto my ears and my feet take in the direction of the sound. The sounds getting louder as I near the door, probably where practices are being held. Muffled thumps against the mats, groaning, and cursing can be clearly heard when I open my door.

Soon my eyes land on my target as he is warming up. Marching straight up to him, I land a punch in his gut making him double over in pain.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” He yells as he gives me a murderous look. As soon as he notices me his expression changes into a nervous one while standing straight.

“You fucking got me drunk.” I take a threatening step towards him.

“I am...sorry,” he stutters, looking a bit pale, “I didn’t intentionally switch the drinks, it was a mistake.”

“Mistake because of which I am having a raging headache and mind you it has nothing to with the hangover.” With my bloodshot eyes and menacing glare, I must be looking really scary as he gulps looking frightened.

“What are you doing here?” Alec asks, failing to hide his amusement in this situation.

“Oh, the second culprit is here. Please stand in line, after I am done with him, it will be your turn.” I throw a glare at him.

“You-” I can’t even complete my sentence when I face his back, as my view turns upside down.

“Sorry for the disturbance, everyone,” Alec says as he throws me over his shoulder and starts walking, “Entertainment is over, continue with your practice.”

“Alec put me down you jerk,” I punch him on his back, causing him to falter a little. But the idiot he is, he doesn’t put me down instead he quickens his speed to wherever he is taking me.

“Ouch!” I groan as with each step his shoulder rams into my stomach.

He puts me down and slightly wincing as he rubs the spot on his back where I have punched.

Serves him right.

“Why so angry, Firefly?” He asks in a teasing tone as he rolls his shoulders back.

“You snitch!” I jab my finger on his chest. “You told Pops and not forget after waking him up, that I was drunk out of my mind when you dropped me home last night.”

“I just told him that you accidentally got drunk and he should take care of you.” He shrugs pretending to look innocent.

“Oh, he took care of me too well.” My words laced with sarcasm as I remember waking up to the sound of the air horn just after three hours of sleep. “He fucking blew the air horn in my ear after every fifteen minutes as the punishment for drinking. All thanks to you and that Jake.”

“What did I do? I didn’t get you any drink.” He rolls his lips inside his mouth trying to suppress his laughter.

“You could have kept your mouth shut, instead of spilling everything in front of Pops.” I narrow my eyes at him.

“Are you sure that I have told him everything?” He takes a step closer to me while I rack my brain.

I clearly remember whatever happened last night after Pops welcomed me, with a glass of water... okay, let me rephrase when he welcomed me with pouring a glass of water over my head after Alec dropped me home. But before that my memory is a bit hazy, I remember things in bits and pieces.

I remember drinking that weird blue drink, then I remember Jake’s Boobie cousin, then playing chase with Frisky because of the bruise on my arm as I fell on the ground while running. And yeah, my tastebuds vividly remember the delicious taste of chicken enchiladas. So, that’s pretty much what I can recall.

“I haven’t told him that you marked me as yours.” Keeping his hands on my hips, he lightly curls his fingers demanding me to come forward and my body complies with his demand.

As soon as I hear these words my head snaps up to him with a horrified expression as the memory of something similar pushes in front of my mind making heat crawls up to my cheeks.

“Have I?” Raising his eyebrows, he asks in a low voice.

Looking down at my interlaced fingers I wish to disappear. I have no filter when it comes to speaking, but at least I have full control of my actions or at least that’s what I used to think. But after last night I am even doubtful of that.

He holds my chin between his thumb and finger and raises my head to meet his eyes while his other hand placed on my lower back.

Closing his eyes he leans down as he runs his nose along my jaw, making swallow hard.

“I haven’t told him that you claimed your right on all my kisses,” He whispers in my ear as a shiver runs down my body causing me to hold in my breath when he lightly places a kiss below my ear. At this point, I am embarrassed beyond words.

Slightly, leaning back he slides his hand from my shoulder to my hand leaving a trail of goosebump in its wake. Holding my hand he brings near his mouth while rubbing circles on inside my palm with his thumb. One by one, he gently kisses each of my fingertips making my heart go in a frenzy.

“I haven’t told him that you were demanding to be kissed.” He kisses my palm and staring at me.

“No, you are lying.” My body goes rigid and I force out these words, even though I don’t have clear memories of last night, however, this is something which I know I am not capable of saying.

“Yes, you were.” He slowly nods his head and pulls my hand placing it around his neck.

“Just like now you are.” He leans down, his lips are just a breath away from mine.

Tilting his head, he plants a light kiss on my lips then leans away, his eyes roam over my face studying my reaction. His lips curl up in a faint smile when he notices I haven’t moved away.

“Are you just going to stare like an idiot or you are going to actually kiss me?” I arch my eyebrow, feeling irritated with his teasing.

Hell, I have already embarrassed myself enough, at least I should earn a good kiss from this embarrassment to make everything worth it.

The next moment his lips are on mine again, setting butterflies free in my stomach. His fingers slip inside my shirt causing me to suck in a sharp breath. Breaking the kiss, he continuously pecks my lips then again he molds his lips with mine. The tingling sensation starts to form all over my body from spots his fingers are touching my skin.

Pulling away, he trails kisses over my jawline towards my neck. Tilting my neck to the side with his head he continues to cover my neck with his kisses, making my knees go weak. With each moment passing, I can feel myself drawing more towards him.

Pulling away he keeps his forehead against mine, closing his eyes he takes a deep breath as removing his hands. While I freely allow myself to look at his face up close, noticing every single detail about him.

“You drive me insane.” He states with an airy chuckle, loosely wrapping his arms around me.

“You pretty much also have the same effect on me.” I smile shaking my head.

Stepping away from him, I take a moment to look around where I am. There is a single bed pushed against the wall with a small side table, beside the door there is mini-fridge and opposite to the bed there is flatscreen mounted on the wall. There is another door in the room which I guess leads to the bathroom.

“This is my room.” Alec tells as he walks to the mini-fridge, “When I am working late, I stay here.” He takes out a water bottle takes a large gulp from it, then places it back in the fridge.

“It’s nice.” I slowly nod then frown comes to my face when I carefully look at his face.

“How did you get this?” I walk to him and lightly touch the faint bruise on the side of his jaw.

“I don’t know, maybe during the fight.” He touches his jaw then shrugs nonchalantly.

“I don’t like it,” I say staring at the bruise, as it would just disappear from my staring.

“I...” He swallows looking slightly nervous then pauses. Raising my eyebrows I prompt him to complete his sentence.

He chuckles looking down while lightly shaking his head.

“I... I think you are cute.” He rakes his hand through his hair, then nods to himself, “Yeah, I think you are cute.” I have a feeling he wanted to say something else, but I let it slide.

“You think?” Arching an eyebrow, I cross my arms over, “I am damn cute.” I give him a smug smile.

“Pops says I can even get away with murder with this face.” I point my index finger at my face.

“But this face doesn’t work on him, I wonder why?” Making a face, I say while thinking how can Pops be immune to my face innocent and cute face?

I snap out of my thoughts when he started laughing then, holding my face, he kisses my head.

“Avery, what should I do with you?” He says while laughing.

“I guess, I should just keep you with me.” He smiles glancing down at me.

“Well, I don’t mind being with you... so yeah, you can keep me.” My lips raise in a small smile, but soon it turns into a full smile when his face brightens visibly hearing this. Even though my tone was joking but I truly mean what I have said.

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