Always Together

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Chapter 61

The creepy and weird sensation of being watched has been crawling all over my body since the moment I have stepped outside my car. I look around the gas station to pick up anything unusual that is giving me these weird vibes, however, everything seems alright.

But I can’t shake off this feeling. Quickly, filling up my car’s tank I get inside the car and start driving.

Ignorance can land you in danger, hence, instead of ignoring you should trust your intuition as it might save you from danger. Therefore, trusting my intuition, all my senses are on alert.

Switching my gaze between the rearview mirror and side-mirror, I change the direction where I am supposed to head. Taking a turn towards the town center, I am not surprised to find a white SUV following me.

A smirk pulls up onto my face, as I look into the rearview mirror. Just for the sake of my enjoyment, thrice I drive my car around the roundabout in front of the town hall.

“Idiots,” I mutter when I watch them following my car round and round three times.

I don’t even know why they are following me, but for the past few weeks, nothing exciting has happened so I am just entertaining myself for a bit till I get bored.

Finding the road empty, I started changing my lanes, sometimes speeding up, sometimes slowing my speed a bit. A laugh escapes my lips when they mirror my movements.

At least, if the cops will catch me I will not be alone.

Just when I am thinking about what should I do next, my phone rings making me groan loudly.

Even though I don’t want, I answer the call putting my phone on speakers.

“Come straight to the club,” Alec speaks as soon as I answer the call. He sounds extremely calm and serious, but I can sense a hint of panic in his tone.

“Does it has something to do with the white SUV which is following me?” I ask nonchalantly, making sure to keep my distance from the car.

“Avery, head to the freeway and don’t stop or slow down your speed,” he says sternly, then I hear some muffled voices as he talks to someone else, “I am coming to you, as soon as I can.”

From the background sound, I feel he is already on the move.

“Relax, Alec, everything is fine.” I try to calm him because his composed voice can’t hide his anxiousness.

“Don’t disconnect the call and keep on talking to me, okay?” He demands.


“When did you find somebody is following you?” He asks.

Taking a right turn I head towards the freeway.

“When they went on a merry-go-round ride with me.” I lightly laugh, “They are idiots. And if they are one of your enemies then sorry to say they are lousy and you need to up your work to makes some better enemies.”

I hear someone laughing in the background, then a moment later it is radio silence.

“Hello? Are you there?” I ask finally reaching the freeway and unleashing my inner Dominic Toretto.

“Woohoo!” I exclaim loudly, which gets Alec’s attention as he mutters some curse.

But ignoring him my focus sets on the car behind which is also gaining speed, decreasing the distance which I am trying to create.

My eyes widen when suddenly the car passes me and stops in front of me.

“Fuck!” I curse, pressing the brakes just in time before I can crash into its side.

“What happened?” Alec demands.

My heart thumping against my rib cage because of the sudden impact. My jaws clench in anger when another car stops right behind my car, blocking my escape.

“Alec, I am trapped.” I watch two men stepping out of the front car and coming towards me.

“Lock your doors.” His voice cold, “Don’t worry, I am coming there in no time,” he calmly says, like the calm which is before the storm.

“Sorry, Alec.” I press the end call and the exact moment my door opens and I am drag outside the car.

Like hell, I will sit and wait for anyone.

“Enough playing games, bitch.” The guy harshly yanks me outside.

Keeping my face impassive, I look at the guys while my mind is quickly analyzing my position. I notice the guys in the second car haven’t stepped outside the car. That’s good, I can take two guys at a time, hopefully until then Alec will be here.

The second guy holds my wrist and tries to pull me towards the other car. But instantly, grabbing back his wrist in a tight hold with my same hand, I kick his knee pulling him towards me. He stumbles clearly not expecting this, using this as an opportunity, grabbing his neck I push him downward while kneeing him on his nose. Blood gushes out of his nose, at the same time I kick him in his balls. He falls on the ground out cold.


That was easy.

“Bitch!” The other guy yells and charges towards me, stopping my goal dance in my mind.

Quickly, stepping away from the first guy, I block his punch ducking down. Stepping around him, I kick between his shoulder blades. But he is fast to recover from my attack. His face turns murderous as he sneers at me. And within a blink of an eye, he grabs my neck with both hands trying to choke me.

Tightening my neck muscles, I bend down using my whole body strength to free from his hold. As soon as, I am successful I ram my elbow against the side of his face and with the other hand I land a straight punch in his throat.

My breathing is harsh, as I exhale through my mouth while my throat lightly hurts.

Cold metal is pressed against my neck, as someone comes from behind causing me to still completely.

“Quietly come with us.” The person who held the knife seethes angrily. I cringe when his lips touch my ear.

Yeah, I am Santa who is taking up gifts request, moron.

Stilling all my movements, I concentrate on my heartbeat to calm myself and to make him think that I am not going to do anything.

Luckily, just like I have thought he moves the knife slightly away from my neck as he relaxes his hold, this is the opening which I wanted. Bringing my left hand up, I put it between my neck and the knife and tuck my chin to my neck to protect it. While simultaneously, placing my right leg between his body and mine, lowering myself I twist my body towards the right creating some distance.

The knife slices my palm open causing me to clench my teeth due to extreme stinging sensation. But I will be damned if I will scream. Adrenaline still surging through my veins, helps me to block the pain.

Slamming my hands hard against his side, just below his rib cage, I throw him on the ground.

But the next moment I am yanked behind someone’s back before I can make him regret putting a knife on my neck. Turning around I watch some more cars have been stopped around and one of them is Alec’s. Instantly, relieve washes over me.

Alec is here, everything is fine now.

Soon someone holds my arm gently and pulls me towards the side. I snap my eyes at the person, which makes him instantly remove his hand from my arm.

“Sorry, ma’am it is for your safety,” he says in a comforting tone beckoning me to move away from there.

Arching my eyebrow questioningly, I look at the two barely conscious men being taken away by the guys who look similar to him, then back at him.

“It is just for safety, I guess?” He says with uncertainty, his eyes follow my vision when he looks at me, his lips trying to break into a smile which he suppresses.

Ear piercing scream pulls my gaze back to the front, where Alec has jabbed the same knife into the back of the hand of the man who had held me. My eyebrows pinch together as I slightly grimace when I notice the knife has passed through his hand.

The look on Alec’s face lacks any emotions when he holds man’s hand twisting it backward. Unflinchingly, he harshly steps on the back of his elbow breaking it. I look away and clench my eyes tightly shut, before his screams can die another agonizing scream ripples from him. Opening my eyes, I find Alec gave the same treatment to his other arm and involuntarily I flinch when I notice bone protruding through his skin.

I look at Alec in shock as he is as cold and emotionless as ice. Still, being deaf to his screams he drags him to his feet, by his hair and slams his head against the side of my car. Again and again, he slams his face against the side of my car to the point I can see bloodstains on the blue paint of the car.

“He is a bad guy, he tried to hurt you,” The guy on my side, whose name I don’t know, says, “He deserves this.” He quietly speaks lightly placing his hand on my shoulder noticing my horrified expression.

My car!

I can feel my blood running cold, while I am unable to move my eyes from Alec. This time I don’t even flinch when Alec slams the barely conscious guy into the passenger side’s window and the glass breaks on the impact. Half of his body is inside, while the body below his torso is hanging outside as Alec stares at him.

Did he kill him? I don’t know and honestly, I don’t even want to know. But again why my car? He could have slammed that guy on the ground or somewhere else.

Strangely, all these things didn’t frighten me, however, seeing the haunting cold look in his eyes scares me. This is what I meant when I said, I feel he can be extremely dangerous when he wants to be. I am scared because I can’t even find a hint of my Alec, the one who helped his opponent after defeating them, the one who shows mercy to his competitor by quickly knocking them out, just not maximize their misery... the one who holds so much warmth in his eyes whenever he looks at me that it manages to chase away the darkness. His face completely devoid of any emotion, not even anger is present there.

This Alec is dark and dangerous, yet his presence is comforting. However, still, somewhere my heart is yearning to find familiar kindness in his eyes... or just to see any emotion in them.

Finally, I release the breath which I have been holding when his eyes lock with my mine and the hard look in them slightly softens.

My Alec is still there, beneath that anger... just he is overshadowed for the time being.

He walks towards me still keeping his eyes on me. He gently holds my uninjured hand and takes me to his car.

The gentle touch of his hand seems odd as this was the same hand which was merciless a few moments ago.

He doesn’t talk to me, neither he glances at me. Just he keeps holding my hand, which is all I need in this moment.

But, amid all this, I can’t help but feel a little annoyance towards him... for wrecking my car!

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