Always Together

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Chapter 62

Making me sit in the car, Alec stands in front of me carefully holding my hand which is now covered in blood that is seeping from the gash. The sight makes me a bit woozy. While now when the adrenaline wears off, the pain and sting cause me to hold my breath.

He loosely wraps a handkerchief around my hand, the gash burns when the cloth touches it even though he is being careful. He notices the change in my expression, he doesn’t say anything he just runs his finger on the back of my hand in soothing circles like he is trying to ease the pain.

Honestly, it didn’t help in minimizing the sting in my hand, however, his gesture causes me to smile a little.

“Thank you.” I smile, “It’s better now.” I lie, but I don’t care but the pain now, there is nothing that he can do for it until and unless he is a doctor which I know he is not. So, I have to bear the pain until I see a doctor.

He raises his eyes from my hand and glances at my face, then leaves my hand. Stepping back he closes the door, then after a few moments, he comes and sits on the driving seat and starts driving without saying anything.

Leaning my head against the window, I close my eyes.

After a while, I feel someone lightly shaking my shoulder, which irritates me. Groggily, opening my eyes, it takes a moment for me to clear my mind as I woke up in my mid-sleep. Sitting up straight I find myself on the familiar leather couch which is at Alec’s house.

Immediately, I look for Alec and sigh in relief when I find him standing a little away from me cautiously watching my reaction.

“Hello, I am Dr.Green.” The middle-aged man says, making me turn my attention to him, “I need to check your wound.”

“You woke me up?” I can’t hide the annoyance from my voice, as I hate when someone wakes me up from my sleep when I am not ready to wake up.

“Can’t you see I was sleeping?” I glare at him, my eyes burning from sleep more than the gash on my hand.

“I am sorry, but I need to check your hand.” He points at my hand, looking apologetic, making me feel bad for my behavior.

Only a little bit bad.

Quietly, I bring my hand forward so that he can treat my wound. He unwraps the bloodied handkerchief and starts cleaning my wound taking out supplies from his bag.

Alec’s eyes are fixed on my hand while mine on him.

The doctor applies something which causes me to hiss in pain and as out of instinct I pull my hand back but he tightens his hold on my hand.

“Careful.” Alec’s stoical voice makes the doctor freeze in his spot.

“The wound needed to be cleaned so it will hurt a little,” Dr.Green says, nervously.

“Careful.” Alec again repeats this word, but now it sounds more like a warning.

“I will apply some numbing gel, it will take some time after that you will not feel a thing.” Dr. Green applies some gel around the area of the gash.

Okay, now I don’t feel bad for my earlier behavior, as he could have applied this numbing gel before so it would have not hurt.

Again I take comfort in watching Alec as the doctor starts to put stitches. Alec clenched jaws are ticking with each tug I feel at my skin. His eyes not once waver from hand. Only when the doctor has wrapped a bandage on my hand, then he tears his gaze away.

I haven’t even noticed there was another person in this room other than three of us until he leads the doctor outside the house.

Alec doesn’t move from his spot neither he glances in my direction. Even the hard look doesn’t leave his face, however, behind his hard look I can sense his worry.

Walking up to him, I circle my arms around his torso being careful of my hand and hug him. This takes him by surprise, as he stiffens, but I don’t lose my grip on him. Simply, I rub my hand in comforting circles on his back.

A few moments pass just like this, then finally he hugs me back. His hold strengthens on me like he is afraid to let me go as I will disappear.

“You are not scared of me?” He hesitantly asks, making me frown.

“Scared of you?” I ask giving him an incredulous look, as I look at his face, “You should be the one to look for cover after what you did back there.”

“I don’t regret anything.” Coldness seeps into his eyes, “They try to put a hand on what is mine.” The possessiveness in his tone surprises me, as he hardly shows emotions.

“And you damaged what is mine.” I frown feeling slightly upset remembering the treatment which he gave to my car.

“Huh?” His stoic expression breaks, as he gives me a quizzical look but the hint vulnerability in his eyes stops me from punching him in the face for damaging my car.

“Alec, if you think I would be mad or upset with you because you have almost killed that man.” I cup his cheek, “Then you are wrong.” I smile at him.

“If you think, I would be afraid of you after watching the other... the dark side of you, then again you are wrong.” I caress his cheek, my eyes following my actions, “For a moment, I was scared but not from you, but because of the fear of losing my Alec to his darkness.” Blinking I tear my gaze away from his cheek to look into his eyes.

When I have accepted him as mine, then I have accepted him with his flaws and imperfections. This new side, which unveiled before me is a part of him and I have accepted that, too.

“I was scared not to see this Alec again.” I smile at him, placing my other hand on his chest feeling his heartbeat.

“However, what made me upset is that you damaged my car.” I frown glaring at him, while he arches his eyebrow at me finding my annoyance amusing.

But soon his expression turns into a grimace as I pinched his cheek hard with the same hand with which I caressing his cheek earlier, as I narrow my eyes at him.

“I don’t care what happened to that lowlife because he holds no value to me, but I do care about my car which has sentimental value...the same car which you used to smack his head.” Stepping back I cross my arms, trying to look intimidating, but this makes his lips tilt up.

“I promise to get your car fixed just as new.” He looks at me then sighs, while he is smiling to himself as he rubs his reddened cheek.

“Apologize for damaging my car!” I glare at him which causes him to lightly chuckle.

“You are cute.” He ruffles my hair, making me slap his hand away.

“Shit!” He hisses as he takes my hand as I slightly grimace in pain because I have slapped his hand with my injured hand.

“Because me you are hurt.” He downcast his guilt-filled eyes.

And it takes everything in me, not to slap the daylight out of him. He should be glad that I am alive than being guilty about me being hurt.

“I would prefer getting my palm sliced open than becoming a headless chicken.” I roll my eyes.

“Because of this.” I point to my bandaged hand, “This didn’t happen.” I make a slicing sign over my throat with my finger.

“So, yeah... you should happy instead of making a face like you have tasted shit.” I shrug, looking at his scrunched up face.

“Avery.” He gives me a stern look which obviously doesn’t work on me.

“Yes, that’s my name.” I sweetly smile at him and bat my eyelashes as he says something like ‘impossible’ under his breath.

“It is very late, I think you should sleep.” He rubs his hand on his face tiredly.

“Yeah, then take me back home so I can sleep.” Raising my eyebrows, I nod my head.

“Actually, you will be staying here with me.” He massages the back of his neck looking anywhere but me.

“I have called Frank and told him what happened. So he gave permission to let you stay with me until things get resolved.” His face turns into a frown with a distant look in on his face, as if he is recalling something.

Pops is allowing me for a sleepover? Woah, that’s surprising. Maybe I can utilize this opportunity.

“Are you guys normal?” He abruptly asks, looking at me with a puzzled look.

“What?” I narrow my eyes at him feeling offended.

“Hey, don’t get me wrong.” He quickly shakes his head, watching my crossed expression, “It is just... It is just that when I told Frank, someone attacked you instead of asking about you he asked about the people who attacked you.” Confusion etched on his face.

“He asked me what happened to those guys, normally, he should have asked about you, right?” He questioningly looks at me.

A slow grin spread on my lips which turn into laughter looking at his confused face.

“What did you told him?” I ask releasing a breath from my mouth, controlling my laugh.

“I told him, exactly what happened. And he just said good and nothing else.” He shrugs.

“When I had finally learned to land a perfect punch, he told me that if somebody has ever put a hand on me and I came back home crying then he is going to disown me.” I laugh recalling the memory as if it was just yesterday when Pop taught me to punch, “And if I hit someone without any justified reason then he is going to break my hand into two.” I explain to him why Pops has asked about the guys, not me.

He knows his Avery doesn’t need anyone to protect herself because he taught her well.

There is an awestruck look in his widened eyes while he stares at me.

“Wow!” He chuckles.

“But I don’t think that he actually means when he said he will break your hand.” His lips curve into a teasing smile, “You are his Avy, after all.”

“If you think like that, then you don’t know him.” I laugh, knowing full well his Avy or not, Pops will not back down from his words if I did anything wrong.

“Sometimes I wish I had a grandfather like him.” He smiles looking at his feet as if he is slightly embarrassed to tell me this.

“Awww... that’s so sweet.” I sigh overdramatically, “Try sparing with him, then you will just wish the opposite.” I glare at him, playfully.

“Then I think I should ask him to help me in practice.” He nods his head, giving me a smile that radiates confidence and amusement.

Yeah, go ahead... for a change, I will not be on the receiving end of blows.

I smile to myself thinking, how much fun it will be to watch Alec getting beaten up, as when Pops hardly shows me any mercy so I can’t think what he will do with Alec.

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