Always Together

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Chapter 63

I have been tossing and turning in the bed for the past two hours, but I am not able to sleep. It is not that I am not sleepy, because I am sleepy as hell. I want to sleep, however, I can’t sleep... if you can understand what I mean.

I run my fingers around my neck, to check maybe these new clothes are itching me that’s why I am unable to sleep, but they are one of the softest pajama sets which I have ever wear. I don’t know when he bought them but when Alec showed me this guest room, there was a bag of new clothes placed on the bed.

The thing is I can’t sleep in an unfamiliar place. Like I want my bed, my room or at least something familiar around me to get a peaceful sleep. Otherwise, I will keep on waking up after a few minutes of sleep. And this is the same thing which is happening with me right now.

Man, I am so irritated.

Sitting on the bed, cross-legged, I scratch my head as my eyes are half-closed with sleep. Rubbing my eyes with my fingers, I open my eyes. Widening my eyes, I blink a couple of times to get rid of some sleep to at least think properly.

The first thing which comes in my mind is to steal Alec’s car keys and go home because my bed is calling me. But the way my eyes are heavy with sleep, morgue will the place where I will end up instead of reaching home.

Yawning, I walk outside the room and thinking about what to do because if this is how I spend all night then most likely I will end up behind the bars for killing someone tomorrow.

Suddenly, an idea comes to my mind, making me smile as maybe now I will finally be able to sleep.

Before I can knock for the second time, the door opens revealing an alert Alec. From his bed-head and sleep indent on his cheek, it is clear that he was sleeping. Although signs of sleep are clear on his face, his eyes are alert.

“What happened?” He asks slightly frowning, his voice raspy with sleep.

Without saying anything, I hold his wrist and start dragging him with me towards my room. Dragging him towards my bed, I shove him on the bed. Taken by surprise, he falls on the bed looking at me in bewilderment.

“Are you crazy?” He asks propping on his elbows, eyeing my movement as I walk around the bed and get inside the cover, lying on my side.

Finally, now I can get some undisturbed sleep.

Sighing, I close my eyes feeling relieved.

Exactly, two seconds later Alec starts tapping my nose and forcefully I have to look at him.

“I can’t sleep in an unfamiliar place, I need something familiar around me,” Closing my eyes, I say before he can ask me anything, “You are a familiar thing in this room, that will help me in sleeping.”

I can sense him staring at me.

“Stop staring me, stare something else.” I give him one eye glare because I am too lazy and sleepy to open both eyes, “I am trying to sleep here.”

“Wow!” He shakes his head looking at me in disbelief, but he settles down.

“Good night.” A few moments later, he presses his lips on my forehead.

“Hmm...” I am too tired even to reply, so I just settle on lightly nodding my head, snuggling more into the pillow.

The next day, when I woke up I already know its afternoon, as I hate waking up early for no reason. And as far as I know, I don’t have anything to do. After going through my routine, I walk outside the room.

Since I am still in my no human interaction mode, I simply stare at Alec when I find him in the living room talking to someone on the phone and walk straight into the kitchen.

Crossing my arms over the kitchen island I keep my head on it as I sit on the stool. While I think why two words with different spelling, pronounced similarly then why mind starts pondering why bitch is an insult when bitch means female dog, and dogs are loyal and protective?

A glass of milk placed in front of me pauses my thoughts, still keeping my chin on my arm with my other hand I touch the glass to find it slightly warm. Alec smiles at me and maybe expecting a thank you. But the thing is I am not an ungrateful person, however, I am still not in the mood with any kind of interaction. So, I will thank him after I feel I can tolerate anyone who is not me.

Alec’s POV

A smile forces on my lips as I watch her silently enjoying the milk while staring at the countertop. Since I already know she is in her waking up phase and she doesn’t like to be disturbed so I let her be.

Last night, I have completely lost it when I got her picture which was clicked when she was at the gas station. I knew there were risks, but I never realized something like this would happen this soon.

Those people did a big mistake not only messing with my Avery but also messing with Avery in general. And they learned the lesson hard way because this stupid and brave girl can bring an entire army down.

However, my vision turned red the moment I saw her getting hurt. I was already ready to shoot that bastard who held her, but before I can do anything Avery quickly released herself from his hold while getting hurt.

My mind, my heart... everything in me wanted to give him a painful and slow death for laying a hand on her. I completely surrendered myself to my urge to kill him and become the person which everyone fears... a cold-blooded killer.

The only thing which saved his life the last night was that he fell unconscious. Because I want him to be awake when I cut every part of his body and draw every single drop of his blood, because of him my precious Firefly is hurt. The other will also have a similar fate, but he will beg for quick death which he will not be given.

However, when the red haze slightly cleared and my eyes landed on Avery, I was worried that now what she will think of me. But I should have known this my Firefly... I think she was worried more about her car then the fact that I almost killed a person in front of her.

Walking up to her, I can’t stop myself from kissing her head as I chuckle to myself. Sometimes, I just want to keep her in my pocket and take her everywhere with me.

I have called Dad the first thing in the morning and told him everything. After thinking for some time, he told me what I have to do and I can never be so sure about anything than I am for this. This is the right thing to do, however, before anything else, first I have to take Frank’s permission. Because without his permission I don’t think I can do, what I have in my mind.

The last night when I told Frank everything, he was willing to help me in killing them. Well, that was after... way way after he heard what Avery did to them.

The anger in his tone could have made anyone shiver in their boots when he said, “I have taught her to protect herself that doesn’t mean I going to let the person live who tried to hurt her.”

Sometimes, I feel relieved that he knows about me because it is easy to talk to him. He never fails to help me when the weight of everything feels like crushing me.

“Alec.” Avery looks at me, “I think I have forgotten my phone in my car.” She frowns.

I guess, her waking up phase has been passed.

“Good morning... or should I say good afternoon?” I smirk, looking at her disheveled hair making her look even cuter.

Instead of replying she just glares at me. Okay, maybe after-effects are still present of her waking.

“I want to talk to Pops.” She makes a face, “My head looks like a bird’s nest.” She pats her head, her lips pull downward in an unhappy way.

My eyebrows raise in confusion as these two things don’t have any connection, as far as my poor normal human brain can comprehend.

“I will give you a new hairbrush, so you can brush your hair,” I slowly speak, not wanting to infuriate her, “Then after that, I will make you talk to Frank, then we will get your phone.”

“What I will do with the brush when Pops is not here?” She looks at me as if I am stupid.

“I can’t brush my hair.” She rolls her eyes and huffs, “I want my Pops.”

“Like I can brush my hair.” She brushes her fingers through her hair, only a few strands are in her telephone cord like thing and the rest of them are free, “But I can’t tie them up.” She shrugs.

It is time to learn something new.

The hands which are always steady while holding a gun, are now unsteady while trying to brush someone’s hair.

First, I thought I brush my hair so how much it is going to be different than that, other than her hair is longer than mine. But after four times accidentally pulling her hair and two times almost tangling this weird telephone cord looking tie in her hair, I almost feel like giving up.

However, Avery is still very calm, and not once get annoyed when I mess with her hair.

“Let’s start again.” Turning her head to look at me, she gives me an encouraging smile.

“First, gather all my hair in your hand and smooth them while running the brush through them.” She instructs me for the thousandth time.

Concentrating, I do as she says. It takes a moment to get hang of brushing her hair with one hand at the same time holding them with the other.

“Pass the hair tie from your wrist to my hair, but don’t leave my hair.”

Holding the brush handle between my teeth, I do as I am instructed.

“Now hold the hair tie and twist it once and then again pass my hair through that loop. Once you have done that then again repeat the process until it is tightly wrapped around my hair.”

Once I feel her hair is secured properly in the hair tie, I take a step back to examine my hard work feeling damn proud of myself.

“Good job!” She turns and gives me a high five, smiling as if I have summit Mount Everest.

It is almost evening and Avery is really quiet, since I told her that she can’t get out of the house until I tell her, which is obviously bothering me.

“Hey, what happened?” Sitting beside her, I lightly shove her shoulder, “Aren’t you liking here?”

“I am bored, there is nothing to do.” She glances at me and sadly shrugs, “You are not going to let me out, and it is obvious Pops is in your team so even he won’t help me. I am stuck here and I am afraid I will just die of boredom.” She lets out a long sigh, keeping her chin in her palm.

“It feels like I am locked up in a five-star prison with a handsome jailor.” She looks at me while a small smile gracing her lips, “Well that part is only good.”

“Want to go on a ride with me?” I ask as I roll my eyes at her jailor comment.

I can’t let her out on her own, but there won’t be an issue if I am with her.

“Woah!” I chuckle while holding Avery as she tackles me into a big hug while saying something which comes out muffled as her head is pressed against my chest.

After arguing with her which seems like ages to make her wear a helmet, finally, I take her out on a ride.

“Fast... fast... go fast!” She yells in my ear causing me to wince, as she slaps my shoulder hard making my skin sting.

I don’t want to know how it is going to feel if I ever get punched by her if this is how it feels when she slaps.

“God, I am going to take you back home, if you again remove your hands from my waist.” I scold her and force her to wrap my arms around my torso while slowing down.

“Okay, okay, but just go super fast.” Her excitement is contagious which causes me to oblige her demand.

“Wohooo!!!!” She laughs loudly, “!”

Without even realizing, I smile looking at her happy face as my gaze flickers to the side-mirror.

“Can we do this again?” She bounces on her spot, as soon as she climbs down the bike, as we return from our ten minutes ride.

She only stands still for a moment when I unstrap her helmet and remove it from her head, then again her bouncing starts.

“We will see,” I smirk, putting the bike on the stand I climb down.

Who am I kidding? If she will ask me again, even a thousand times, I will take her on a ride because I will get to see her happy and carefree smile.

She glares at me but then smiles realizing I am just joking.

“Avery,” I call her but the moment she looks into my eyes, I forget everything. There is so much I want to tell her, but my mind just goes blank.

“Yeah?” She raises her eyebrows, but I don’t know what to say.

“Nothing.” Running my hand through my hair, I shrug.

She gives me a concerned look like I am some lunatic which I am behaving like for sure.

God! I guess I am a complete goner!

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