Always Together

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Chapter 64

Folding up the laundry, I place it back in the closet as I clean my room. It has been a few days since that incident but I think Alec is still mentally stuck there, he needs to know about my whereabouts 24/7. And annoying thing is that he can easily pick up my lies, so lying to him is out of the question.

Just to irritate him, I even texted him once before going to the bathroom.

While cleaning my room, my eyes land on the only empty corner of my room as sudden ache stirs in my heart.

Even though I have stopped thinking about them, sometimes, it still hurts when I remember that letter. Only Kris knows about my last visit to them, apart from Pops. I haven’t even told Alec because I don’t want to tell anyone. The bond which I share with Kris is something that I can’t explain in words. It is something no one can ever come close it, not even Alec.

Sitting on the bed, I pick up my phone as I dial Kris’s number.

“Kris, talk to me about anything,” I say as soon as she answers the call, as an urge to cry brings moisture in my eyes.

“I am about to hear animal porn,” She lightly laughs.

“How many times you are going to watch Jurrasic park?” I laugh and wipe my eyes, instantly feeling better.

“It is that or I have to watch the Discovery channel, so Jurrasic Park it is.” She sighs, “Sometimes being elder sister sucks, but then being younger sister also sucks. In short, being James and Ryan’s sister sucks, they both are losers.”

“Feeling better now after knowing how being me sucks?” She jokes.

She asked me whenever I miss them or want to cry, I should tell her. She will talk to me until I will feel better. And until now she never fails in that.

“I am feeling so much better now,” I answer her honestly.

“That’s like my Avy.” Kris poorly mocks Pops’ voice making me loudly laugh.

We talk for a few more minutes, then I say goodbye to her not wanting to disturb her brother-sister time.

After cleaning the rest of my room, the grumbling in my stomach reminds me I haven’t eaten anything since the afternoon and it is almost dinner time. Walking inside the kitchen, I grab an apple while I go through the stuff to start the dinner.

The opening of the main door indicates Pops is back home. So, like always I go to greet him, but I get surprised seeing Alec with him.

“Hey,” I say to get their attention, then my eye narrows looking at Alec’s face.

“What happened to him?” Frowning, I point to the dried blood on the corner of his bottom lip.

I glance at Pops smug look, then Alec’s silent expression.

“Why?!” I throw my apple at Alec, which hits directly on his arm.

He gives me a look cross between grimace and glare while Pops catches the apple before it can hit the floor.

“How could you, guys, do this to me?” I yell frustratedly, “You guys fought without me. Why I am the one who misses out all the fun?” I throw my hands in the air.

Seriously, I am annoyed. I was so hoping to see their sparing. As for once, I would be the one enjoying Pops blows as I will not be receiving them.

Alec looks like he is suppressing his smile while Pops laugh at my annoyance as he whispers something to him.

“We didn’t fight, Avy.” He pats my head but I push his hand away crossing my arms.

“He is too slow and weak for your Pops.” He sighs and shakes his head as Alec stares down scratching his neck looking embarrassed. “See, he can’t even hold himself against my hit.” He points to Alec’s face.

“I am going to the Wills house, as we all are gathering there to watch the match and early in the morning we’ll go fishing.” He goes inside the storeroom and brings his fishing gears, “I will be back till tomorrow.”

“So, I should not get news of you being arrested for beating some poor soul. And in case somebody gets on your bad side and you kill them then put the blame on him and don’t forget to use your innocent face while you frame him,” he says seriously as he nods at Alec.

Suprise passes over Alec’s face as he watches Pops.

“Okay, Pops, I will do as you have said.” I kiss Pops cheek.

Pops slaps Alec’s back then he leaves.

“He was not serious, right?” Alec jerks his thumb towards the door with a light chuckle as he walks inside the house.

Giving him a sweet smile, I simply shrug in response.

Biting the inside of my cheeks, I attempt to stop my smile as Alec stands in front of me while I clean the blood on his lip.

Stretching his neck to the side he touches the corner of his lip while mumbling something which sounds like a complaint as he checks his reflection in the bathroom mirror.

“What are you smiling at?” He glares, which makes me burst out laughing.

Giving me an irritated look he starts to walk outside the bathroom but quickly wrapping my legs around him, I pull him back towards the marble top where I am sitting.

“I am not laughing at you,” Rolling my lips inside my mouth, I tell the half-truth.

He arches an eyebrow at me clearing not believing me.

“Okay, I was but not entirely on you.” I dab the corner of his lip, thankfully it doesn’t look bad.

“I was laughing just how this seems too cliche.” I point to us then wave the cotton swab in front of me, “Like almost in every movie or story, a girl tends guys wounds. Honestly, I find it too funny that I mostly skip these parts. And look at me, I am doing the same thing.” I laugh and this time he also chuckles with me.

“Such scenes then leads to other things, do you know that?” Placing his hands on both sides of my knees, he raises his eyebrows.

“Yes.” I smile, “Then they do the nasty things.”

“Nasty things?” He laughs.

“Yes, even we are going to the nasty things just to keep up with the cliche.” I lower my voice and he raises his eyes to meet mine.

“Avery,” he says with a slight warning.

“Yes, Alec?” I run my fingers from the side of his neck towards his chest while keeping my eye contact with him.

“I think I should go.” Alec breaks eye contact and looks away.

Placing both of my hands on his hands, I slide down the marble top and stand in front of him keeping him in his place.

His eyes shift back to my face while a small smile appears on my face.

“Where do you think you are going?” Raising my eyebrows I ask him.

“Outside, so I don’t do anything which I should not.” His lips tilting upward, “At least not here.” He adds quietly after a moment or two.

“What if I want to do something which I should not?” I question him back.

“Avery, don’t.” He shakes his head but doesn’t move away.

“What?” I ask holding my laughter.

“Don’t tempt me, Avery.” He waves his finger while a mischievous twinkle present in his eyes. “Or...” he trails off.

“Or what?” I narrow my eyes, playfully, at him in a challenge.

“Well, you asked for it.” He shakes his head slowly, a smirk appears on his face.

The next moment he starts tickling me, pushing him away I rush outside the bathroom to get away from him.

But he quickly catches me and holds me against him as he continues to tickle me to the point that I can hardly breathe.

“Please stop,” I wheeze out between laugh as tears run down my face.

“No.” He chuckles only pausing for a moment to let me catch my breath then again starts to tickle me.

“What did you had in your mind back in there?” He asks not releasing his hold on me, knowing well what kind of nasty thing can be in my mind.

“I will not tell.” Stubbornly, I shake my head as I try to distance myself from him.

“Wrong answer.” He smirks, again begins to tickle me.

“What was on your mind, Firefly?” He pauses while keeping his fingers on my waist.

“Not going to tell you.” I take a deep breath as I struggle to free myself.

“Again wrong answer.” He laughs, “You know we can keep going on like this for hours, so it is better you answer me.”

“Are you interrogating me, mister?” Placing my hands on his chest, I push him away with all my strength.

And I get successful to move him away... okay just a few inches but still, it is a success.

“Speak up.” He raises his eyebrows in a warning as he starts his assault.

“Okay... okay.” I nod my head while holding his hands, “I was thinking to dunk your head in the toilet bowl.” I lie down on the floor as I try to catch my breath.

“Even though you couldn’t have been able to do that, but still that would have been really nasty.” He makes a face and sits on the floor beside me.

Sitting up, I lean against him while wrapping my arms around my knees.

“Why would you want to do that?” He asks while turning his head to me, trying to figure out why such a thing could come in my mind.

“Revenge.” I shrug.

“For what?” He raises his eyebrows.

“For damaging my car.” I pout.

“You really like your car that much?” He laughs.

“Yes.” Looking at him, I nod my head.

“Pops gifted me that car, as a graduation present.” I smile, recalling how more than me Pops was excited to gift me a car because then he would no longer have to worry about his car.

“Also if it wasn’t of my car, I would not have met you.” I sit cross-legged facing him, “I was able to save you that night because of my car. Otherwise, you would have been dead and thrown somewhere in the bushes where wild animals would have shred you open. Or maybe they would have disemboweled you, insects would have eaten your flesh. Your face might have been recognizable...”

“Okay, okay I got it.” He shakes his head and laughs while stopping me from describing what had been his future if I hadn’t saved him that night.

“I am very thankful to your car for bringing you into my life.” He cups my face in his hand as he smiles at me.

Suddenly, he stands up and holding my hands he pulls me to my feet.

“Go pack your bag, you are coming with me.” He snaps his fingers and orders me.

“Who the hell are you ordering?” Glaring at him, I slap my finger at his chest.

Amusement evident in his eyes, as he watches me while his lips twitching upward.

Stuffing both of his hands in pockets, he leans forward and tilting his head slightly he kisses my cheek.

My eyebrows shoot up in surprise as I still in my spot. Okay, I was not expecting this.

“Please, go pack your bag and come with me.” He shifts back on his heels to look me in eyes, a smiles playing on his lips. “Better?”

“Yes.” Swallowing, I nod my head still slightly surprised by his gesture.

He has a secretive smile on his face, as he walks out of the room allowing me to pack my bag as he fixes something to eat.

But where are we going?

Well, it’s time to go on some blind adventure, I guess.

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