Always Together

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Chapter 65

Sitting quietly in the seat I play with my seatbelt as I glance at the brooding figure beside me. Alec’s anger is slowly rising as the time is passing and I actually find his anger quite amusing.

Why? Because he is pissed off with the weather.

From what I have figured he really gets agitated if something doesn’t go according to his plan and this sudden rain has ruined whatever he has planned for.

On the other hand, I think I am quite okay with it. Firstly, I am not the one whose planned is ruined and secondly I believe in being spontaneous. Because unplanned things actually surprise you.

“Fuck!” He repeats this word for the thousandth time.

See? What I meant, by surprise? This is the first time I heard him swearing. And trust me, he has some really interesting choice of words which he refuses to repeat or to teach me when I ask him.

Maybe I should learn some new words from different languages.

He again says something through his clenched teeth which I can bet are, some more, happy words.

“I am going to throw you out of the car if you don’t stop laughing.” He glares at me, as me being me started laughing at his annoyance.

“Go ahead.” I shrug not at all bothered because I know he can’t do anything like this. He has been threatening me for the past two hours, that now his threats sound boring and I am actually waiting for him to carry out his threat.

He stares at me for a full one-minute then exasperates shaking his head.

“How long will it take to clear the road?” He asks, the poorly drenched man who is walking back to his car, rolling down the window. A shiver runs down my spine as the cold wind with droplets of water seeps into the car.

“I don’t think the road will be cleared until tomorrow, the fallen trees have blocked the entire road.” He shakes his head while keeping a hand over his head to protect his eyes from the rain, “People are trying to clear the road but due to darkness and rain it is getting really difficult to work.”

“I suggest either to go back or look for someplace to stay at night because it is useless to stay here and wait for the road to be cleared.” He shrugs, as he looks at the lone queue of cars.

“Thanks, man.” Alec nods his head then rolls up the window.

He rubs his face with his hand, looking frustrated and tired, as he leans back his head on the headrest.

“It’s okay, Alec, we can stay here and wait for the road to get cleared.” I place my hand on his hand which is wrapped around the steering wheel. “Well, until either one of us doesn’t get a nature’s call. I don’t know about you but I am not going to pee in open,” I say matter-of-factly.

There are many things which I want to try in my life, however, peeing or taking a dump in open is none of them.

He gives out a hearty chuckle which instantly makes me smile, even though I was not joking, as this is the first time he laughed since all this fiasco.

“Do you really think I will let you spend the entire night on the road?” He asks, corner of his eyes crinkling with laughter.

“I don’t know.” I honestly answer, “You are weird so maybe?” I shrug.

“If you think I am weird then what do you think about yourself?” He scoffs.

“I am awesome,” I reply smugly.

“Who drove you to the hospital?” he suddenly asks, as he turns around the car after doing some fancy maneuvering.

“Why would I need to go to the hospital?” I look at him in confusion.

“For the removal of your stitches.” He points at my hand.

“Oh, I myself remov-”

Oops! I realized what I have said.

“I mean, I myself went to the hospital” Praying, he will not catch my slip up, “And got them removed.”

But the way his body tensed, I think my prayer is not heard.

“You got them removed?” He slowly turns his head towards me, “Or you removed them?” He asks pinning me down with his hard gaze.

“The main thing was to remove them.” I shrink in my seat giving him a nervous smile, “How the stitches removed should not matter, right?”

“I did a good job of removing them, I followed all the instructions carefully which were mentioned in the video. I even used a tweezer to pull out the stitches, when I wanted to pull them out with my fingers.” I explain myself, but I guess he doesn’t find it convincing as he tightly clenches his eyes looking furious.

“Avery, please just for some time don’t say a word.”

I open my mouth to object but he intercepts raising his hand.

“Not. a. single. word.” He enunciates each slower than unnecessary, which makes me frown.

I agree he was not very much thrilled about me removing my hand stitches, but there is no need to be so furious. I guess, he didn’t find anything better to get mad at so he is being mad at me for a useless reason.

“Alec, screw you!” I flip him a bird and turn my face away from him.

He asked me not to say a single word, but haven’t said anything about saying three words.

“Only you have the talent to blow my fuse and at the same time calm me down.” Clenching his jaws he looks ahead as if even this is also my fault.

He stops the car in front of some decent looking motel and cuts off the engine.

“I hope they have some vacant rooms.” He looks at the motel, then back at me trying to initiate some talk. “Let’s get inside and check?”

Rolling my eyes at him, opening the door I step outside the car not worrying about getting drenched in rain.

It is better to get drenched than to punch him in the face.

“Wait!” He yells as he quickly comes carrying our bags.

“Wear this.” He hands me his jacket.

“No, I don’t want it.” I cross my arms as we stand under the shed near the entrance of the motel.

“You don’t want it, but your shirt definitely wants it,” he says with a serious tone, as he pushes his jacket in my direction, as his gaze flickers towards my shirt.

My eyes widen when I look down at my white shirt which has become see-through due to water and it is completely sticking to my body giving a clear view of my yellow bra.

My cheeks turn red as I quickly push my hand through his jacket sleeves and cover my front by buttoning the jacket up.

“Stay by my side and let me do the talking,” he says as he opens the door.

His eyes quickly scanning the small reception, decorated with minimum furniture, as he holds my hand with his free hand.

“Hello,” A man with a receding hairline, appears from the door behind the reception desk, “How can I help you?” He smiles widely at us while flipping a new page in his logbook.

“We need a room for the night,” Alec replies curtly, without even bothering to make his tone a little bit friendlier.

I am rude, sometimes, but his rudeness is entirely on another level.

The man glances between me and Alec as if he finds something interesting.

“We do have a room with a king-size bed, perfect for you guys.” He smiles while still giving us a weird look.

“Do you also think, what I think, what he is thinking? ” I pull Alec’s arm I whisper in his ear.

“I think he is a motherfucking asshole,” he replies in a serious tone while keeping his eyes fixed on him.

“I am Jerry.” He introduces himself while turning the logbook towards Alec to fill out the information.

Why his name is Jerry? I love Jerry... Jerry is one of my favorite cartoon characters.

“If you need anything you can always call me we have everything which you might need for your stay,” he says suggestively while looking at me.

Alec slams the pen between the pages, which gets his attention, and pushes the logbook in his direction.

“I hope you had a wonderful stay here with us, umm...” Jerry reads the information which Alec has filled, looking slightly scared of Alec’s cold glare, “Mr. and Mrs. Bennet?” He snaps his eyes at us.

Who the hell is Mr. and Mrs.Bennet?

Even I turn my head to Alec who is, as usual, wearing no expression on his face. It was really hard to cover up my shock as soon as I register Alec s checking us in this motel under a fake identity.

Shock turns into excitement, as this something which I have only seen in movies.

I freaking feel like some fugitive who is on run from the police.

“Yes, any problem?” Alec icy tone makes him swallow nervously which he tries to cover up by flipping the pages as if he is looking for something.

“Keys?” Alec demands as he extends his palm.

I can’t miss Alec’s this small action made Jerry jump a little back as he was afraid he might become subjected to Alec’s anger.

“Oh, yes, just one minute.” He nods his head and quickly turns his back to us as he searches for the keys on the wall behind the counter where some keys are hanging under each room numbers which are vacant.

Suppressing my laugh I look at Alec. He, without even looking in my direction, lightly pushes my face towards the front with his fingers.

“Here you go.” Jerry gives a forced laugh as he places keys in Alec’s hand. “Have a nice stay, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet.”

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