Always Together

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Chapter 66

The second we enter the room, the laughter which I was holding since we left the lobby escape from my mouth. Clutching my stomach with both the hands, I double over in laughter.

Turning to Alec, I continue to laugh. His lips are also twitching upward even though anger is still present on his face.

“Who the hell is Mr. and Mrs. Bennet?” I gasp between laughter, trying hard to keep my voice down so that no one can find out about our little lie. “Because I don’t know either one of them.”

“The only Mr. and Mrs. Bennet I am aware of is from Pride and Prejudice.” Standing up straight I inhale a deep breath while wiping a tear that rolls down from my eye, because of laughing so hard.

“For now we are the Bennets.” He answers as a smile breaks onto his face while a little of tension leave his body.

Walking inside the room a little, he set our bags in the corner as I stand in the corner eyeing the bed suspiciously. Turning back to the door, he doubled locked it then place the chain bolt on the door.

“Why are you standing there like that?” He arches an eyebrow at me.

“What if this bed has bedbugs?” I ask cringing slightly while thinking about those creepy creatures.

He exhales loudly then shaking his head he walks to the bed and removes the pillows and then the cover to check.

“It’s clean.” He makes the bed again, literally, faster and perfectly than I could have ever made.

But the word clean raises another question in my mind as a shudder of disgust runs down my spine.

“Now what?” Folding his arms over his chest, he gives me a bored look.

“Are you really sure this bedsheet is clean?” I make a face, eyeing the bedsheet, “Like clean-clean? Like no dirty business happened on this sheet clean?”

“We can just hope that it is clean.” He slowly raises his eyebrows as he unsurely looks back at the bed.

Wow! There goes my sleep.

“You can go and use the shower first.” He gestures towards the bathroom door.

“No, you go and shower first.” Shaking my head, I sit on the edge of the bed and no, I am not being courteous or anything. I just don’t want to step into a dirty bathroom, the way his cleaning habits are, I am sure he will clean the bathroom before taking a shower.

“Are you sure?” He looks at me trying to figure if I am going to change my mind, “You might get cold.” He points at my wet clothes.

“Yes, absolutely.” I smile and gives him double thumbs-up.

I will prefer getting sick than to use a dirty bathroom.

“Okay.” He slowly nods his head while looking at me doubtfully, as he retrieves his things from his bag.

“If anyone knocks on the door, you are not going to answer it.” He gives me a stern look, “Do not open the door, no matter what, okay?” His voice turns a little softer, but still, firm enough to make it clear to me that he is being serious.

“Okay.” I nod my head reassuringly.

Keeping my hands on my knees, I keep my chin in my palms and close my eyes as I hear the click of the bathroom door.

After a while, I hear the shower running as I start to think about the question which was nagging my mind from some time.

Is it okay to trust someone, as much I trust Alec?

Just like today, he simply told me to pack my bag and come with him and I followed. Not even once questioning him, all I know that wherever we are going he is going to be with me. Even though he never actually gave me any reason not to trust him, but still, sometimes it feels strange how much I trust him.

There are things which he doesn’t share with me, but it is not a valid reason not to trust him. Because no matter how much we are close to someone there are things which we only keep to ourselves, it is like they are our own secrets to keep. Even I don’t share everything with him.

The constant struggle between heart and mind is what always drives me insane.

The bathroom doors open as Alec steps outside the bathroom. The crisp clean fragrance of his, hits my nose making involuntarily inhale a deep breath. His face little flushed from the hot shower and his hair wet while a towel rested around his neck. There is something about freshly showered guys which makes them attractive.

“Go, your turn.” He nods the head towards the bathroom while keeping his dirty clothes in the bag.

Walking around him, I grab my stuff and get inside the clean bathroom. The smell of his men’s soap is floating in the misty air of the bathroom, while the mirror is still foggy from his shower.

Stripping out of the clothes I jump into the shower and relax under the hot stream of the water. I only step out of the shower when the water starts to turn cold.

Changing into a loose t-shirt and pair of shorts, I towel dry my hair, after wasting my time by making weird doodles on the foggy mirror.

When I step outside the bathroom, I find Alec watching out of the window through the small parting between the curtains. Hearing me, he turns his head to look in my direction, then looking outside the window one more time he properly closes the curtain.

Roughly folding my dirty clothes I put them inside my bag, just leaving toiletries pouch outside on the table.

“I will be sleeping on the left side.” He walks to the left side of the bed and lies down, without even giving me any option.


“Because it is near the door,” he says as if this clearly explains why he will be sleeping on the left side.

Hot shower already making me sleepy so instead of knowing what does he mean, I simply walk to the chair near the window and sit on it. Pulling my legs on the chair, I tuck them to my chest and wrap my arms around it while placing my head on my arms.

“What are you doing there?” He props on his elbow.


“Why aren’t you sleeping on the bed?” He asks while running his other hand through his hair.

“I am still not so sure about the bed,” Answering him honestly, I give a skeptical glance over the bed.

“We will sleep on the cover.” Standing up, he puts back the cover.

Slowly, I go and lie on the bed hoping if anyone has done the deed on this bed they would have done either under the covers or without the covers but not on the covers.

Suddenly, I remember packing my throw blanket in my bag.

“Alec, did you bring both of my bags?” I ask Alec when I just see my one bag in the corner.

“Bags?” He gives me a confused look, “No, I have put just put your one bag in the car, I don’t know anything about another bag.”

I notice he has found another cover from the small cupboard in the room.

“Oh, no!” I groan, “I have packed a throw blanket in that bag which we have forgotten at home.”

“Throw? Why?” He laughs while spreading the cover over me then he settles on his side after turning off the lights.

“Did you forget, I need something familiar to sleep? That’s why I carry that throw blanket if I am going anywhere as it helps me to sleep.” Blinking, I try to adjust my eyes in the darkness.

“When I am here then why do you need anything else?” He teases, “I am your familiar thing which will help you to sleep.” He lightly chuckles, and I can’t help but join him as I start to laugh.

Shifting my body I find a comfortable position to sleep, after trying for a while still I not able to sleep.

Turning on my side, I watch Alec lying on his back as he has covered his eyes with one arm while other is settled on his stomach.

“What happened? Can’t sleep?” Alec’s voice startles me, as I thought he was sleeping. On the other hand, he doesn’t even remove his arm from his eyes, his position still the same.

“How did you know?” I can’t hide the surprise from my voice. “I thought you were sleeping.”

“I can feel your stare for the past ten minutes, which is making it hard to fall sleep.” His lips curl up in a small smile.

Sighing, I close my eyes hoping to sleep not even a few minutes have passed when I feel light tapping my shoulder.

Opening my eyes I look at him questioningly.

He turns on his side facing me, he gazes me as I make out the outline of his face in the darkness.

“Come here,” he silently says, as he opens his arms.

Rolling into his arms, I keep my head on his arm as his familiar scent engulfs me instantly relaxing me. He tucks my head under his chin, pulling me closer. He slowly and gently strokes my hair in rhythmic motions making me close my eyes.

“Sleep, Firefly,” he whispers and kisses my hair while continuously running his fingers through my hair.

Soon I feel my eyes start to get heavier as if I was waiting for his order to fall asleep.

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