Always Together

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Chapter 67

Slightly opening my eyes I glance at the thick brown curtains covering the window. From the very small parting, between the curtains, I can see the Sun has barely come up as the sky is filled with light pinkish hues representing twilight.

Stirring in my position, I notice an arm... not just any arm, my favorite arm, is draped across my stomach as I am lying on my back. Sleep doesn’t cause amnesia, so I fully remember how this arm is around me.

My heart flutters a little as I recall how entire night Alec held me so that I can sleep peacefully. Honestly, I have never been this close to any guy, physically or emotionally, but being with him seems so natural. Whenever he touches me, even if it slight graze of an arm or accidental brushes, sudden warmth spreads in my heart.

Turning my face, my eyes land on Alec’s face as he is already looking at me intently. It is too early to think about what is going on in his complex mind when my own mind telling me to get back to sleep. Obeying my mind, I turn on my side and throw my arm around his waist while placing my face in the crook of his neck. The smell of his soap faintly present on his skin, however, now it is mixed with his own scent.

He weaves his fingers through my hair and gently massages my scalp, while his hold on me tightens as if he does not want me to go.

Well, he is lucky, even I don’t want to go.

Snuggling more into him, a small contented sigh falls from my lips as his fingers continue to massage my head in small circular motions, relaxing me even more than I am. He places a kiss on my temple while clutching me to his chest like his most prized possession which tilts my lips into a smile.

The feeling which you get when someone makes you feel loved, or makes you feel wanted, can’t be described in words. I always wanted to experience something like this, the feeling of being important to someone.

Deep inside my heart, I always felt unwanted, like I am just someone about whom nobody would care. Because that’s how I was made felt when I was never shown any affection. Only Pops was the one who loved me and still loves me.

However, the way I feel with Alec is different something really strong. Something for which I always wished for, but thought I never deserve.

Tears spring to my eyes, making clenches my eyes tightly to trap them inside. I try to keep my breathing normal, as I know even the slightest changes in my breathing will alert this observant guy.

But as if instinctually, he pulls me closer to himself, even more. The only thing separating us is our clothing, his warmth seeping from the fabric of my clothes into my skin. Slightly, leaning his head down he presses his lips against my forehead in a small kiss making my heart skip a beat.

Just before I allow myself to sleep in his comforting embrace, a thought invades my mind. A thought which should have frightened me but instead it puts rest to all the doubts which surround him in my mind, bringing internal peace to the struggle between my heart and mind.

I think I love this guy.

I see Alec’s face behind my closed eyelids, looking at me with that intense gaze of his which sometimes conveys so many emotions when his face fails to express.

No, I am sure, I do love this guy.

Four hours later, I am already ready sitting on the bed cross-legged as I wait for Alec to return from wherever he went.

He asked me to not to leave this room, neither answer the door to any person other than him. If I wasn’t so curious about where he planned to take me, I would have already ventured out on a little adventure of my own.

They say curiosity killed the cat. In my case, curiosity makes me obedient.

Suddenly, the bed beneath me starts shaking. Quickly, I grab the wooden frame of the bed while I look around to see it is an earthquake. But surprisingly, everything is in a still and stationary position other than the bed on which I am sitting. Instantly, I jump off the bed and glare it to figure it out whether it is possessed or something.

After a moment it stops shaking, making me frown in confusion. Then my eyes become the size of saucers when I hear some sounds coming through the paper-thin wall behind the bed, which separates this room with another room. The sounds are something for which I am sure I would need to clean my ears with bleach. And again the bed starts shaking with the sounds getting louder.

My lips curve in a wide smile, as a wicked idea forms in my head. Silently, laughing to myself I wait for the moment when the bed in the opposite room hits the wall. Just the moment when it strikes the wall, I reply to that with a smack of my own bed. It takes a few minutes for me to get the momentum but as soon as I get the hang of it then there is no turning back.

Placing the chair in front of the bed, I sit on it while keeping both the feet on the frame of the bed. As soon as the wall shakes I kick the bed slamming it against the wall. It goes on for a while then there is peace which lasts for a few minutes probably my neighbors for now gathering their energy to beat their competitor in the game of slams.

Soon the game which I initiated to kill my boredom, turns serious as now I and them are going neck to neck. Pushing the chair away, I stand up to use my full force to answer them.

“I am not going to let you guys win.” I grit my teeth as I pull up my sleeves and holds the frame with my both hands as I prepare myself to hit the wall with all my might.

“What are you doing?” Alec places a brown paper bag on the table near the door and gives me a weird look.

The smell of food reaches my nose, but food can wait as I have an important task to finish.

“Come here, we can’t let them win,” I whisper yell at Alec as the smack is heard from the other side which is replied with equal force from my side.

It just takes a moment for Alec to understand what is happening, as his eyebrows slightly go up. He shakes his head at me disapprovingly, but I don’t care.

I am the one who invented this game, so I am going to win this game even if the bed breaks.

“Avery...” Alec’s tone scolding, but even he knows no one can stop me.

While muttering something to himself, he sighs as he comes and stands beside me while looking at me expectantly.

“Our slams should be more powerful and stronger than our enemies.” I glare at the opposite wall, “We have to answer their every slam with our own slam.” Turning to Alec I find him looking at me in amusement.

“Really?” He arches an eyebrow, even though his face is neutral but his eyes hold teasing glint. “You know, we can totally outrun them because I don’t think they can match my stamina.”

"Oh, yeah?" I smirk, "Sorry, I can't vouch on that as I don't know anything about your stamina as we haven't done anything." I slowly nod my head while watching amusement in his eyes.

What does he thinks I am going to back out?

“Ready?” Alec lets out a small chuckle then with a playful smile he looks at me as the wall shakes again.

“I was born ready.” Wicked smile tilts my lips, as I turn my attention to the wall.

Then the only sound that can be heard is the striking of beds against the wall. Thud for thud...slam for slam. For each one slam, we answer them with two of our own.

By the look on Alec’s face, it seems even he is enjoying this game. But knowing him, I can bet my life that he will not accept it.

After a while, there is radio silence on the other side, however, to claim our win in a loud and clear way. We continue for a little longer.

As soon as we stop, Alec and I share a look then we both burst out laughing falling giving each other high-five.

“Good job, partner.” I laugh as even he is having a hard time controlling his laugh.

“I think his soldier will be laid to rest forever.” I point at the wall and wipe tears from my eyes from laughing

“Avery...” He tries to sound stern, but the twitching of his lips makes it hard to buy his admonishing act.

“I guess, the manager is going to charge us double for damaging their room.” He nods his head at the bed which looks like it will break any moment.

“He thought we came here for some action, this will give him something to imagine.” I wink, and taking a step towards him I wrap my arms around his neck, “Mr. and Mrs. Bennet will leave a longlasting impression on his mind and this .”

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