Always Together

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Chapter 69

My mouth opens and closes a few times not able to understand what hell is going on. While he is a perfect example of calm and composure, on the other hand, I am a complete mess of chaotic emotions.

After trying to find the rights word for a while, I am finally able to word.

“What?!” I frown at him, as I look back at the house then at him.

“Will you be my wife?” He simply asks as if he is talking about the weather.

“What the fuck?!” I step back, looking at him utterly in shock, as I wait for him to start laughing.

Wife? He wants me to be his wife?

This person has not even asked me to be his girlfriend and here he is directly asking me to be his wife.

Is this some kind of joke?

“Are you serious?” I slowly ask him, as my mind goes completely blank.

“Yes, I am.” He gazes straight into my eyes, his eyes hold no sign of humor in them.

“Normally, guys first ask girls to be their girlfriend, Alec?” I let out a nervous laugh as I glance at him in disbelief his words still echoing in my mind.

“Who wants normal, when you can have something awesome.” He chuckles while repeating the line which I said to him once.

I guess I will never get a chance to experience anything which is even close to normal. The word normal has its own definition in my life which surely does not match with world’s definition. For others, the meaning of Avery-version of normal is chaos.

“And why would I ask you to be my girlfriend, when I want you to be my wife?” He shrugs lightly, “I am not going to waste the time asking you to be my girlfriend when I know I have found the person whom I want to never lose.”

“Avery, there is one person whom I see standing beside me,” he says while stepping towards me covering the distance which I have made between us, “And that person is you.”

“I want you to be with me.” He holds my hand and I let him, “I want us.” he points between us with his other hand.

My heart rate picks up because of the sincerity with which he is looking at me.

“So, please say yes.” He gently smiles, but his eyes hold apprehension.

“Alec...” I swallow and shake my head, unable to form a proper response.

“We don’t even know each other for long.” I breathe while my words sound stupid even to my ears because we both know each other better than ourselves.

“I don’t think I need to answer this.” He smiles at me, his smile saying that even he finds my words absurd.

Biting my lip I glance down as tears gather in my eyes.

This is something which I always wanted to have, a connection with someone which runs deeper than the skin... the bond which ties my heart with theirs.

When I think of that someone his face comes to my mind.

He never expresses much, but his eyes speak everything which heis unable to voice. His eyes never fail to show me how much I mean to him, even when they are cold as ice but still they hold warmth for me.

“If we want to look, there might be a thousand reasons which will prove that we should not take this step.” He gently holds my face and slightly raises my head to glance in my eyes, “However, if we really think about them then it is not hard to realize that they are so small and meaningless to let go what we have.” He swipes his thumb underneath my eye as a lone tear rolls down.

“Even though you have never said it to me, but I know what is in here.“He lightly taps my heart with his finger, “For me,” He says softly his eyes swirling with emotions that are impossible to decipher.

For a moment he simply stares in my eyes and nothing else exists for me in that is him, only him, then taking my hand he places it on his heart, “Just the way you can feel what I feel for you.”

Closing my eyes, some more tears escape from my eyes as I let his heartbeat reach to my heart... to let all his emotions run through every cell in my body... to allow his heart to beat with mine.

“I am never good with words and I don’t know how to tell you this.” His brave facade breaking before my eyes as he clears his throat trying to control the wavering of his voice, “You are mine, Firefly...”

Yes, yours, I am yours.

“I want to tie myself with you in every way possible because I don’t want to deprive myself of the happiness of knowing that I belong to you... only you.”

Just like my heart beats for you...and will always belong to you.

“You introduced me to something which never existed in my life before you...that is fear.” He takes a shaky breath, “I am afraid to lose you... I can’t lose you.” He lightly shakes his head and caresses my cheek with his thumb keeping his eyes on my face.

My biggest fear is that one day you will leave me.

“There are many things which I want to tell you, share with you.” He lets out a small chuckle, then shakes his head while exhaling a deep breath, “But one look at your face and I forget everything. Because nothing else matters to me, other than you.”

“My every truth becomes meaningless, before you.” He smiles almost to himself, “I am worthless without you.” His gaze lock with mine.

“Please say, yes.” He touches his forehead with mine as I take a staggering breath.

Lifting my eyes, I find him already looking at me.

He has not said that he loves me, but does that really matters? Three words which he has not said to me, do they mean so much that I should overlook the love which I can see in his eyes?

No, it does not.

I can feel his love in his eyes which are promising me so much... in his heartbeat that is beating with mine... His love is a feeling which is encasing me in a protective warmth...

There are things which I do not know, but this is something my heart knows... that he loves me. And this is enough for me to make my decision.

“I am a demanding person.” I try to say with a straight face but fails when a faint smile forms on my lips while my eyes are brimming with tears

“You think, I do not know that.” He raises his eyebrows and smiles while tracing my lips with his finger which widens my smile even more.

“I have a bad temper.” Pressing my lips together, I give him a serious look.

“This is something which is not hidden from anyone, Firefly.” He slowly nods his head, amusement clear in his eyes.

“It is not easy to live with me.” I raise my eyebrow.

“I am ready to face every difficulty for you and with you.” He presses a kiss on my head.

Stepping out of his hold, I cross my arms over my chest.

“Get on your knees, Gregory.”

His shocked look replaces with a determined one as he sits on his knees not once removing his eyes from my gaze.

“Ask me the question again which you have dropped like a bomb on my head.” Rolling my eyes, I laugh as pressing the heels of my palms on my eyes to remove every trace of tears.

No, I am not going to cry, now.

While my heart is hammering wildly like any moment it will jump out of my chest, no matter how calm I try to be. I hug myself tightly to stop the trembling of my hands as I wait for him to speak.

“The way you are bossing me around, I think, I should rephrase my question.” He chuckles and looks down shaking his head.

I watch his chest rises and fall as he takes a deep breath, while my breathing has stopped altogether in anticipation.

“Will you allow me to be your husband?” His eyes are smiling making his whole face shine because as always he knows what is in my heart as he opens his arms for me.

Him... He is in my heart.

“Yes!” I nod my head and the strangled sound something between cry and laugh comes from my mouth.

Even though I do not want to cry but tears are involuntarily flowing from my eyes.

Within a blink, he engulfs me in his arms holding me tightly against his chest, making me aware even his heart is beating frantically in his chest.

When he pulls back slightly I notice something which I have never seen until now.

A treacherous tear slips from his eye while a breathtaking smile etched on his lips.

“Alec.” I laugh in between my cry as I hold his face. “What am I going to do with you?” Shaking my head, I close my eyes.

“Kiss me, you idiot.”

He laughs throwing his head back then his heated gaze lands on my lips.

He brings my face closer to his until our lips are just a breath away. I watch him close his eyes and mine closes following his lead. My lips tingle in anticipation to feel his soft and warm lips on mine.

First, he slowly presses his lips against mine then slightly pull away. His hot breath caressing my lips making me want to eliminate the distance. Weaving my fingers in his hair I pull his face towards mine to feel his lips back on mine.

Tilting my head slightly, he connects his lips with mine as he slowly kisses me even I don’t waste time to respond to his kiss.

Earlier when he kissed me I felt my heart healing little by little. But now I feel every crack on my heart, every pain which my soul bore, healed all at once. The kiss which started as gentle turns passionate as he is expressing everything which he could not express through his words.

Our lips dance together to the music of passion flowing freely through our veins, celebrating the union of our souls.

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