Always Together

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Chapter 7

There are some days when you wake up happy for no reason... you are simply feeling happy. Everything around you seems more vibrant and colorful. You are confident, nothing can go wrong... well that’s where you go wrong.

When I woke up today, I was so excited to start my day... a perfectly planned day. A day that included a long bath, devouring some delicious food, being a couch potato and lazying around in the house in my pajamas all day long.

But my day is brutally murdered by my dear friend when she drags me out of the house.

“Kris, I love you, but you are the most irritating piece of shit,” I say with a bored expression and look outside the window.

“C’ mon, you are behaving like you were doing something important.” She rolls her eyes and takes a right turn, “But actually you were doing nothing.”

“That’s because I planned to do nothing!” I frustratingly throw my hands in the air.

“Who plans to do nothing?” She makes a puzzled face.

“I,” I say pointing a finger at my chest, “I plan to do nothing.” My tone filled with annoyance.

Today was meant to be a bra-off day, but sadly it is ruined now.

Bye-Bye freedom day!

“I just wanted to have a girls day out.” She sadly sighs, instantly making me feel bad, “We really didn’t spend much time together, since you came back, like just two of us.”

“Okay.” I exhale and smile slightly, “What do you have in your mind?”

“Well, firstly, to grab some food.” She immediately cheers up, “And I have a blanket in the backseat, so I think we can have a small picnic in the park.”

“Perfect.” I smile and nod.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice your comforts for the happiness of others.

Closing my eyes I silently lay down on the blanket, sprawled on the freshly trimmed grass of the park. Swirls of red, yellow, and oranges dance behind my closed eyelids as the sun shines above us, cocooning us in its soothing warmth.

“This is life!” Kris leans back on her hands while stretching her legs in front of her.

Covering my eyes with my hand, I open them when I hear munching of chips.

“Give me some.” I extend my other hand towards Kris who is stuffing her face with chips.

I sit up in the cross-legged position as she hands me the packet of chips.

“What do you wish for?” She turns to me and suddenly asks.

I wish that I get a chance to be with my mom.

“I don’t know.” I lightly shrug and nibble the chip, “I have never really given it a thought.”

“It is impossible, every person has some wishes.” She picks up grass and plays with it, “Just like I wish to be married one day, have an amazing husband.” A small smile creeps onto her lips.

“I am sure who is going to be that amazing husband.” I teasingly smile and she blushes.

“Jake always tells me, that one day we are going to get married and have a family.” She smiles, “But I am not sure, he is so good that he can get any girl he wants. I don’t know why a guy like him would want to spend his life with me.” Her smile turns into a sad one as her shoulders slouch down.

“Only a sincere guy will want to spend his life with a girl like you.” I place my hand on her shoulder, “Jake loves you, anyone can see in his eyes. The way he looks at you explains his feelings for you. Don’t let your insecurities come between in your relation.”

Before Jake, Kris was in a short term relationship with a douche bag. He filled Kris’s mind with all these negative thoughts about herself. I am glad she found Jake as I can see because of him she is gradually gaining her lost confidence back.

“I think you are right, I am too much thinking about this.” She puffs, “I love Jake and he loves me. One day we will get married, that’s it. We are happy together, and that should matter.” She shrugs and smiles.

“Have you found someone, yet?” She nudges my shoulder with hers.

“No.” I purse my lips and shake my head.

“Are you planning to stay single all your life?”

“No.” I laugh at her stupid question, “I don’t want to date someone, just for the sake of dating.” I make quotation marks with my fingers on dating.

“I want to be with someone because my heart wants to be with him.” I shrug, “If that makes sense.”

“It totally makes sense.” She grins, “You are waiting for your true love.”

“You can say that.” I sigh, “Only if it exists. I don’t believe in love at first sight and fairytale romance kind of shit.”

“I want compatibility... companionship. More than physical attraction, we should feel the bond between our souls. I don’t want to be someone’s center of the universe, but I want someone with whom I can create my own little universe.” I look at her, then at my hands in my lap.

“Woah, girl, that’s deep.” She looks a bit stunned, “I feel like I don’t know you, at all.”

This is the first time, I have shared my thought about love with someone. It feels a bit strange to talk about something like this, as all this time I have never voiced my thoughts.

“But I don’t know if I will ever find the right guy.” I shake my head and lightly laugh, “Because you know, I have a hard time in, even, making friends. So falling in love is kind of out of the question.”

“It is sad, but it is true.” She nods her head, “You are a loner.” Then she starts to laugh.


“Speaking of friendship.” She twists her body in my direction, carrying an expression that says she is looking for some gossip, “I clearly remember you made a new friend at the party. So, tell me about it?”

“Tell you what?”

“Are you still friends? Or your friendship was just limited to the party?”

“No, we are still friends. He is a nice and sensible guy.” I shrug, not telling her that we almost talk daily and we had some interesting encounters.

“And hot too.” She winks.

“Topic change.” I roll my eyes and laugh.

The last thing which I want to discuss with her is Alec’s hotness because that will make things awkward between Alec and me. As whenever I will talk to him, Kristan’s vivid descriptions will invade my mind, which I definitely don’t want.

Spending a few more time there, we head back home. Kristan dropped me at my house, then she heads back to hers.

I genuinely enjoyed spending time with her, even though initially I was annoyed. But I am glad to have her as a friend because she knows when to give me space and when to invade my space. Sometimes she doesn’t understand me, but she always tries to understand me. And for me, that means a lot.

My entire family consists of two persons, Pops and Kris, and I would never take them or their love for granted. When you have almost no one in your life, you learn to value the presence of the people who care about you. Because without them you will be all alone in this scary place, called the world.

It is almost midnight, Pops has gone to sleep, while I am watching the One Tree Hill episodes on my laptop.

I don’t want to be anything Other than what I’ve been trying to be lately
All I have to do is think of me and I have peace of mind

I’m tired of looking around rooms wondering what I gotta do
Or who I’m supposed to be

I don’t want to be anything other than me

I hum along with the song, as the title song starts to play. My humming session is interrupted by the ringing of my phone and without even looking I know who might be calling me at this time.

Putting my hand inside my covers, I blindly try to locate my phone, as I shut down my laptop.

“Do you realize what time is it?” I ask as soon as I answer the phone.

“Yes, time to talk to you,” Alec casually answers.

“It is midnight, and normal people sleep at this time,” I say keeping my laptop on my side table.

“Yeah, but the keyword is normal.” He chuckles.

“Tell me something about yourself, which you haven’t told anyone,” Alec suddenly asks as I lean against the headboard of my bed.

“When I haven’t told anyone, what makes you think I will tell you.” I lightly shrug.

“I am not asking your deep dark secrets,” he says, then after a moment, he adds, “But if you want you can even share them, not a single soul will find about those from me,” he says in a quiet voice.

“I don’t like to show my emotions to others.” I tell him, surprising myself, “Holding my breath helps me to deal with the pain...both emotional and physical.” I swallow remembering how many times I have held my breath to lessen my pain.

“I can’t eat peanuts.” He breaks the silence after a few moments.

Normally, I would have laughed at his confession, but seriousness his tone doesn’t make me laugh.

“I am severely allergic to them, I always carry an Epi-pen with me. No one knows about my allergy other than my parents.” He sighs lightly,” and now... you.”

“If no one knows then why you have told me?” My voice mixed with confusion and shock.

“You have confided something about the real Avery, not the Avery which world knows,” he says, “So, I wanted to share one of my vulnerabilities with the real Avery... a vulnerability which can be the cause of my death. Because I want to know more about that Avery.”

“Alec, it is getting late so we will talk later,” I abruptly say, not liking where this conversation is leading to.

“Hmm,” he says quietly, “Talk to you later.”

There is something about Alec which makes me instantly comfortable. Like I can share anything with him, but at the same time, this thing about him scares me. Sometimes it seems like he can see past my walls. Walls that I have built around me to protect myself from the world.

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