Always Together

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Chapter 70

“When you told me it is your birthday and you need my yes as a gift.” I purse my lips together giving him a serious look, “I thought you wanted to do the horizontal tango with me on your birthday?” I nod my head.

A smile dancing on his lips while his eyes twinkling with amusement.

“Actually, that is the plan.” He nods his head slowly while his lip tilting up in a smirk, “The only difference is that I want to do the horizontal tango with you, not just on my birthday but on many more nights...” He pauses and arching an eyebrow he pretends to think.

“You know what, not only nights...many more mornings, afternoons, and evenings to come.”

“Okay.” Drawling the word, I laugh while he gives me a boyish grin.

“I am not joking.” He warns with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

“I don’t even want you to.” I return his smile with a wink, as I decide to finally look at the beautiful house from inside.

But stop when I realize something, then turning around I look at him questioningly.

“Alec, you have proposed me?” I ask staring at him.

“I think, I did.” He nods and stuffs his hands in his pockets.

“Don’t you think you are forgetting something?” I arch an eyebrow at him waiting for him to realize that a very important thing is missing.

“No.” He frowns and shakes his head.

I exhale a loud breath then roll my eyes at him.

“Don’t you think you have to make me wear a ring since you proposed me?” I glance at the stupid in front of me.

“Oh, I forgot about the ring.” He looks genuinely shocked.

“No ring, so proposal rejected.” I shrug.

“Like hell proposal rejected.” He glares.

“You just need a ring, right?” He asks as I can see gears turning in his head.

“Not just a ring.” I shake my head, “I want my special ring.”

“Okay, give me your hand.” He extends his palm in front of me.

I place my hand in his as I stare at his face trying to figure what is going on in his mind.

“A special ring... for my special girl.” He grins and taking out something from his pocket he slips it on my ring finger.

My mouth hangs open in disbelief and shock when I look at the ring which he has placed on my finger.

“Seriously, Alec?” I can’t help but laugh in disbelief.

“What can be more special than the ring with the keys of your own house?” He shrugs and chuckles.

“Hey, you can’t complain.” He raises his hands in a mocking surrender, “You asked for a special ring, I gave you a special ring... so what if it is a keyring?”

Rolling my eyes at him, I clutch the keys in my hand and turning my back to him I walk towards the house while a giddy feeling bubbles inside my heart thinking about this house is going to be our home.

Mine and Alec’s own little world.

However, abruptly the ground beneath my feet disappears as Alec thought it would be nice to give me the view of this world upside down.

“Alec, do you know, I prefer seeing things the way they are not in inverted form?” I huff frustratedly.

“Firefly, do you know, I hate when you turn your back on me?” Alec replies mocking my tone.

My reply dies inside my throat as he unlocks the door and we enter the house.

My special ring is still in my hand so maybe he had another set of keys which he has used to open the door.

Alec puts me down and briefly kisses my lips taking me completely by surprise as he is not someone who is openly affectionate.

“Welcome to our home!”

When Alec has said home, it surely seems like home... nothing like his house back in the town.

You can get a glimpse of the entire ground floor plan from the main door as it is mainly an open area. There is a living room on my left, which is decorated with grey couches and has a large flatscreen mounted on the opposite wall. In the corner, there is a fireplace beside the window.

Cute and cozy.

The place where we are standing is just an open space or room with a six-seater wooden dining table separated by the kitchen counter. The wall beside the kitchen is of glass, giving a beautiful view of the backyard garden.

Just where the wall ends, there is a floating staircase leading to the upper portion of the house.

I take in everything with a smile plastered on my face as I walk around the house with Alec quietly following me.

“Careful,” Alec warns as I take two steps at a time running to see the upper part of the house.

My eyes roll when I notice he is just one step behind me while his one arm is stretched out on my side as if to catch me if I will fall.

There are three rooms on this floor. Two side by side and one on the far corner. The first room which I see is entirely empty with just curtains hanging on the window.

“I did not know what to do with this, so I left it the way it is.” He shrugs, “You can choose what do to with this room.” He looks around the room.

“We will figure it together,” I reply to him walking towards the other room.

I am not into decorating so even I don’t have much idea.

He opens the door of the next room, as I step beside him.

“This is a spare bedroom.” He gestures around the medium size bedroom, then ushers me outside.

“This is the main bedroom.” He walks towards the third room which is a little far from the first two rooms.

He opens the door to a fairly large room as compare to others.

A large bed with a white cushioned headboard sits in front of the only wooden design wall of the room, as the rest two of the three walls painted with white color like the rest of the house. However, there is a glass partition on the side which leads to the balcony overlooking the backyard garden.

When I step outside on the balcony, I am slightly surprised to see a hot tub.

“I always wanted to have a hot tub in my home.” Alec’s lips curve into a small sheepish smile as I raise my eyebrows looking at the hot tub.

Holding the side of his face, I plant a kiss on his slightly red cheek because he looks simply adorable.

He wraps an arm around my waist and rests his chin on the top of my head.

“This is my dream, firefly.” He glances ahead and slightly turning I lean against his side.

“This home...” He glances down at me, “You... this is all a part of my dream.”

“A dream in which I want to stay forever.” He softly smiles then holding my chin gently he raises my face and places his lips on mine.

“Let’s get married.” He whispers against my lips.

Honestly, I will agree to do anything when he is kissing me like this. He shows his love through his kisses, a feeling which is impossible to put into words.

“Okay.” Momentarily, I break the kiss to answer him as again his lips are on mine.

“Why are you laughing?” Alec asks placing a kiss on my temple.

Suddenly a thought came to my mind and since then I am laughing.

“Alec, do you realize if you want to marry me-”

“I will marry you, there is no if.” He intercepts, “Now continue.”

“Okay...” Rolling my eyes, I continue, ”When you are going to marry me before that you have to talk to Pops. Have you thought about it?” I chuckle thinking about how Pops will react when Alec will tell him that he wants to marry me.

How much I know Pops, he will not let Alec go unbruised.

Turning my head to the side, I give him a perplexed look when he chuckles.

“Oh, I have already talked to him.” He smirks while I think I have lost the ability to talk as I blink at him feeling surprised for the millionth time.

“He even gave me his permission.” With a small laugh, he runs his thumb over slight bruised the corner of his lips.

No fucking way!

“He told me, if I can survive this punch then I am strong enough to take care of his Avy.” He smiles tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear, “Also if I ever betray you then this punch will look like a feather-light kiss.” He shakes his head in amusement.

“If Pops had said no, then my answer would have been the same as him.” I glance into his eyes, “I would have broken my promise to marry you.”

I love Pops more than anything or anyone in this world. And if he would have rejected Alec, then I would have not thought twice before saying no to Alec even though being away from him means cutting my heart in half.

I could not have ever stayed happy knowing that my decision of marrying Alec means going against Pops. I can never hurt Pops, even if it means staying away from my happiness.

“I know.” He nods his head in understanding, “If he had said no, then even I would have not asked you to marry me,” he admits honestly.

“He is really important to you, which makes him equally important for me also.” He looks away, “I could have never disrespected his decision by going against him. However, I would have tried to convince him, because I can’t give up on you.”

Tears spring into my eyes, feeling overwhelmed. Placing my forehead on his chest I wind my arms around him.

I am blessed with the best persons in my life, something which almost seems like a dream.

“Hey, why are you crying?” He murmurs in a comforting tone.

“I am not crying.” I sniffle, “I just love you so much.”

His chest vibrates as he chuckles and kisses my hair while hugging me.

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