Always Together

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Chapter 71

“It means no worries...
For the rest of your days...
It’s our problem-free philosophy...
Hakuna Matata...”

I sing and watch Lion King while shaking my foot with the music as I comfortably lie on the couch, my feet crossed at the ankles.

Alec makes his way to the couch, picking up my feet he occupies that spot then places my feet in his lap.

“Let’s get married,” Abruptly he turns to me.

My eyes nearly pop out of their sockets as I sit up nearly falling off from the couch.

“What?” I look at him in utter disbelief, “Like, right... now?” I stutter.

“Of course, not.” He shrugs while the smile which is currently on his lips is something alarming.

Slightly raising his right hand he brings it in front of him.

“No, not right now, but in four hours.” He keeps his eyes on his wristwatch while dropping the bomb on me. Just like that.

“Are you fucking crazy?!” I kick him with my foot, but much to my dismay he quickly grips both on my feet in his hands.

“I am not going anywhere.” Crossing my arms, I lie down again pressing my entire weight down on the couch. “I am too tired to go anywhere, and this is not happening.”

I am trying to be calm but honestly, I am panicking from inside.

“Hakuna Matata,” He says and placing his one hand under my knees and other behind my shoulders he picks me up.

“You don’t have to go anywhere, I will take you myself.” He smirks while swallowing I try to get down.

“Alec, I have said I will marry you, but what’s the hurry?” My heart racing against my ribcage as we walk outside the house.

“No, you nearly gave me a heart attack by rejecting my proposal just after a few minutes when you have said yes because I forgot about a damn ring.” Raising his eyebrows he glances down at me, “So, no, I can’t trust your mood because it changes faster than the blink of an eye.”

“You are rushing to marry me because you think I am going to change my mind?” I weakly attempt to laugh but turn quiet when I see insecurity in his eyes which he is trying so hard to hide.

Why is he insecure?

“Please, don’t fight me over this.” He brings me closer to him as someone opens the passenger door for us, I notice this is not the car in which we have come here.

This is a black sedan with tinted windows and there are two other similar looking cars parked with it.

He carefully gets inside the car while still carrying me, however, my mind is going in a thousand different directions.

And for the first time in many years, I would admit that I am truly scared.

My heart is racing crazily and it would not be a surprise if I start hyperventilating at any moment.

I don’t even know why I am feeling scared... I love him and trust him. I know I would not want anyone in my life other than him, then why am I feeling like this?

Maybe because it is happening too fast or maybe I am afraid that it all will turn out to be a dream.

“I am scared.” I swallow and admit to him as I feel his entire body going tense as soon as these words leave my mouth.

“Scared?” He asks, his words laced with hurt, “Of me?"

“No, not you.” I shake my head, rolling my lips inside my mouth, as my hands feel clammy, “But this, it is too fast.”

Now when I think, the reason behind my fear is becoming clear. It is my fear that one day he will leave me is making me anxious. He has been nothing but serious about all this, but still, I have this lingering feeling inside my heart.

Maybe even after all this, I am waiting for the moment when it will get all over.

Turning my face to him, he brushes his lips against mine then he gently glides his lips across mine, silencing all the thought in my mind.

There are so many things which he is trying to convey with his gesture and simply all my fears start to vanish.

Suddenly, I don’t feel we are rushing into something that will not last forever, something in this kiss tells me that whatever we have is meant to be forever.

He and I are always going to be together.

After a moment or two, he breaks the kiss and caresses my cheek his thumb.

“Feeling better?” He asks and lifts his lips in an amusing smile.

“Hmm...” I nod my head attempting to hold my smile back.

He presses his lips on my forehead and whispers, “Just trust me, firefly. I am not going to let you down.”

When I try to crawl away from his lap onto the seat, he tightens his holds on me.

Resting his head on his seat, he wraps his arms around me while closing his eyes. I wait for him to loosen his grip when he doesn’t, I lean against him. He tucks my head under his chin and kisses my hair with a small sigh.

“I need to call Pops,” I demand when Alec takes away the phone from my hand.

We are in the city hall as we are having a civil marriage in another town.

All I know, he wanted to get married here out of every place.

“You can’t talk to him on the phone yet.” He shakes his head and switching off my phone he keeps it in his pocket.

“We will personally go and tell him.” He assures me.

“He will put a bullet between your eyes.” I glare at him keeping my voice low.

“I am willing to take that risk.” He shrugs nonchalantly.

“You were so sure that I will agree to marry you that you had already applied for the marriage license?” I try to distract him so I can get my hand on my phone. “How the hell did you get this without me? Because as far as I know, both people should be present to apply for it.” I frown.

“Don’t stress yourself much.” He glances at me with a smug look.

A man comes and informs us that it is our turn now.

“You know I can still refuse to sign?” I arch my eyebrow at him, wiping the smug look from his face.

“I know you want to talk to Frank, and all this seems weird.” He rakes a hand through his hair nervously, “But please this is important, we can have a freaking big wedding and can invite everyone in town but now let’s keep it this way.”

“You must be having all sorts of questions in your mind right now, which are normal. However, I can’t answer them.” He shakes his head, “All I can say that I am scared to lose you.” He sighs defeatedly.

“You have to trust me, I am doing this for you... for us. If you don’t trust me then it is fine, I promise I will not force you for anything.” He swallows and just before my eyes his face turns stoic trying to hide the hurt which my words may cause to him.

He is one of those people who I trust the most and I will do anything for him. If getting married means so much to him, then I will marry him without any question. I am willing to take risks for him.

“I guess, I will have to cross elopement from the list of things which seems even too weird for me.” I exhale a long breath while at the same time I hear Alec sighing in relief while muttering something about dying because of heart failure in his youth.

Fifteen minutes later we walk outside the city hall holding hands, the same way we had walked inside it.

Everything is the same, yet it is different at the same time.

I have never seen Alec so happy. He is honestly having a hard time to stop himself from grinning. His happiness is contagious that even I can’t stop myself from laughing as I look forward to all the things that life has held us for together.

After today it is official, normal is not for us.

“We are married, firefly.” He turns to me as a gorgeous smile settled on his lip. “Finally, you are mine. I promise that my heart and life will only belong to you.” Holding my hand, he links our fingers together and presses his lips to my forehead.

My heart seems full of happiness and love, that all my fears look so small and meaningless.

“I love you, Alec.”

I swear, he whispered I love you, but I can’t be certain as sometimes my mind tricks me into sensing things which I want.

He engulfs me in a hug as if he is responding to my words with his gesture. While I feel like I am wrapped in a bubble of happiness, feeling loved and protected.

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