Always Together

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Chapter 72

Have you ever witnessed an intimidating person turning into a frightened puppy in front of your eyes?

If not, then let me tell you it is the most hilarious thing which you can ever see.

Alec called his father to tell him about our wedding, but instead of his father, his mother answered the call. The call is not on speaker but I can clearly hear his mother’s furious voice whereas Alec is shrinking in his seat while flinching from time to time.

I already love this woman!

“Mom!” Alec helplessly pleads for the thousandth time, “Just listen to me once, then you can shout at me all you want.”

“I have proposed Avery and she said yes.” He faintly smiles then holding my hand he weaves our fingers together forming a fist.

A loud squeal makes my eyebrows shoot up not understanding this is a good reaction or a bad, as I look at Alec who is now grinning while keeping the phone away from his ear.

Okay, maybe this is a good reaction.

“Dad.” Alec says with an amused tone, “Where did mom go, I haven’t given her the entire news?”

A small frown forms on his face as he attentively listens to his dad.

“No, Dad, I can’t do that.” His grip tightens on my hand, “We are already married.”

Oh, is he asking him to divorce me? I haven’t been married for two hours.

What a bummer!

“I am not promising anything, dad,” he says in a defeated tone, to whatever his dad has said.

“Yeah, I am happy.” Alec looks down and slightly smiles, “Thanks, Dad, I love you.”

“Mom wants to have a big wedding for us.” Alec turns to me and waits for my reaction.

“Okay...” I slowly nod my head, waiting for him to continue.

“Dad knew I will marry you in the same place where they got married.” He smiles and shrugs while I am unable to react to this news. “I don’t know, how, but he already figured we got married.” He frowns.

That’s why he was so adamant about getting married in that city hall because it is was where his parents got married.

“But?” I ask knowing there is a but coming soon.

“But, mom doesn’t know this.” He lets out a breath, “And dad is asking to keep our wedding under a wrap just for some time as they are returning home as soon as they can, probably under a month, so that mom doesn’t feel heartbroken that she wasn’t a part of our wedding.”

“Mom already feels that I keep her out of my life and maybe I have distanced from her, which is not true.” He runs his free hand through his hair, “It is just that I am more like my dad, so we have a different kind of understanding."

"I don’t know... it is just that I don’t want to break her heart but at the same time I can’t do this to you. I have married you, it is not a joke or something small that we can hide from everyone. ” He sighs looking torn.

I have met his parents once and his mother is actually really nice and she has this warm personality which will immediately make you feel like you have known her for a long time.

I will not lie, after meeting her, she gave me a picture to imagine how a mother should be because she gives that motherly vibes.

His phone chimes as a message from his mother pop up on his screen.

When he turns the screen of his mobile to me, a laugh escapes my mouth as she has sent him pictures of different rings asking him to get my opinion about them.

But there is no humor on his face, I can see what he is planning to do and I can’t let this happen.

“Alec, we will only tell Pops about our wedding.” I place my hand on his, which is still holding my hand, “You wanted to get married to me, see we are. We can wait a little more to tell everyone.”

I can’t break his mother’s heart. I don’t have a mother who would have planned my wedding, but I can allow his mother to fulfill her desires for her son’s wedding.

“Moreover, Kris will kill you if she finds out that you didn’t make her part of our eloping plan.” I roll my eyes, even I wasn’t a part of my own eloping plan. “And I don’t want to get widowed when we haven’t even celebrated our first anniversary.”

“So, it would have been fine if I die after one year?” He raises his eyebrows.

“Yeah, if I don’t get bored with you.” I shrug playfully.

“Don’t worry I will make sure that you will never get bored of me.” He smirks with mischievousness and before he can grab me I sprint off as he starts to chase me around the house while I run away from him as my life depends on it.

“Alec, Pops is not answering my calls.” I again dial Pops number as I wait for him to pick my call. He always answers my call and when he doesn’t, he calls back as soon as he can. But I have been calling him for hours now.

“He might be busy, he said he will go fishing with his friends maybe they haven’t returned yet.” He tries to reason.

"I am calling him, Alec.” I look at him, trying to make him understand, “He always receives my call, no matter what.”

“I am worried, what if he is in some problem or he has got hurt.” My heart starts to panic thinking about something bad might have happened with him after the last time when he got into an accident I always have fear of his safety in my heart.

“Relax.” He holds my shoulders, “You are stressing yourself for no reason, he will be perfectly fine.”

I dial Pops friend’s number hoping I can reach to Pops through him, but when he disconnects my call I can already feel something is wrong.

“Alec, take me home,” I demand, pushing his hands away from my shoulders as I stare at him seriously.

“Okay.” He nods in understanding that I am not in a mood to argue.

The human brain has its own way of working, the more we try to stay positive the more negative scenarios it creates... or maybe it is not every human brain, it is just Avery’s brain.

I know sometimes I overreact but I can’t help it. You are always worried about your most precious belongings and even though there are a handful of people in my life but they are everything to me.

In my small life experience, I have come to a realization that happiness hardly lasts in my life, it is like someone has cursed me that my happiness will not live for long. I was happy, although everything that has happened between the past few hours is crazy yet I was happy. But now my own fear, which might be useless, is overshadowing my happiness with worry for Pops.

I get startle when Alec places his hand on my clenched fist in my lap then spreading his fingers he grasps my hand. Turning my palm upside I web our fingers together take a deep breath trying to get hold of my anxiety. I hope I could say it worked, but unfortunately, it is still there. However, his hand in mine is giving me strength which I need at this moment.

“Everything is going to be okay, Firefly.” His deep and comforting voice soothes my nerves a little, “Even though I know, you are worrying for no reason. But this is the thing which I love about you the most, you give this uncaring vibe but deep down you are the most caring person I have ever come across.”

“However, this is another thing that your care is limited to some lucky people only.” He chuckles, but my mind is stuck at the word which he has used for the first time openly... love.

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