Always Together

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Chapter 73

Clasping my hands together I sit on the steps of the front porch as I wait for Pops to return home. I don’t know when he is going to return but I am going to wait for him here. He should have been home by now, but he is not.

Suddenly, I feel like a little girl who is alone and afraid, waiting for her parents to come to her and comfort her.

Nothing...nothing can calm me as I just need my Pops.

I haven’t said a single word since I have come back home and Alec is thankfully not forcing me to talk.

When an unfamiliar car stops in front of the house, I jump to my feet and within a blink, Alec is by my side.

An unfamiliar person steps outside the car while Alec stands in front of me as his whole body is tensed.

“Avery.” The person, who looks in the early thirties, smiles at me as if he knows me.

Alec’s eyes move to me silently asking me whether I know this person, I subtly shake my head in no. He seems familiar... maybe I have seen him somewhere but I can’t be sure.

This communication doesn’t go unnoticed by him as he lightly laughs while looking at us.

“Is this the part where you say that you don’t know me but I know you?” Tilting my head slightly to the side I arch my eyebrow.

“Yes, you are right I know a lot about you but you don’t know me.” Much to my annoyance, he again laughs.

“Cut the crap and speak what to do you want? Before I make sure you are not able to speak ever again.” I take a step towards him but Alec’s hand shoots up grabbing my elbow and slightly pushing me behind him.

“You are definitely Frank’s granddaughter.” He laughs looking amused.

Oh, I would like to see you laugh when my fist will connect with your face.

Yanking my elbow free from Alec’s grasp, I coil my hand into a fist but unclench my hand when I hear Pops voice.

“Don’t provoke her, Vance, that usually doesn’t end up good for the other person.”

A wave of relief washes over me when I see Pops is perfectly fine.

“What the hell, Pops!” I throw my hands in frustration feeling relieved and annoyed both, “Where were you? You told me that you will be home by evening. I have been waiting for you for so long.”

Instead of answering me, he comes and hugs me tightly which makes me frown as this is not something Pops usually do.

"What's wrong, Pops?" I hug him back and silently ask.

"Do I need any reason to hug my Avy?" He laughs but his laugh doesn't reach his eyes.

"You can tell me anything, you know that, right?" I look into his eyes.

"I know, Avy." He kisses my head, "But there is nothing to worry about. When I have you with me then everything is fine."

I keep looking at his face trying to read through his guarded expression.

"One day, I leave you alone for one freaking day and you got married?" Pops looks at me, his expression a perfect mix of amusement and disbelief.

"What next? A baby?" He raises his eyebrows sarcastically.
"Precautions don't prevent?" I ask with a small shrug.
Alec looks at me a horrified expression while Pops exasperates shaking his at head me.
"So, when are you moving out?" Pops runs a hand over his face and I notice the dark circles under his eyes.
"I am not moving anywhere." I answer, "Actually, we are not going to tell anyone that we are married, well, just for the time being. Only you and his dad are the ones who know about our marriage."
"His mom is really excited about the wedding, so that's why we are keeping our marriage a secret until she is here because she doesn't know anything."
Pops slowly nods taking in all the information, then he turns to Alec with a serious expression.
"I expect you to make every decision while keeping her in mind, in every situation your family should be your priority, Alec." The way he speaks to Alec, I feel he knows something about Alec which I am not aware of.
"You have my word, she will always come first." Alec holds Pops gaze steadily while determination is written all over his face.
I watch their exchange with a perplexed look as suddenly I feel like an outsider from whom secrets are being kept.
I know Alec is hiding something, I even feel Pops is hiding something from me since the moment he came back. I have asked him several times but he brushes off like it is nothing and I am making up things in my mind.
Both of them have their respective secrets which they are hiding from me.
Silently, slipping out of the house I start walking without any specific place in my mind while my thoughts are swirling with doubts and confusion.
After walking for a while I sit on the bench and leaning my head back I close my eyes trying to swallow the feeling of hurt.
I don't doubt their love for me, however, I feel they don't trust me enough. I would have appreciated instead thinking that I am stupid to buy their act they would have accepted there is something which they are hiding from me which they don't wish to share.
In a situation like these, I feel like I have nowhere to go. There is no one to whom I can talk to, who can understand my feelings as the people on whom I rely are the only ones who are forcing me to feel like this.
My phone rings in my pocket, which I have no intention to answer, slicing the silence around me. I need these moments with myself to keep my mind at peace. Otherwise, I will drive myself crazy with over-thinking about all these things.
I need to trust them and to keep that trust I need to clear my mind.
When it comes to trusting someone, sometimes you have to keep logics behind and follow your heart. Because sometimes what you see is not what actually is. Your brain works differently from your heart... it trusts logic, facts and proves while heart just looks beyond these things.
Only time can tell to whom one should have listened to, their mind or their heart.

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