Always Together

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Chapter 74

“Already running away from me?” Alec asks and forcing me to open my eyes and turn to him.

His breath coming off in short pants as if he has run all the way here. Turning my gaze away from him, I momentarily look around to notice I did have came a bit far from home without even realizing it.

“What are you doing here?” He sits beside me, “You haven’t even informed us before leaving.”

“I don’t think that anyone should expect me to tell them about my whereabouts when everyone is hiding things from me.” I shrug, “I am also allowed to keep things to just to myself.”

“Why do I feel like we are having our first fight as a married couple?” Alec chuckles making me roll my eyes at him.

Again diverting topic to something lame.

“There is a reason behind everything. I am sure whatever Frank is not telling you, he has his own reasons.” He sighs, indirectly agreeing that Pops is keeping something from me, when I don’t smile or I reply to him with any witty remark.

“What reason do you have to hide things from me?” I can’t stop myself from asking this question, “Because I am sure you know I am not stupid or blind not to figure out that there is something which you are keeping away from me.”

“Ignorance is bliss, Avery.” He humorlessly chuckles.

“Sure it is, but for those who are not strong enough to handle the reality.” Arching my eyebrow, I nod.

“Leave me alone, Alec.” I purse my lips together and sigh when I figure he is not willing to tell me anything which I want to know, “I just want to be with myself.”

I am not the kind of person who will push anyone to share their secrets with me. But I will appreciate the people whom I consider as mine, trust me enough to let me in.

“You think I am a jerk, but let me tell you that, I am not that much of a jerk to leave you alone on our wedding night.” From the corner of my eye, I watch him shrug as he stretches his legs in front of him and leans back slightly.

Ignoring him, I keep staring ahead.

“Oh, the famous silent treatment?” He sighs and I can sense his amusement in his words, “Finally, almost after an entire day, I feel like a husband.”

At this point, I am trying not to laugh even though I am still mad at him.

Not my fault, you don’t expect him to say suddenly something absurd amid something serious. And he actually does this awfully a lot especially when I am annoyed at him.

“Now let’s see if she keeps on giving me the silent treatment if I do this.” He nods his head to himself, “I am sure she will not say a word to me, but still I can try.”

Not even a moment has passed when he grabs my hand, starts tickling me mercilessly.

“Alec, you asswipe, keep your hands off me.” I half-yell and half-laugh while I try to release his hold on my arm so I can get away from him.

“Oh, she speaks!” He says smugly.

He pulls me towards him, with a smile while I am trying hard to catch my breath, holding his hand in tightly in mine still not trusting him that he will not assault me with his tickle attack.

“Today is the best day of my life, Firefly.” He presses his lips to my forehead, “And this is how it should end, with you laughing in my arms.” He fondly smiles at me and effortlessly my lips also curve in a smile.

When he leans towards me, I don’t hesitate to cover the remaining difference and press my lips to his. Wrapping my arms around his neck I bring him even closer while our lips glide across each other.

He may be keeping things from me, but he never hides his feelings from me. He is not vocal but still, he never fails to express himself.

“Sorry to interrupt you guys, but will someone tell me what’s going on?” An amused voice comes from behind.

Alec is the first one to still, his private nature will not allow him to kiss me in front of anyone but I am not having it. Tightening my hold on him I stop him from breaking our kiss.

He chuckles lightly then again kisses me.

“Well, I am waiting.” I hear the tapping of the foot which makes me sigh and finally break the kiss.

“You could have waited for a few more moments before announcing your presence.” I turn to look at Kris.

“I am sorry but I am not interested to watch my friend’s making out session.” She shrugs but then the excitement brightens her face.

“Are you guys like together?” She asks pointing between me and Alec.

“No, I am kissing every random guy I find on my path to hell,” I say nonchalantly.

Then a very inhuman voice hits my eardrums making me stuff my fingers in my ears while I watch my friend jumping up and down as she claps her hands.

“This is totally normal,” I tell Alec who is silently questioning my friend’s mental health.

“Finally!” Kris speaks after her clapping fit is over, “I thought you will end up with me in the last,” she says in a serious tone that can fool anyone.

Alec’s arms go around me pulling me to himself as he stares at Kris which makes me and Kris laugh.

Alec relaxes when he figures she is just joking.

“What are you doing here alone at this time?” Alec asks while looking around the empty street.

“” She gives a hesitant smile, “Just needed some fresh air.”

I narrow my eyes at her then slowly raise my eyebrows when I notice what she is hiding behind her.

“Kris?” I smirk at her knowingly.

“I swear I never mean to raid his stash.” She laughs, “Now he is giving me death threats”

“You will never learn from your mistakes.” I laugh while shaking my head at her.

“Death threats?” Alec asks.

Of course, out of everything, this is what he heard.

“Her brother,” I answer him, “She drank from his secret alcohol stash and now he is out for her blood.”

“What you bought as a peace offering?” I point at her bag from which I can see the top of the bottle.

“Vodka.” She takes out the bottle of vodka from her bag.

“C’mon, I will drop you home.” Alec stands up, pulling me with him while looking at Kris.

“How did you know where to find me as even I didn’t know where I was going?” I silently ask Alec.

“I will always find you, no matter, where you are,” he replies in an equally silent tone.

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