Always Together

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Chapter 75

Even though he had said he doesn’t want to leave me, but he had to go as something important came up that he can’t overlook. But it is fine, as I don’t think Pops would have let him stay.

I woke up to his message saying he is missing me, even after when entire night he was constantly messaging me. So if we look like this he did keep up his promise of being with me.

Pops is behaving completely normal, as twice during our practice I thought he was trying to kill me. If he had gone soft on me that is something which should have been alarming.

Taking out my dress from my closet I place it on my bed with other accessories to go with my dress. Today is Kris and Jake’s second dating anniversary which they both are celebrating as if it is their wedding anniversary.

Last night when Kris invited Alec, the poor thing looked lost for a while.

His eyes widen when he glanced at me, thinking I am also one of those who celebrate, looking-at-each-other-for-the-first-time anniversary, holding hands anniversary, the first-date anniversary, kissing anniversary, etc.

But I shake my head at him which delivered him the message that he is safe.

I swear, I saw him releasing a sigh of relief.

Changing into my silver sequin bodycon dress, I adjust its shoulders as it is an off-shoulder dress so I want it to be perfect. Because my hair is behaving like a rebellious teenager, so I straighten them to tame them down.

The stilettos add a few more inches to my height making me look taller.

Finally, now I start doing my make-up in the last because if I am being dragged from my room for taking the time to get ready, then at least beside my makeup I am fully ready.

Thankfully, even though Kris is honking at my door for the past ten minutes she doesn’t drag me outside. Spritzing perfume over my body because this is the thing which will keep me from puking my guts after inhaling different body odors as again Kris decided to go to a club and it is weekend night.

Kris flashes me a finger when I walk outside the house in a greeting, and I greet her back with raising two of my own.

“Here is your gift.” Opening my clutch I give her the couple spa vouchers.

“Thank you...” She grins widely looking at the vouchers then places them in the glove compartment, “I love this.”

“We should go on a double date?” She excitedly raises her eyebrows, “Let me book another for you guys, then we all can go together for a relaxing spa day.”

Tuning her out, I unlock my mobile to resume playing the bubble shooter. Because I know she will keep making this plan until we reach the club, no matter what I say. So it is better to let her keep talking, while I shoot some bubbles.

When we enter the club, Kris directly leads to the table which is already occupied with some people whom I don’t know but Kris knows.

I have this deja vu moment when I feel someone watching me only lifting my gaze to find Alec.

Again just a normal pair of eyes staring at me, nothing special. However, the person to whom these eyes belong is special.

“Hi.” I smile raising my eyebrows at him as he takes a seat beside me.

He nods his head in response, then he retrieves a small box from his pocket. I thought I can’t be surprised anymore but I am proven wrong. As he takes my hand and casually slips a ring in my finger.

“Alec?” I look at his face then back at my hand, studying the simple silver ring with small diamonds around it.

However, there is a small design engraved on the side of it, barely noticeable.

“This will let everyone know ” He runs his thumb across the ring, “That you are mine.”

“Am I missing something here?” Jake’s voice makes me turn to look at him.

“They are like together-together,” Kris replies on behalf of me, while nearly smiling from ear to ear.

To say that Jake looks shocked is an understatement, he keeps staring at us for a while then shakes his head in disbelief.

“Finally.” He whistles as he gets out of his shock, “I thought you would never gain the courage to ask her out.” He laughs and slaps Alec’s arm.

“You knew?” Kris frowns at Jake.

“No.” He shakes his head and laughs, “But I knew he likes her, as she is the only girl with whom I have ever seen him without him looking like he wants to murder someone.”

Turning my head, I arch my eyebrow at Alec who is glaring at Jake. I start laughing when Alec turns my face to the other side while still giving Jake a death glare.

“It is okay, even I don’t feel like killing him after I have spent more than fifteen minutes with him.” I lean against Alec, still laughing.

“So, I guess, it is safe to say that we both like each other.” I shrug with a smile.

I bob my head with the music as I watch people dance, I am waiting for Alec as he went to grab some drinks. Kris and Jake are already gracing the dance floors with their R-rated moves.

“Hi,” A guy approaches me.

He has an easy grin settled on his lips, as he pushes back his hair which is longer from one side.

“Hey,” I reply to him in my usual slightly uninterested tone.

“So, beautiful, are you alone or waiting for someone?” He stands beside me almost brushing his arm against mine.

Just wait for a few moments, you will find out yourself. I internally scoff.

“Neither of them.” As expected Alec’s stoic voice comes from beside me as he wraps his arm around my waist, while holding some fancy looking drink, creating a distance me and the guy.

Alec stares at him with a cold expression, that guy whose name even I don’t know gets the message, as without saying anything else he leaves.

“Relax.” I smile as I shake my head at his possessiveness as if that guy has asked me to be his girlfriend.

“He was trying to hit on you.” He sounds annoyed.

“Well, I know we are married, you know we are married.” I nod my head while suppressing my smile, “But he doesn’t know that.”

“But the ring resting on your finger clearly tells that you are not available.” He points at my hand, “So, he was a scumbag trying to get close to someone else’s girl.”

“I don’t remember being someone’s girl.” I shrug and take the glass from his hand.

“Yeah, that’s because you are my wife.” He smirks, while a smug look plastered on his face.

The way he said my wife, makes my heart flutter. The person who hasn’t verbally confessed his feelings to me, is not even least hesitant to acknowledge our relationship. This alone fills my heart with love even more than I already feel for him.

Stepping close to him, I tilt my head slightly up and place a kiss on his lips. He looks surprised as he is a private person and never shows his feeling much in public. So this would have definitely made him feel scandalized.

“Since you are my husband, so...” I wink at him and again peck his lips. However, this time he has a small smile on his face.

“Where are we going?” I remove my heels and massage my ankle with my hand as Alec takes a different route.

“Home,” he replies with a casual shrug.

“This is not the way.” I narrow my eyes studying the road.

“Our home, Firefly.” He raises his eyebrows at me, “We are going to our home.”

“Don’t you think you are becoming habitual of kidnapping me like this?” I glare at him, playfully, "You need my permission before deciding to take me with you."

“I don’t need anyone’s permission to take my rightfully wedded wife anywhere with me.” He taps the steering wheel with his finger as we wait for the light to turn green.

“And I am sure if she had any problem going anywhere with me, she would have forced me to turn the car around.” He slowly nods his head at me with a teasing glint, "Or maybe I would have already been dead by now."

"That's where you are wrong." I purse my lips and sigh, "Because, no matter what, I can never see you in pain."


"I don't exactly have the answer to this why." I link my fingers together, "Maybe because, you made me feel wanted... and loved, even when you could have easily walked away."

"That's where you are wrong." He slips his hands in mine and replaces my fingers with his own as he clutches my hand, "It could have never been easy to walk away from you because a part of me would always been with you, even if I was not."

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