Always Together

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Chapter 76

Luckily, my stuff from my last stay was already here. So I was more than relieved to find my belongings in their place where I have left.

Actually, not exactly in the place where I have left but in the closet where my clothes were neatly folded. Definitely the arrangement of my stuff is screaming Alec.

After changing into my pajamas and washing my face, when I walk outside the bathroom I find Alec occupied in writing on something which looks like a diary while resting against the headboard of the bed.

This is new, I have never thought of him as a diary person.

Maybe he writes all his secrets inside it, this thing definitely gets my attention.

Well, it is wrong to read someone’s diary, but then when I am known for doing something right? And if I ask him, I am sure he is not going to allow me to even peek into his diary.

So the only option I have is to snatch his diary and run back into the bathroom. Because he is really good at hiding stuff, as this is the first time when I have seen his diary.

Hell, I haven’t even seen him holding a pencil.

I have a maximum of three seconds to get my hands on his diary and return back to my safe position which is the bathroom. Because any second more, he will quickly spring into action to halt my escape. But I have to do something to distract him, otherwise, I don’t think I will be able to put my plan into action.

Woah, I think like some badass undercover cop.

Maybe I should try to sign up for something as adventurous as being a spy or undercover agent. I think I will be perfect as any of them. Well, that is something for the future now I should concentrate on that small black diary which I need to read.

Scanning the room, to look for something to distract him I shake my head in disappointment but then suddenly an idea comes to my mind which is not really good but it is still better than nothing.

Taking out my slipper, I pick it in my hand as I take a slow step towards Alec.

“Alec, catch!” Just when I am a few steps away from him, I hurl my slipper at him as I shout.

Just like I have thought his fast reflexes get into action and he quickly catches the slipper, leaving the pencil and diary in his lap. This is what I wanted. Before he can realize what is happening, I pick up his diary and make a dash for the bathroom.

But damn his long legs and his speed, because he quickly catches me just when my escape is a step away.

Picking me up, he throws me on the bed, not so nicely I must say. Playing the victim card is at the top list on my mind, but I know he will not buy it.

I don’t even have the time to get up when he pins me down on the bed using his body weight to keep me in my place. While he tries to pluck the diary from my hand, which I am holding with my full might as I struggle to get him off me. Only the problem is that he has completely immobilized me.

Actually, not completely.

As soon as I realize this, I use this to my full advantage by smacking him on the side of his head, with the diary. Since my intent was not to hurt him, so I didn’t use much power to hit him.

He gets startled like he was not expecting I would do something like this, but he manages to grab my wrist and holds it down beside my head.

Great, I should have hit him without worrying about hurting him, then my hand wouldn’t be at an odd angle.

“Leave it, Firefly.” He smirks with a smug expression, “It is no use.”

Of course, the part of me who hates losing is not ready to accept that he got me and it is still finding ways to escape. Pushing me to believe that I can win. But the reasonable part is trying to gracefully accept my defeat. However, the reasonable part is not as convincing as my never-ready-to-back-down part.

When I attempt to free my hand, he subtly loosens his grip so that I can break free his hold. This makes all the struggle leaves my body and when my eyes meet his, I find him glancing at me with prideful eyes, which confuses me.

“This spirit of you inspires me.” His gaze softens while a faint smile is appearing on his lips, “Never wanting to back down from what you believe.”

“Always trying to fight against the odds, and believing that you can overcome them.” He holds my face with his hand as he caresses my cheek with his thumb.

Different emotions flood through me while I am unable to look away from his gaze. As at this moment, there is nothing that can get my attention other than his eyes which are speaking more than him.

His face comes near to mine and my hand instinctually goes around his neck while my lips anticipate, to feel the familiar warmth of his lips.

The moment his lips touch mine, warmth fills my heart, taking me into a state of bliss.

He pulls back slightly, as I can see him swallowing hard while his eyes are shut. I run my fingers across his jaw, feeling the strain as he is clenching and unclenching his jaws tightly.

When he opens his eyes, this time they are completely unguarded as if he wants to me see his soul.

“I love you, Firefly.” He whispers, “I love you so much that it scares me.” He again closes his eyes taking a deep breath.

My heart aches in a beautiful way while tears spring into my eyes. I never knew before this moment, hearing these words from his mouth would mean so much to me.

The love I feel for him surges through my entire being, nearly consuming me. I feel like drowning only difference is that I am not worried because I know he will be there to hold me.

“I love you, Alec,” I reply as the tears slip from my eye truly allowing my heart to accept my feelings without the fear of anything else.

Alec opens his eyes and looks at me, and I witness the most beautiful smile I have ever seen on his face. Because for the first time, I feel it is not just his face but it seems like he is truly smiling with all his being.

His hands move down to my waist and his lips are back on mine. Snaking my arms around him, I pull him towards me as much as possible relishing the moment of him being close to me as I am engulfed in the wonderful feeling of love.

The kiss is full of love, but still, it is something else. Gradually, the intensity our the kiss increases, so do my heartbeat.

He pulls back and traces my lips with his finger, swirling different emotions inside, as he searches my face for the answer to the question his eyes are silently asking.

The subtle nod of my head is all he needs when his lips claim mine almost possessively.

One by one, all the barriers which are separating us are gone. As we get acquainted with each other in a way like never before. The feel of his skin on mine, the fierceness of his kisses, the way his hands hold me, is something which is indescribable.

I never understand until now, what it means when someone truly completes you.

When I look into his eyes I find nothing but love in them, the same love which he witnesses in my eyes for himself.

"I love you more than anything in this world." He kisses me for what it feels like the hundredth time, yet I can't get myself enough of his kisses, as with each kiss I only feel more and more loved, "Even more than myself."

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