Always Together

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Chapter 77

I wish I can describe last night, but words can’t do justice even if I try. It felt like finally, we are complete... like finally finding the missing pieces of each other.

He didn’t hold back showing me how much he loves me, not just with his actions but even with his words. And trust me, it was the best feeling in the world.

Strangely, there was no awkwardness between us, everything felt so natural.

“I love you.” Alec holds my hand and places a kiss inside my palm, even though I am in my waking up phase, but still, a smile comes on my face hearing his words.

I don’t know why, but I can’t stop myself from smiling whenever he says that he loves me.

Turning my head I look at him and touch his disheveled hair while taking in his just wake up look as he simply stares at me. Then bringing my hand back, I close my eyes because I am still not ready to wake up and he is not that good looking that I will sacrifice my precious ten minutes sleep on him.

Pulling me tightly against him, he places a kiss on my temple. He simply holds me as I drift in and out of sleep.

Oh, such a good way to enjoy my ten-minutes sleep to the fullest.

After sometimes, I open my eyes to the sound of the scrawling of the pencil against the paper.

Rubbing my eyes with my fingers, I finally fully wake up as I watch Alec scrawling something with full concentration.

The pencil seems so weird in his hand, but he does look attractive with his unwavering focused look.

His eyes flicker to me and for the first time, a sheepish look crosses his face as a light tinge starts to appear on his cheeks like he has been caught doing something which he was not supposed to do.

I raise my eyebrows in amusement as he tries hard not to look bothered.

“What are you doing?” I lightly laugh and rest my head against his arm.

“Come here.” He slightly moves to the side and opens his free arm, while holding that same diary and pencil in one hand.

When I settle between the space between his arm and side, he places the diary in front of us.

“Open it.” He motions to the diary with his hand.

“Seriously?” I tilt my head to the side to look at his face, already excited and curious to find out what is inside this.

“Yes.” He nods his head with a chuckle noticing my expression.

He doesn’t have to say it twice as I sit a little straighter and open the diary.

My mouth hangs open as soon as my eyes fall on the first page to find sketches of his parents.

I turn to look at him in disbelief and amazement. He watches my expression with a faint smile playing on his lips.

Alec as a fighter? No doubt it in, but Alec as an artist? Unbelievable.

“You got to be kidding me?” I laugh as I return to look at the sketches which he had made, “These are amazing.”

I skim my fingers over the corner of the page and smile as I go through various sketches of Frisky.

My smile vanishes feeling completely entranced when I turn further pages to find myself caged into the paper by the skillful hands of Alec.

Clicking photographs is an art, not everyone who holds a camera can master the art of photography.

However, these photographs can't be compared to the handmade sketches, as the person fully dedicate themselves to engrave each and every detail of you on the paper, even the ones which you don't even notice.

And by looking at these sketches I feel like I am just staring back at myself. They look so real, so beautiful.

"I don't know whether I should be impressed by your skills." I let out a slightly nervous laugh feeling completely overwhelmed, "Or should I feel proud of my beauty."

Every person is beautiful, so am I. One should never judge themselves by the criteria of what the world has set.

He chuckles pressing his lips on my shoulder, sending shivers down my spine.

"You are beautiful." He smiles against my skin.

I hear him sigh as snaking his arm around me he traces the outline of my hair on the page.

“Whenever, I feel alone.” He places his chin on my shoulder and glance at the sketches, “I sketch, it helps me to fight my loneliness.”

My heart sinks hearing his words, completing, relating to his pain which loneliness brings with itself.

Turning my head, I place a swift kiss on his lips which brings a smile on his face.

“But now I guess, I will not have time to sketch as I don’t need to worry about being alone because now I have you with me.” He kisses my neck.

“Oh, no way, mister.” I glare at him playfully and flick his forehead making him frown, “You are going to continue sketching, I will lock you in the basement alone so you feel the loneliness to get inspired to sketch.”

“You look hot in your artist mode.” I wink and shrug causing him to lowly chuckle.

"Now let me see the rest of your sketches to make sure you haven't made my nudes." I narrow my eyes at him, "Because neither you are Jack or I am Rose. So, I will not allow you to sketch me in my birthday suit."

Suddenly, the diary is plucked from my hands and I find myself beneath him as he places his arms beside me with a devilish smirk.

"Why do I need to you sketch you with the pencil when I can trace you with my hands?"

As if to prove his point, he runs his fingers from my neck towards my collar bone, then slowly he drags his fingers towards my shoulder only to make his way to my wrist.

Taking my hand he wraps it around his neck as he captures my lips in a slow and teasing kiss. While his hands continue their journey across my skin.

Well, then sketches and the diary is long forgotten as we get busy in exploring each other in a new and much more interesting way.

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