Always Together

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Chapter 78

Twenty-six days, I have been married for twenty-six days, these are the best twenty-six days of my life!

I don’t think there would have been any other person better than Alec with whom I could have imagined spending my life. He is just like my other half, who completes me.

He understands my unsaid words, just like I can read his silence.

However, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t infuriate me. Trust me, dozen times he was just a moment away from being punched.

But today, apart from being angry, I am more worried about him. Four days back, he left me a text that he is going out of the town and won’t be back for a while. That’s it.

Since then I can’t get a hold of him. Whenever I call him, his phone is unreachable. What got me worried is that even Lorene, his mother, is not answering my calls. They are supposed to come home tomorrow and until now I haven’t heard from any of them.

This is the first time he has left me after marriage and I don’t like his absence at all.

Everything seems so empty without him.

I dial his phone again, only it goes to his voicemail as usual. But this doesn’t stop me from dialing his number again, in the hope maybe this time he will answer my call.

I have got my acceptance letters from three of the universities in which I have applied, but I haven’t decided anything yet. As honestly, I was not even hoping to get selected, because I had applied at the last minute. So I never got a chance to discuss this with Alec. So, this is also something which we have to talk about.

After spending all day at the garage pestering Pops to increase my pay, since I am married and I have to feed my poor husband I decided that I should go the Battleground maybe from there I can get some information about his whereabouts.

For the past month, I noticed Pops is going out with his friends a lot. I even asked Pops if he is secretly meeting his girlfriend, but he said he is not a wimp like Alec to hide his girlfriend if he had. Well, this rules out the possibility of him hiding an affair from me.

Almost every weekend they have some kind of get together and I miss Pops. So, after returning home, I will let him know that I am not allowing him to go anywhere. I miss our Pops and Ivy time.

While driving my car, I try Alec’s number even though I know I will get the same response but it is no harm in trying. Thankfully, my car got repaired and my dear Pops repaired it just like new so I am not carless anymore.

My eyes narrow at the familiar car in front of me, when I am just a few feet away from the Battleground. Not wanting to reach any conclusion, I simply follow the car as I dial Alec’s number again.

Not surprised when again it goes to his voicemail.

However, I can’t help but scoff when Alec steps out of his car and checks his phone but doesn’t respond to my call and simply keeps his phone inside his pocket.

I watch him get inside the building, while I think what should I do. Should I go inside and confront him or should I go back home and wait for him?

I want to try to think reasonably, but honestly, I can’t think straight. Because, how many times I can just try to pacify myself saying that there must be a good reason why he is hiding things from me or that he will tell me when he will feel like.

Finally, deciding it is enough and now it is the time he should tell me everything, I walk towards the building.

When I enter the building I make my way towards his office while noticing there are many new faces around. When I am about to climb the stairs which leads to his office, somebody stops me, by grabbing my elbow.

“Excuse me, nobody is supposed to go there.” A man, who is wearing a black suit, gives me a hard gaze.

“Hands off.” I glare at his hand then back at him.

My tone takes him by surprise maybe he was thinking I would be affected by his intimidating personality. But when you have been raised by a person like my Pops then even the most dangerous guy can’t scare you.

Immediately, he retreats his hand but doesn’t move from my way.

“I want to meet Alec,” I inform him in a clipped tone.

“He is not here,” he instantly replies, watching me with a calculative gaze.

“Then I want to meet the imposter who has just driven Alec’s car here and came inside this building.” I give him an unimpressed look, clearly letting him know I am not buying his lie.

His expression doesn’t change, but I can see the hesitancy which he is trying to hide behind his stern look.

“I am going upstairs and you will not stop me!” I point my finger at him in a warning tone, because now my patience is running thin and I don’t think I will appreciate if he again tries to stop me.

Not waiting for his reply, I go upstairs and knock the door.

“Alec, open the door!” I knock on his door. While that guy instantly comes and stands by my side as he glares at me, smart enough to keep his hands to himself.

He opens his mouth to say something at the same time the door opens.

“I have told you not to disturb me,” Alec speaks in a cold voice, as he glances at that guy.

“I tried to stop her, but she just didn’t listen to me.”

“Of course, why I am not surprised?” Alec looks at me while clenching his jaws.

Alec harshly grabs my hand and pulls me inside and closes the door. Then instantly, his lips are on mine kissing me fiercely while his fingers digging painfully in my flesh as he holds my shoulders.

Whenever he kisses me I feel like a piece of my heart is finding its way back. However, at this moment, pieces of my heart are slowly chipping away.

I feel him taking a ragged breath against my lips then the next moment he pushes me away making me slightly stumble.

“There, now happy?” He smirks looking at me with a foreign expression, “This is what you wanted, right?”

“Can’t you live without me even for somedays?” He scoffs, “Or do you always want someone to shower love on you, to make you feel wanted?”

I blink and look at the person standing in front of me who definitely looks like Alec, but at the same time, he is a complete stranger.

“Why are you doing this?” I ask while trying to find my Alec in the person in front of me.

“Because I am fed up with you.” He shrugs, “In one month, my infatuation for you has died.”


“Honestly, if I knew you are this much clingy, I would not have kept you with me in the first place.” He crosses his arms and shakes his head.

“I married you to keep myself entertained, without worrying that you will run off to someone else because I don’t share. As I have expected I did enjoy with you a lot, especially when you were naked beneath me.” He smiles and glances me up and down as disgust runs down my body forcing me to close my eyes.

“And you can’t deny that I didn’t worship your body.” He chuckles darkly.

There are so many things which I want to say but it seems like my lips are glued together as I blankly stare at him trying to think what did I do to him to deserve this.

“But, now, you suffocate me.” He walks around his table, “So, there is no place for you in my life anymore.” He stuffs his hands inside his pocket and shrugs nonchalantly.

“Tell me your price, I will send the money in your account.” He raises his eyebrow at me questioningly, “Because all I want is to get rid of a burden like you and for that, I am willing to pay any price.”

His every word is piercing my heart numerous times but I deserve this. It is my fault to let him in my life... my fault, all my fault.

I am not sure what price he can pay, but I have paid for my mistake with the loss of my soul.

“And don’t worry about being alone and not being loved.” He slowly nods his head, “As with this body, you will never have to worry about not being loved.” His lips tilt in a malicious smile.

How much lower can you stoop, Alec?

Strangely, my mind is telling me that this is all lie, just a pretense. However, my heart has accepted his truth... the truth which he wants me to see and believe.

I shake my head at him while lightly laughing at the irony that even now my heart and mind are not on the same page. If he seems affected by my reaction he doesn’t show it.

Okay, then this is it!

“Goodbye, Alec.” I smile at him while holding his gaze unwaveringly. Even though from inside I want to cry and let out all this anguish in forms of tears... to release this burden which is crushing my heart.

No, Alec, you will not get the satisfaction to see me broken down again. Once I have allowed you to see my tears, but not again. Moreover, there is nothing left inside me to be broken as whatever it was, you already destroyed it.

Without even saying anything else, I simply walk outside his room and his life. I don’t even turn when I hear a loud crash behind me. Because now I don’t care, as by his own hands he has destroyed the heart which loved him and cared for him.

Removing the ring from my finger I throw it over my shoulder as I walk outside with my head held high, gracefully accepting my fate for committing the biggest mistake of my life by falling in love.

Twenty-six days, I never knew these twenty-six days will change my life forever!

With this chapter, the first part of the story comes to an end. Earlier, I wanted to make this story in two parts, but I hate it when any story ends on a cliffhanger. So, I decided to make this one book no matter how long this story will be.

So, don’t hate me if you think this book is freaking long. 😜

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