Always Together

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Chapter 8

The moment I step into this place, instantly, I regret it.

Firstly, the stench of sweat almost burned the hair of my nostrils, when I passed a group of men, making me want to gag. And secondly, the look I am receiving from my friend, from the other side, is enough to make me turn on my heels and exit this place.

“What are you doing here?” Kris teasingly arches an eyebrow, when I pull a seat beside her and sit.

“There are some guests in our house.” I sigh and keep my head in my hands, “And three of them are kids.”

“What, don’t like kids?” Jake leans over the table, from Kris’s side, to look at me.

“She is scared of kids,” Kris says giving me a sympathetic look.

“What!” Jake laughs, “Scared of kids?”

“Shut up!” Kris slaps his arm and glares at him, “You are scared of spiders, have I ever laughed at you? So keep your mouth shut!”

See? This is why she is my friend. She didn’t make fun of me when I told her that kids frighten me. I am not talking about babies or toddlers. they are adorable. But kids from age ten to thirteen, I find them scary.

“Sorry,” Jake mumbles and looks down.

“But why are you scared of kids?” Jake asks with genuine curiosity.

“Have you seen Orphan?” I ask while running my finger on the poor attempt of doodling on the table.

“Umm...” He gives me a puzzled look.

“Oh... of course, you have.” I roll my eyes, “One is in front of you.” I lightly laugh at my joke.

“That’s not funny!” Kris glares at me, “That is simply not funny, Avery!” Jakes nods his head in agreement looking slightly angry as well. It looks like they didn’t find the humor in my joke.

“Sorry, guys.” I raise my hands in surrender.

The thing is that I have gradually become desensitized to some stuff. I don’t know when or how it happened, I don’t say or do something to gain sympathy, it is just that maybe I have accepted the reality of my life. So, it doesn’t hurt me anymore...

Circumstances do make you strong, but sometimes you become insensitive, too.

“Okay, I was talking about the movie Orphan.” I look at him and he shakes his head in negative.

“Well, there was an orphan girl, who pretended to be nine years old. But, in reality, she was maybe thirty or something.” I slightly cringe recalling the movie.

“So, after watching that movie, now she is afraid of kids.” Kris adds, “That maybe they are also full grown-ups and are acting like kids.”

“So, that means you will never have kids? Because you are scared of them?” Jake asks after tossing the remaining of his drink.

“No, I want kids and I will love my kids.” I laugh, “Because I will definitely know their real ages.”

“She is weird, but she is fun to be around.” Jake laughs and tells Kris.

Our talk has been cut off when we hear the announcement about the beginning of the next fight in fifteen minutes.

“Let’s go and see this match,” Jake tells and stands up from his seat.

“No.” I shake my head, “Sorry, but some people here, smell worst then dirty toilet bowl.” I fake gag.

“Here.” Kris takes out a bottle of perfume from her bag and generously sprays over me, “Whenever the smell becomes intolerable, glance at your boobies.” As she sprays some more on my chest.

“Kris.” I laugh as Jake slaps his hand over his face.

Surprisingly, we reached the front in no time, all thanks to Jake. Even though a huge crowd gathered around the ring, people made a way for us when they saw Jake.

“Look in front.” Kris pulls me and hisses in my ear when I ignore her. As I am busy trying to find the bastard who just touched my bum.

“Son of a bitch!” I glare at no one in particular, then turn my face to the front.

My jaw almost drops to the floor when I see where Kris is, not so subtly, pointing.

“Alec? Are you serious?” I lightly laugh with Kris.

“So, now shall we discuss how hot he is?” She suggestively arches an eyebrow, while I shake my head at her as I turn my attention on the fight which is about to start in a matter of a few minutes.

There are two opponents at each corner of the ring, ready to battle to each other. While a referee is busy informing the fighting rules to both of the contenders, which I am sure they have heard many times.

My focus solely on one person... Alec.

Alec’s stance rigid and eyes hold fierceness. His jaws ticking as he stares at his contender. His opponent seems like his perfect match in size and built, but his body language conveys over-confidence. While Alec emanates pure confidence.

The Alec, in front of me, is looking like a predator ready to pounce at his prey, this was what I meant when I said he can be dangerous when he wants to be. His face shows no sign of compassion, just determination.

Alec takes a fighting stance bringing his hands in front of his face. His hands covered with hand-wraps as he clenches and unclenches them while lightly shifting his weight from one foot to another.

My eyes travel from his face towards his broad shoulders, then to his lean and toned torso. His body equipped with well-developed muscles, showing his dedication and efforts to achieve his perfectly chiseled physique.

My eyes move back to his face, just in time to catch his gaze.

A slight flash of surprise cross in his eyes, other than that his whole face remains stoic.

I shoot him a quick small smile, but he just turns his face back to his opponent. Soon enough the bell rings announcing the commencement of the fight. From what I have heard this is a knockout match the winner will proceed to the next round, however, the loser will be eliminated on the spot.

Series of punches are thrown from both sides, but as the fight proceeds as I can easily tell that Alec has an upper hand. Even though he has not actually attacked his opponent as he is mostly blocking the hits.

“What the hell is he doing?” Kris looks between me and Jake, “Why is not hitting him? He is just blocking,” she whisper yells near our ears in an annoyed tone.

“He is tiring that guy at the same time, figuring his moves,” I answer her as my eyes fixed on the fight, as Jake's head turns to me utterly shocked.

“Wow!” He chuckles looking impressed and astounded both at the same time.

I notice that guy’s footwork is not strong, which can be an advantage for Alec. Also, his punches are weak and haphazard as he is getting agitated by each passing second. While Alec’s each and every move is calculative and almost near to perfection.

By the face of Alec, it seems like now any moment he can shift into offensive mode. And my assumption turns out to be true when Alec takes an aggressive stance. He delivers fast and strong punches that staggered his opponent. As if he wants to end this fight, he delivers an uppercut, smoothly knocking out his opponent.

The referee declares Alec as the winner, by raising his hand in the air. Kris claps enthusiastically and jumps up and down on her spot. As the crowd roars into cheers. I am sure half the reason for their happiness is winning some good amount by Alec’s win.

His eyes momentarily find mine, but his face still remains expressionless. Just like the first time I saw him, there is slight warmth present in his eyes which was missing a few moments ago.

As soon as Alec gets out of the ring, Jake goes and congratulates him while giving him a half-hug as he claps on his back. He receives a few more congratulations from the people as he makes his way towards the dressing room.

Alec walks in front of me, completely disregarding my presence. Not bothered by his lack of acknowledgment, I turn my face to the side to inform Kris that I am leaving. Suddenly, I feel something clammy brushes against my arm, making me whip my head.

I make a face feeling puzzled when I notice the light glistening on my arm. I turn my head just in time to see Alec’s retreating figure as he has just passed by. He did not!

Gross! Gross! Gross!

I cringe when I realize what he has just done.

“Pig!” I clench my eyes and yell, my face contoured in disgust. A few people turn around and look at me as if I am crazy.

I open my eyes to find Alec’s lightly shaking frame disappearing down the hall. A shudder of cringe runs down my spine when I see my arm again. He has discreetly brushed his sweaty arm against mine.

Such a nice way to say hello to your friend.

Bloody stinkard!

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