Always Together

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Chapter 80

Alec’s POV

I don’t even realize when night has turned into day, as the whole night my mind was occupied with the thoughts of one person... a person whom I have lost.

Who is Liam’s father?

Why did he leave her and his son?

Why does no one know about him?

Did something happen with her?

The thought of something bad happening with her makes my stomach churn, even thinking about someone had laid a hand on her makes my blood boil with anger.

I have to find the truth.

After taking a shower, I change into jeans and a blue v-neck t-shirt. Raking my fingers through my slightly damp hair, I make my way towards the main dining hall of the hotel, where breakfast will be served.

I feel disappointed when I don’t find Avery there, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if as she is not very social in the morning. Whenever she wakes up she is in her no-human interaction zone.

A small smile tilts my lips as I remember how I used to stare at her when she used to be lost in her own morning thoughts.

Taking a seat beside, Jake who is looking like he wants to kill someone.

“It would be a miracle if my wedding goes without me killing anyone.” He grits his teeth as he stares at his cousins on the opposite side of the table.

“What happened?” I ask as I pile my plate with some mixed fruit salad.

Jake half-cousins are some of the most annoying people I have ever come across. So, no wonder that Jake is pissed off by them.

“These bunch of fuckers, are continuously flirting with every female whom they can find.” Jake stabs a fork in scrambled eggs, his gaze fixed on his four cousins, “That shitface.” He points to the taller one, “He even suggested Kris, to dump me and marry him instead.”

“What did Kris said?” I ask looking at that fake blonde.

“Oh, nothing.” He laughs, “She just showed him a finger.”

“That’s so Kris,” I lightly chuckle, along with him.

Kristan is the one who never hesitates to show her dislike. Her actions are enough to let the other person knows what is going on in her mind.

“Sorry, we are late.” Kris apologizes with a non-apologetic tone and kisses his cheek, then she takes the other seat opposite Jake.

“What took you so long?” Jake asks while filling her glass with orange juice.

“This guy just wanted to lie down for a little longer.” She helps Liam on the chair, “How can you say no to this cute face?” She pinches his cheek.

“But this cute face doesn’t work on mommy,” he innocently says as he points towards his face, making everyone laugh, but me. As I clearly remember this is not the first time I have heard these words.

“Yeah, because we Andersons are resistant to their children’s innocence.” Avery arches her eyebrow at Liam, as she comes and sits beside him, “And you can’t fool me with this innocent face of yours.”

She is wearing a cotton shirt and jeans, and her hair tied up in a messy bun, giving her usual I-don’t-care vibe.

“Mommy, the sad puppy face?” Liam asks and makes a sad puppy face.

It makes me think how can she say no to this face? Because I would give anything he has asked if he ever looks at me with this face.

“Nuh-uh” She shakes her head once, as she makes a plate for Liam.

“Mommy, can I eat this?” Liam whispers to her, but still loud enough for anyone to hear him if they are paying attention.

“Give it to me.” She twists in her chair and takes nutty bread from his hand.

She narrows her eyes and carefully inspects the bread. Then she takes a small piece of the bread and places it in her mouth chewing it slowly. All this while, Liam looks at her patiently which seems strange to me. I remember when I was his age I was never a patient kid if I wanted something I want it right then just like most of the kids of this age are.

It is just a piece of bread, why she is not letting him eat.

After she is satisfied with whatever she is checking, she gives it back to Liam.

“Yes, you can eat this.” She softly smiles at him, then serves him some scrambled eggs too.

There is a bittersweet pain in my heart when I see them. The sight of both of them together is so beautiful that I can’t help but smile. At the same time, I feel a twinge of pain in my heart because even if she doesn’t let anyone know, but I can tell taking care of her son alone is not easy for her.

“What is the agenda for today?” Some girl asks Kristan, maybe she is her cousin or friend.

“Well, today we all girls are going to have a spa day.” She excitedly claps her hand and smiles widely.

“You look like a clapping monkey, Aunt.” Liam laughs, while Avery shakes her head in amusement at him.

Almost the whole table burst out laughing at his comment, including Kristan.

“He is definitely your son, Avery.” Kristan purses her lips and shakes her head trying to look serious.

“Of course, there is no doubt about that.” Avery looks proudly at her son.

After the breakfast, Jake and Kristan have some post-wedding photoshoot or some shit like that.

Meanwhile, I decide to get an update on how things are going back, at work, in my absence.

The entire burden to run the company is on my shoulders and even if I want I can’t take a complete break from the work. Because there is no off in our line of work. You can probably get a complete break when you are six feet under the soil. It took years for me to reach this position and to make sure that no one can cause harm to my loved ones, again.

But check the irony, now I don’t have any loved ones left.

“I will call you later and keep me updated on any new happenings,” I order my right-hand man before hanging up the call when a sound of carefree laugh catches my attention. Before I could ponder much, I find myself walking towards the source of the laugh.

Instantly, warm air hits my face when I walk out the of air-conditioned lounge, into the open area of the hotel. Weather is warm and the sun feels hot against the exposed skin, but still, it is bearable. Whenever the air blows it carries the smell of fresh grass across the area, giving a soothing feeling amidst of heat.

I slip my phone into my pocket and walk towards the bench where Avery is sitting. While Liam is playing with the ball, laughing loudly whenever he misses the ball.

“Hi.” I sit beside her, as she slightly gets startled by my presence.

Still ignorant of her surroundings.

“Hi,” she curtly replies and turns her attention back to her son who is now trying to balance the ball on his foot.

“It is been a long time, huh?” I chuckle lightly, suddenly feeling nervous.

“How...” I clear my throat, “How are you?”

“Good.” She nods her head.

The girl who used to share her every thought with me is now not even answering me with more than one word.

In reality, there are just a few inches between us, however, the distance between our hearts is huge. And I am the reason behind this distance... I have created this between us.

We had something so pure and I had to mercilessly destroyed it.

“Look!” Liam shouts when he manages to balance the ball on his foot for a few seconds.

“Good job, champ!” She praises, giving him thumbs up.

The way his little face brightens it seems that these are the words that he wanted to hear.

“He is really cute.” I smile when he waves at me.


“You really love him a lot?” Placing my elbows on my knees, I lean forward while keeping my eyes on her face. When I have given up the hope that she will reply I hear her speaking.

“He is all I have,” she whispers almost to herself.

“I have heard about Frank.” I notice her jaws flex slightly when I mention Frank’s name, “I am sorry.” My throat tightens sensing her pain, even though her face remained impassive.

Frank was a great man and someone whom I was really fond of, the news of his death is even painful for me. But I think I have lost the right to mourn on his death just the way I have lost my right on her.

“Hmm.” She hums in response, “He is in a good place.”

“Liam,” she abruptly stands up and calls him, “C’mon let us get inside, you have been playing for two hours.” She motions him with her hand.

“Okay, Mommy.” He picks up the ball and runs towards her.

“Hello,” he says to me as soon as he reaches us, his cheeks flushed hair sticking on to his forehead due to perspiration. He wipes his face with his sleeve while glancing at me.

“Hey.” I smile and hold up my fist for him. He immediately bumps my fist with his own little one and laughs when we burst at the same time.

“You wanna play ball with me?” He asks while continuously shifting his weight from one foot to another.

“Yeah, sure.” I nod my head, “But not now, some other time.”

“Okay.” He smiles I notice faint dimples on his both cheeks, “When you want to play tell me, I will bring my ball.”

“Bye,” he loudly says, as he holds Avery’s hand and starts to walk inside the hotel. While I watch them leave with a longing smile as a new wave of pain goes through my heart.

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