Always Together

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Chapter 81

Alec’s POV

Currently, we all are in the recreation room of the hotel, as all the females are treating themselves with a spa day. So, Jake decided all the males should watch a game together and enjoy without the females.

Honestly, I have never enjoyed parties or liked being around people much. However, this gathering would have been a little more tolerable for me if Jake’s idiot cousin weren’t present here. They are obnoxious and loud, and I can’t say how much more I can tolerate their nonsense.

Jake directly comes to me carrying Liam, instantly my mood uplifts seeing him.

There is something about this kid I don’t know what it is, but I just like being around him. He reminds me so much of my old Avery, same innocence...same curious and mischievous eyes.

Jake plops next to me and makes Liam sit beside him.

“If you need anything, just tell me, okay?” Jake lightly pats his head.

“There was no one to babysat him and Avery does not trust anybody with him, so I brought him with me,” Jake tells me and nods his head towards Liam, who is searching for something in his small backpack.

“It is fine,” I say while looking at his cousins, “I just hope they don’t say anything inappropriate in front of him.”

“I wish they say.” Jake smirks, “This will give me a wonderful opportunity to smack them.”

“Liam, do you know his name?” Jake light places an arm around Liam’s shoulders and points towards me.

“Alec.” Liam nods his head.

“Good, if you want anything or want to go somewhere, only ask me or him,” Jake says in a serious tone, “Do not talk to anyone or go with anyone.”

Although he does not need to worry much as I will not let Liam get out of my sight.

“Especially, do not talk to these idiots, okay?” He motions towards his cousins. “If they ever trouble you then let me know.”

As if sensing Jake is talking about them, his cousin's attention turns to him.

“Jake, why did you bring this hot chick kid with you?” The guy whose name is Matt, I think, asks, “You should have brought his hot mommy instead, so at least this boring party would have become interesting.” He laughs considering his joke funny.

Hearing this fucker words, I just feel like somebody has put my entire body on fire. Instinctually, my hands curl into fists ready to break his face. However, before I can do anything, I watch Liam walking to him.

“Nobody says anything bad about my mom,” he says and for the first time, I have seen this boy looking so serious.

“What you are going to do, kid?” Matt raises his eyebrow mockingly at him, “Beat me, huh?”

I lean forward to stand up to show him what I am going to do with him, but Jake holds my arm making me stop. I snap my head towards him, as my jaws clench tightly. His gaze fixed on his cousin and Liam, but he has a secretive expression on his face like he knows something which we don’t know.

Angrily, I jerk my arm away from his hold and turn my head back to them, but then what happened next completely blows my mind.

“Fuck!” Matt groans in pain as he places his hand over his right eye.

“Hot chick is a bad word, mommy told me.” He narrows his eyes at him, “And you do not talk bad about girls, especially my mom.”

Jake burst out laughing while a certain feeling of pride bubbles inside my heart looking at this little boy Avery has been raising.

Then Liam casually turns around and walks back to his place, like he has not punched Matt in the eye. Picking up his backpack he goes to the far quiet corner of the room.

Sitting on the floor he takes his cars out of the bag and starts playing with them, completely ignorant to everyone awestruck look.

“Are you sure he is five?” Matt asks Jake, still recovering from the punch, keeping his hand on his eye, “That punch doesn’t seem like it has come from a five-year-old kid. Damn, my eye is hurting like a bitch.”

“He is a five-year-old, who is more than enough to shut up bastards like you,” Jakes says with a smug look, “So, next time always remember this punch before talking rubbish,” Jake warns them.

“You knew?” I shake my head and chuckle quietly looking at Jake.

“Yeah, or why else would I have been sitting here so calmy?” He smirks, “He has Avery’s temper and Frank’s training. I would not be surprised if he knows even to handle a gun. Liam once told me Frank promised him to teach how to knock someone out with a gun.”

"I just hope he meant stun gun." He shakes his head to himself.

“It is been a few months since he has properly started taking kickboxing classes.” He turns his head to check on Liam who is busy racing his cars, “He was four when Avery stopped him from punching the wall. When she asked him why he was throwing a punch at the wall, he said Frank taught him how to punch and now he wanted to practice.”

“She called me to ask if it is okay for him to take kickboxing classes. As she knew no one, other than me, who had started taking these classes at an early age. Frank trained her at home so she was a bit skeptical about taking Liam to classes.” He smiles as he looks at me, “At first I thought she was joking, but then next moment I thought this is Avery we are talking about. Later, she told me she wanted him to take proper classes, instead of trying something by himself and getting hurt.”

“How much she has changed?” He chuckles, “Avery who used to run away from kids, is now such an awesome mother to her son.”

“Yeah, she surely has changed.” I sigh while a pang of jealousy hits me.

There was a time when she used to tell me everything, I was the one she would confide in. But now she looks at me as if I am a complete stranger. Jake knows about her and her life, more than me.

While I? Now, I barely know anything about her.

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