Always Together

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Chapter 83

Avery’s POV

I never wanted to come here back, especially after Pops died, there is nothing which is binding me here.

All the strings attached to this place had been finally broken with his departure. But there are some unfinished businesses that need to be completed, some unclosed chapters which need to be shut, then only I can truly move on from this place.

Among all those unclosed chapters, Alec’s chapter is none of them. As it had already been shut six years back.

When I see Alec with Liam, my heart hurts. I always hoped that Liam would never meet my past. I never wanted him to meet Alec, at the same time, I knew it was impossible.

One was a curse for me and the other is a blessing for me.

There was a time when my life began and ended on Alec. My whole existence revolved around him, but now he doesn’t even exist for me. He is nothing more than a stranger to me.

A stranger with whom I had shared some memories which I want to forget, but I can’t...

You can forget a person, but how can you forget the feelings which that person stirred in your heart?

“Mommy, are we going somewhere?” Liam raises his head from his coloring book and asks when he notices me grabbing my car keys.

“Yeah, I have some important work.” I check my phone to read the address where the dealer has asked me to meet, “So, pack some of your toys, we will leave in ten minutes.” I place a quick kiss on his head and give him his bag so he can put some of his toys in it.

Pops has left a few things on my name, some of which I don’t plan to keep, so I am selling them. Especially the cabin with which my tainted memories are linked.

However, I am not going to sell Pops home and his garage, because they are my sanctuary after Pops.

“I am ready.” Liam puts his shoes on and wears his bag.

“Good.” I smile and place a hand on his shoulder, “C’ mon lets go.” I offer him my hand, which he happily holds.

“You are not coming with us?” Kristan asks when she meets me at the parking lot, “I have planned this outing, so that mine and Jake’s family can mingle with each other, and you are not coming with us?” Her voice is full of disappointment.

“I am sorry, Kris.” I shake my head, “I can’t come, I have to meet the dealer.”

“Dealer?” She looks puzzled.

“Yes, I am selling the cabin house,” I inform her, “There is a dealer who is interested to buy the property and I have to meet him in an hour.”

As soon as, she hears this, her expression turns into shock. Before she can come out of her shocked state, we hear Liam’s scream.

“Mommy!” He cries loudly, and I see a scary looking dog coming towards him while he freezes in his spot, probably due to shock.

Instantly, I run towards him and pick him up before the dog can reach him. Holding Liam tightly against me. Bracing myself for whatever that dog is up to.

I press Liam’s head on my chest when I hear his small whimpers. After a moment, when nothing happens, I slowly turn myself to face whatever is in front of me.

My eyes widen in surprise when I see that terrifying dog standing just a few inches from me, kind of looking innocent. What surprises me even more than that Alec has held that dog by its collar, as he is looking at me worriedly.

Releasing my breath which I was holding, I try to comfort Liam, who has now started sobbing in my chest.

“ is fine.” I soothingly rub his back and murmur. My gaze meets with Alec’s, who is intently looking at me. Then his eyes shift to Liam and his worried gaze hardens when he sees Liam sobbing uncontrollably.

What does he want from my son?

“Is he hurt?” He quickly releases the dog’s collar and comes closer to me.

“No.” I lightly shake my head, instinctually tightening my hold on Liam, “Just scared,” I quietly say as my heart falls in my stomach thinking about him getting hurt.

He looks at me then nods his head in understanding.

My eyes scan the area to find the owner of this dog when I find Jake angrily squaring up with his cousin Matt. It does not take time for me to put two and two together.

“Baby, go to Aunt Kris, mommy will just be back in a moment.” I pat Liam’s back and tries to release his hold on me, as anger flares up inside me.

“No.” He cries loudly, “Mommy don’t leave.”

My heart breaks into pieces hearing his cry, but I can’t let that bastard go so easily.

“Baby, please listen to me.” I gently say to him and I feel his faint nod against my shoulder.

“Hold him,” I ask Kris, but before she can take him from me, Alec’s hands grab Liam from me.

“Hey, champ, it is okay... it’s fine,” Alec says to him while gently running his fingers through Liam’s hair, “Nothing is going to happen to you,” he says in a tone which I have never heard from him before.

I look at Kris who is looking at them with a frown, she shrugs in confusion when she looks at me.

This will have to wait as first I have to deal with someone else.

Turning on my heels I walk towards Matt and Jake, ignoring my urge to snatch my son from his arms.

“Is that dog yours?” I immediately ask Matt, who is high as kite, when I stop in front of them. Even though I know it was his, but I want to hear from his mouth. Jake moves to the side when he sees me.

“Yeah,” he says and has the nerve to shrug nonchalantly, making me more furious than I already am.

“I am sorry, it was just an accident, maybe my dog also doesn’t like your son, much.” He smirks, “Don’t worry it is tamed, unlike your son.”

Clenching my jaws tightly, I close my eyes trying to control my anger. But his light snicker makes me lose my control.

I will show him, what is meant by being untamed!

I give him a direct blow on his face, then holding his throat I bang him hard against the car.

“Listen, assface, next time if I find that you are troubling my son.” I harshly grab him by the collar to make him look into my eyes, “I am going to cut you into small pieces and your dog will have its owner as its meal, and it will not be an accident.” Gripping his hair, I bang his head against the car and leave him there.

He clutches his head and his face contoured in pain while he falls on the ground, sliding down against the car.

I slam my foot hard against his ankle as a malicious and satisfied grin appears on my face when his agonized scream reaches my ears.

“I am sorry, it was not an accident.” I crouch down and hold his face between my fingers, “Because Liam’s mother doesn’t like you, at all.” Slowly I nod my head at him and pat his cheek harshly.

“Serve you right, asshole,” Jake spat at him, then he turns to me, “I had almost forgotten how much dangerous is to mess with you.” He lightly chuckles.

I don’t know about that, but if anyone messes with my son I will make sure each of their breath is nothing but painful.

When I turn back, I find Alec staring at Matt with his icy glare. While Liam has stopped crying, but his lashes still slightly wet with tears, his head leaned on Alec’s shoulder.

As soon as I come near to them, Liam stretches his arms towards me. Immediately, I carry him in my arms.

“When will we go home?” He asks his voice sounding rasped from crying. “I want to go home.”

Whenever Liam is sad or afraid he just wants to go home and wish to stay in my arms till he feels better.

“Soon, baby.” I place a comforting kiss on his head.

Taking out my phone for my pocket, I dial the dealer’s number while walking towards my car.

“Mr.Ross, I am sorry, I will not be able to come to meet you today.” I make Liam sit on the bonnet of the car, “But if you want you can collect the cabin’s keys and have a look at it then decide whether you want to buy it or not.” Opening the car door, I balance the phone between my shoulder and my ear, as I take my purse and Liam’s bag out of the car.

“Yeah, sure, I will message you the address of my hotel so you can send someone to collect the keys.” I lock my car door and hang up the call.

I sigh when I see Liam staring down with a sad face. He doesn’t like being afraid of anything, but he is just a small kid. He is smart and can understand things that kids his age won’t, but I never want him to grow up fast.

“What’s wrong, baby?” I cup his face in my hand wiping the remanents of tears from his cheeks.

“I was scared,” he says in a small voice, “That you will get hurt.” He looks at me, tears brimming in his eyes. My heart breaks seeing his tears.

“I never want you to get hurt.” He sniffs as a few tears stream down his face.

“” I hug him as my eyes fill with tears.

My little boy is worried about me, but he has no idea how much his mother loves him. I can bear any pain, just to keep him safe. He is the only reason why I am living.

At this point, he may be dependent on me for everything, but what he does not know that I am dependent on him to live.

He filled my heart with so much love that there is no place for fear or pain. His gaze holds pure love, whenever he looks at me, which overshadows every hurt I have ever felt.

He made me experience something which I had lost my faith in... love. He brought back happiness in my life, every day I smile because of him... for him.

“Let’s go back to the room and decide what should we do with our mommy-son time.” I smile and kiss his head, inhaling his sweet calming smell.

“Mom, I love you.” He kisses my cheek and tightly wraps his arms around my neck.

These are the things which I live for, his smile, his laugh, his hugs...his love. I would give away my life to always keep this smile on his face.

“I love you more than my life,” I whisper back.

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