Always Together

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Chapter 86

Alec’s POV

“Did you find any information about that guy?” I put my phone on speaker, as I wipe my face with a towel after returning from my run.

“No, Boss.” Finn, my right-hand, replies, “No information about this mysterious guy,” He sounds annoyed.

“I have checked, hospital, and all other records.” He sighs frustratedly, “But I did not find a single clue which will help us to find this person.”

“What about Avery? What have you found about her?”

Honestly, if I had wanted I would have known every single detail of what is happening in her life all these past years. But I knew if once I had seen her face again, then I would not have been able to stay away from her and that was something I could not have allowed myself. However, now I wish I had kept a track of her life.

“Nothing much, other than she is a single mother and a lawyer...” He lightly laughs and adds after a pause, "Mostly known for her unconventional ways."

“An expert of the out-of-court settlement. She has an interesting way of handling things which sometimes lead the other party to pay a little visit to the hospital.” He sounds thoroughly amused while he reads her information.

Of course, if Avery is settling things then hospital visit is bound to happen.

Shaking my head I smile, at least she has not entirely changed.

“Keep looking for the guy.” I take off my sweaty shirt and place it in my bag of dirty clothes, “Maybe, you will find something that will lead us somewhere.” I dry my arms and shoulders with a towel.

“Okay, Boss,” he curtly replies before I hang up the call.

After taking a shower I changed into a black button-down shirt and jeans, getting ready to go for the party. I am least thrilled to attend this party, but the idea of seeing Avery again makes me excited.

It seems like I have traveled back in time again when I had thrown the party just in the hope to meet her. I am experiencing all those emotions of anticipation and excitement all over again.

Maybe things will become better between us.

As soon as I enter the large party hall, which is looking more like a nightclub, immediately my eyes scan the room looking for the only person who matters to me the most. But disappointment fills my heart when I don’t find her in the room.

“Relax, dude.” Jake smirks looking at me, knowing full well whom my eyes are searching, “She will come.”

“I...” I shake my head as a breathy laugh escapes my lips, knowing that there is no use of lying.

“I messed up really bad, huh?” I ask him quietly.

“Yeah, really bad.” He raises his beer bottle to his lip and nods.

“I am not sure if she will let you in, but give some time.” He leans against the bar counter, “Maybe everything will get better, only if that motherfucker doesn’t decide to show up again in her life.” He arches an eyebrow.


“Liam’s sorry excuse of a father.” He states.

He is right, things will completely change if that guy comes back into their life. Will Liam want him to be back in his life? Will Avery make him part of her life again?

Thinking about that guy soars jealously inside me. Because he can have everything which I wanted in my life.

Because the truth is, neither I can have my Avery back nor I can have a child of my own. Honestly, until I haven’t met Liam this news never bothered me as I can’t imagine being with anyone who is not Avery.

But even if we haven’t separated then also how could I have changed my truth which I wasn’t aware of before.

Swallowing, the hurt I let out a small sigh. Because they both are a part of my dream that I want so badly to turn into a reality.

Soon the party starts in full swing, people drinking and dancing and doing all sorts of drunken shit. Jake and Kristan are lost in their own world as they dance, they were never shy of PDA’s and now also they are all over each other.

“I love that girl.” Jake comes and laughs as he points at Kristan who is now dancing with some other girl.

“I don’t think that is a secret.” I gulp down the last of my beer and keep the empty bottle on the counter as he smiles proudly.

“We don’t keep things secret as you and Avery used to, or maybe still you guys are keeping secrets.” He raises his eyebrows, still smiling.

“Hey!” Before I can ask what does he means, he suddenly says over my shoulder and waves his hand. Breath knocks out of my lungs when I peer over my shoulder.

Avery strolls us, with her casual smile, looking vibrant and gorgeous in her knee-length red color dress. The dress perfectly fitted around her toned waist and flaring towards her knees. Her hair cascading down her shoulder in thick waves.

In my entire life, no woman could ever capture my attention. But Avery always managed to enrapture me by her simplicity. She is simply beautiful inside out, even now that has not changed.

One look at her and everything else around me becomes the part of the background.

“What took you so long, girl?” Jake gives her a side hug.

“Being a mom took me long.” She raises her eyebrows and slowly nods her head, “Liam was being stubborn and demanding to come with me, but how can I let my kid walk around among a bunch of drunkards and who are busy grinding with anything that settles between their legs.” She cringes as she stares at a fully wasted guy pressing himself against the pillar.

All these years and still no filter.

“I think I should stop him before he seriously damages himself.” Jake groans looking annoyed and walks towards the guy.

“Avery,” I call her, as she turns on her heel to go in another direction, taking a few steps I stand in front of her.

“You look amazing.” I shake my head and chuckle, as I could not stop myself from admiring her.

“What do you want?” She stares at me with a no-nonsense look.

Always coming straight to the point.

I want you!

“I want a dance,” I say even though my heart is saying something else.

“Dance?” She frowns as I can see gears in her head, turning.

“Just a dance, Avery.” I extend my hand, “I am not asking for much, please.” My eyes fixed at her face.

All these years I have lived with the hope that one day I will have her back in my arms. Now when I know this might be the only chance I may feel the warmth of her against my lifeless heart even if I sound desperate I don’t want to let this chance go.

“Think of me as a stranger, a person you have just met.” I purse my lips together and shrug.

“I don’t need to assume anything because you are a stranger,” she says coldly, her words slashing my heart but still smile never leaves my face.

She is the only one whom I have given the right to crush my heart. Because she is the one who owns it.

“I guess, then you will not have any issue to dance with me.” I smile and lightly touch my fingers against the side of her hand.

Without giving her any chance to think, immediately, I hold her hand and all at once I feel my heart comes alive. I can feel the same pull between us. The slightest brush of her skin was enough to spread the warmth all over my body, bringing every memory of ours back to life.

I raise my eyes from our intertwined hands to her face and I know she is also experiencing the same feelings as I am. Her jaws clenched while her eyes are fixed at our hands. When her eyes meet mine, she quickly draws her hand back, then she takes a few steps backward creating a distance between us.

“No.” She shakes her head and held a hand in front of her when I try to reach out to her again.

“Don’t you dare touch me.” She glares at me then starts to walk backward as if my touch repulses her. She closes her eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath, when she opens them again every emotion in them is gone. It is like all her guards are up.

Her cold eyes fixed on my face as she turns around and walks outside, leaving me standing there.

“Dammit!” I groan in frustration as I run my both hands through my hair tugging them.

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