Always Together

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Chapter 89

Alec’s POV

Is he my son? But how is it possible?

I stay rooted to my spot unable to move as I watch Liam and Avery.

My eyes shift to Liam’s face as my throat constricts, making it hard to swallow, while my heart bursts with different emotions.

My son.

All this while I couldn’t understand the reason why I felt this strange pull towards him when it was clear this pull is nothing but my blood calling me.

My heart instantly believes that he is my son, but still, there are many unanswered questions that need to be answered.

Before I can think anything else, I watch Avery sprinting outside while carrying Liam in her arms.

“Go, you fucking, idiot!” Jake angrily slaps my arm.

This brings me out of my shock as I run after her.

However, before I can catch her she is already gone. Without wasting any second, I get inside my car and follow them to the hospital.

Speeding up, I am able to catch Avery’s car just in time when she stops the car in front of the emergency room. I park my car in the parking, while Kris drives her car to park as she carries Liam inside.

“He suffered from an anaphylactic shock.” She quickly informs the on-duty doctor, “I have already given him Epi-pen shot.”

“Okay, relax, we will take care of him. You wait here and complete the necessary requirements as we examine him.” He places a comforting hand on Avery’s shoulder as another nurse take Liam from her arms.

My heart clenches painfully, forcing me to close my eyes, unable to bear the sound of his cries when he gets separated from Avery.

“Baby, it is okay...Mom is just outside.” She kisses his forehead, “You are my strong boy.”

“Buddy, they are just going to make sure you are perfectly fine.” She kisses his hand when he tightly grabs her hand, nearly punching the doctor on his nose, “I will be with you as soon as I complete the paperwork.”

“Here, hold this.” Avery quickly removes something from her neck and places in Liam’s hand, “Now, you have Pops with you, too. You are not alone, he will look after you.”

Reluctantly, he leaves Avery’s hand, clenching the dog tags tightly in his other hand but his eyes are fixed at her face until he is taken inside the examination room.

Closing her eyes, Avery takes a ragged breath trying so hard not to break down. While I helplessly watch her even though I just want to hold her in my arms and tell her everything is going to be fine.

But is everything really going to be fine?

Taking a deep breath, she composes herself as a male nurse gives her some papers to fill. After filling the papers, she hands them back to the nurse who checks to make sure she has filled all the necessary information.

“You haven’t mentioned the father’s name and his details?” The nurse asks.

I don’t know why I am holding my breath to hear her answer.

“He doesn’t have a father, neither I know anything about him,” she replies emotionlessly, while my heart shatters into thousand pieces hearing her reply.

I know I deserve this, but still... it hurts more than I can describe.

Kris walks in, and her eyes widen when she glances at me, then next moment she narrows her eyes angrily at me.

“Don’t you dare create a scene, Alec.” She glares at me, keeping her voice low so that Avery doesn’t listen, “Just leave her alone for now.”

“Liam...” I swallow and point toward the room where he is taken, “Is he, my son?”

“Are you seriously this dumb?” She scoffs, “Even the person who doesn’t know, can tell that he is your son.”

“Kris.” We turn our face towards Avery when we hear her voice.

She looks at Kris, then her eyes shift to me. I expect to see any reaction on her face, but it just remained impassive.

“Kris, I need his file.” She points towards the file which Kris is holding in her hand, completely ignoring my presence.

Then taking the file from Kris’s hand she walks to the reception lobby and hands that file to the same nurse who gave her the form.

“I will let you know if there is anything important.” Kris looks at me, her eyes slightly soften, as she subtly nods in the room’s direction.

“Thank you,” I whisper, nodding my head at her gratefully.

Sitting in one of the waiting room chairs, I rest my head in my hands. My eyes burn with unshed tears, as the moments with Avery and Liam flashes through my mind, making me realize what I have lost in these past six years.

“Avery, why haven’t you called me earlier?” I hear someone speak. Wiping my eyes with the back of my thumbs, I raise my head to see a familiar man. But I don’t remember where I have seen him.

“Vance, it just slipped out of my mind.” Avery shrugs, clenching and unclenching her hands on her side, keeping her composure intact.

Vance? I have heard this name, somewhere. Then suddenly, I recall he is the same guy who came to Avery’s house that night.

“Kris, I am sorry... your wedding got ruined because of all this.” She looks at Kris, “Please, go back and attend your guests. I will inform you if anything happens.” She hugs her and smiles, concealing her real emotions.

“Are you crazy?” Kris frowns, “Liam is more important to me than those guests who are busy enjoying free alcohol. And Jake is there, he can manage. But you need me here. And as far as ruining my wedding, the main thing was to exchange vows which I and Jake already did quite happily in front of all our loved ones. So, I had the best wedding.”

“Please, Kris go back... I am fine.” Avery shakes her head, “I promise if I will need anything I will call you.”

After a lot of convincing finally, Kris agrees to go back to her wedding reception.

“Liam is fine, thankfully, until now there is no symptom of a biphasic reaction but still, he has to be monitored for at least eight hours as the doctor doesn't want to take any chances.” Vance comes out of the same room in which Liam is, then giving Avery a side hug he rushes somewhere when someone calls him.

Avery’s shoulders slump in relief, as she exhales a long breath. Lifting her eyes, she looks in my direction. At this moment I want to tell her everything... open my heart in front of her. Allow her to see my every wound, every pain, but it feels like I have lost the ability to speak.

After a lot of struggle, only one word comes out of my mouth.

“Liam...” His name is barely a whisper, but I know she has heard me just like she used to hear my unsaid words.

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