Always Together

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Chapter 9

“Ew!” I say for the thousandth time while rubbing my arm with the tissue paper. Poor tissue paper has also been torn into pieces by my assault while my arm skin has turned red.

After rummaging through my sling bag I find the small bottle of hand sanitizer which I always carry with me. Taking a generous amount of it in my hand I rub on my arm, it slightly stings nevertheless, it is better than the feeling someone’s sweat.

Kris, me, and Jake, we together walk towards the parking lot. As Jake said he will walk me to the car, as it is late.

If all men in this world become like Jake, the world would become a safer place for women.

“Hey, booty-full.” Someone passes a remark, “Your booty felt so full in my hand.” The laugh instantly makes me halt in my step.

This is the bastard who touched me.

“Motherfucker!” Jake grits his teeth and starts to walk in his direction. That guy... no, not a guy, he looks like he is in his forty’s, stands there with a lazy smile.

Bloody old pervert!

But I stop Jake by catching his arm before he can take a few more steps, while I narrow my eyes, now, at the smirking pervert.

“Let me talk to him,” I say to Jake, as I go and stand in front of that leech.

“You were saying something, goat,” I ask him, crossing my arms.

“Goat?” He laughs showing his tobacco-stained teeth, “I bet you will enjoy eating this meat.” He points at his crotch.

In my background, I can hear Kris and Jake arguing.

“Why don’t you touch it, sugar?” He grabs my hand.

“Leave my hand,” I calmly say as my other hand curls into a fist.

I am so close to saying goodbye to my twenty bucks

“What you gonna do?” He mocks, his eyes shift to my balled hand then to my face, “Punch me?”

“I don’t want to hit you.” I unclench my hand, “So. leave. my. hand.” I enunciate each word slowly, trying to maintain my self-control.

“What if I don’t leave-” even before he can complete his sentence, his face turns towards the other side with the impact of the hit.

Bye-bye, twenty bucks!

My rule: Speak then smack.

And now I am done with speaking.

“You said you don’t want to hit me?” He asks holding his face where my fist connected, looking at me with baffled eyes.

“I said I don’t want to hit you.” I shrug while removing my sling bag, “But I never said, I will not hit you.” Holding his neck I push him down and knee him in the groin.

“Bitch!” He groans and immediately falls on the ground. But that doesn’t stop me from landing a hard kick in his gut.

“You don’t know me, bitch.” He holds his stomach and hisses at me, “You have no idea what I can do.”

When will such guys come up with some original and new threats?

“I know, besides shitting in your pants, you can do nothing.” I purse my lips and roll my eyes, “But you don’t know what may happen with you.”Shaking my head slowly, I bend down at his level.

“Maybe a car will accidentally run over you.” I put my bag’s strap around his neck, “Or maybe you will get suffocated and die.” I sigh and lightly strangle him with the strap, “Or maybe your body parts will be thrown into different directions.” I tighten my hold on him, making him slightly choke as he tries to free himself, “Because, you have no idea what I can do.” My tone is menacing and low.

Casually, I remove the strap and stand up.

“You are crazy.” He coughs and looks at me with a frightened expression.

“Crazy is not the right word for me.” I turn around and wink at Kris. She laughs and gives me thumbs up. She has her phone in her other hand, clearly recording the whole scene.

“Be ready to get famous, mofo!” Kris laughs and waves her phone in front of him.

It seems like Jake’s eyes will fall out of their sockets as he looks utterly flabbergasted.

“Damn, girl, you made our night duty so entertaining.” A beefy black guy with a buzz cut laughs as he comes to us, with another guy who is a little shorter in height than him.

“Throw this trash in a trash can, Ronnie.” He points at the sleazeball.

The other guy whose name, I suppose, is Ronnie picks him up by his collar and drags him outside the area.

“Henry, why didn’t you guys come earlier?” Jake asks the black guy whose name I just found is Henry. He has a personality which says not to mess with him.

“We also deserve to see some action, right?” He winks at me, as I give him two fingers salute.

His walkie talkie comes to alive with a static sound.

“I guess, I have to get back to my duty.” He sighs and leaves.

“So, will you still feel the need to walk me to my car?” I slightly smile at Jake.

“Yes.” He laughs and nods his head.

“Now to protect others from you,” he says trying to keep his tone serious, but eventually we all start to laugh.

Twenty bucks are in the cookie jar.😒

I sigh and text Pops after Kris leaves with Jake on his bike. Pops says I can’t go one week without hitting anyone, I always try to prove him wrong, but I only end up losing some money.

I am a non-violent person until someone doesn’t provoke me, which unfortunately happens quite often.

“You got to be kidding me.” I throw up my hands in frustration, my eyes fixed on the flat tire of my car.

Opening the trunk of my car, I look for the spare tire. An irritated groan escapes my lips when I realize I don’t have a spare.

Feeling extremely frustrated I continuously bang my fist on the trunk.

Bad day!

Bad day!

Bad day!

“Hey...hey...hey.” Alec quickly wraps his hand around my fist to stop me, “Stop or you are going to hurt yourself.” His tone is filled with concerned.

“Inhale a deep breath and exhale your anger,” he calmly says still holding my hand.

Following his instruction, I take a deep breath and slowly exhale. After doing this for a few moments I shake my head.

Screw inhale-exhale!

“Not helping, still feel like opening somebody’s skull.” I huff.

“I think I know, what will work for you.” He lightly shakes his head, amusement in his eyes.

He looks like a completely different person, now.

“Leave the car, we will get back tomorrow.” He motions me to follow him.

We will?

“What?” He turns around when I don’t follow him, “Come.” He nods his head prompting me to follow him

Not having any other opinion I quietly walk after him.

The Battleground is a large building with a huge parking area secured by the chain-link fencing. Even though is it dark, but the parking area is well-lit. The yellow light from the lamppost creates a spotlight effect beneath each pole.

Alec is walking ahead of me, his pace little faster than mine. While I am actually dragging my feet across the concrete ground, feeling agitated. He turns his head back to check whether I am following him or not, adding more to my irritation.

Once or twice, I am so much tempted to chuck my shoe at him.

Maybe I can release some of my anger on him.

After covering half of the parking lot, he turns to the right side of the building and waits for me to join him. When I reach there, he unlocks a door which is not noticeable from the front side of the building and enters inside.

“Don’t worry, I will not kill you,” he says when I don’t follow him inside, his lips curve in a partial teasing smile.

“There are a lot of things which are worse than killing, Alec,” I seriously answer him, then after a moment, I walk inside.

“You can trust me.” His eyes bore into mine, “I will never let you get harmed.”

I simply nod, holding his gaze.

Trust is something which is earned, you can’t start trusting someone just like that. Up till now, everything about Alec says he can be trusted, but that doesn’t mean I can let my guards down around him.

The friendship bond between us might have been formed instantly, but still, there is a long way for me to completely trust him.

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