Always Together

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Chapter 90

He whispers Liam’s name while realization is evident in his eyes. I already knew at some point in life, this moment will come. But it doesn’t change a thing for me.

I never lied to anyone, neither I have hidden anything from anyone.

Liam is my son, only mine. That’s is the only truth which I know.

As always his face is not giving away much, but his eyes are showing his internal struggle.

“Anderson,” Vance calls making me turn to him.

Vance was Pops’s doctor. That night when I first time saw him, he came to meet Pops. Because Pops didn’t show up for his checkup.

Pops didn’t want me to know that he has been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, he thought I would not able to handle this news. And he was right.

“Yes?” I glance at him, to watch him holding a cup of coffee for me.

“Here,” He hands me the coffee, “You will need this, to match up Liam’s energy when he will wake up.” He smiles reassuringly at me.

I don’t need anything, I just need to hold my Liam where I know no harm can touch him.

“I have asked the doctor, he informed me soon he will be shifted to the ward, where he will be monitored for a few hours.” He glances at the room then back to me, “You will be able to meet him then.”

“Thank you, Vance.” I nod as even though he didn’t have to do this, but he has been constantly checking on Liam as the doctor knows him and I am not allowed to see him yet.

Vance’s eyes shift to my right as then only I notice Alec standing beside me carefully listening to what Vance has been saying.

“He will be fine, right?” Alec directly asks Vance.

“He is fine,” Vance answers him with his practiced doctor’s smile then excuses himself.

“Avery, we have to talk.” Alec stops me from leaving, “I know, this not the right time but I have to know the truth.”

“Let’s go somewhere else.” Without any warning, he tightly grabs my hand and pulls me with him.

Swallowing all my anger, I keep my mouth as I follow him because I don’t want to cause any scene in front of people.

“Liam is mine?” Releasing my hand he asks as soon as we are away from people’s eyes and ears. His question sounds more like a statement.

Crossing my arms, I simply stare at him.

“Tell me, I am his father?” His voice slightly wavers, however, the restraint which I have kept on my anger snaps.

“No.” I glare at him, “You are not his father.”

“I need to know the truth!” Holding my shoulders, he glares back at me not backing down.

“Truth? You want to know the truth?” I smile humorlessly, “Truth is you are not his father.” I push his hands away from my shoulders.

“You are just a sperm donor. That’s it.” I point at him, “He is my son, not yours.”

Ignoring what I have said, he runs his hand through his hair in frustration.

“How is it possible?” He asks himself. “Those reports said I could never become a father.”

Oops, you have been pranked.

“Well, then, it is such a relief to know that there is nothing of yours in Liam, not even your DNA.” I shrug, nonchalantly.

“Do you think this is a joke?” He gives me a harsh glance, “I have been living with this truth for six years.”

“And I have been living with your truth for six years,” I coldly reply, looking at him. “My feelings were not a joke either.”

His harsh expression changes into guilt as he takes a step towards me.

“Alec, I don’t give damn about any truth now.” I narrow my eyes at him, creating a distance between us, “The only truth which I know is that, Liam is my son. And I will not hesitate to take anyone’s life if they try to separate my son from me.”

Alec’s POV

Her eyes flare with such anger which I have never seen in her eyes before, as she glares at me, turning her back on me she goes back inside the hospital.

Why does she think I am going to take Liam from her? He is ours, mine and hers. And I can never dream of separating Liam from her. But this doesn’t mean I will allow her to keep me away from my son.

Liam, my son.

This thought brings immense happiness in my heart nearly filling my heart with nothing but with love for this little person, who suddenly brightened my existence just like his mother had by stepping into my life.

However, there is something else that is consuming me. Anger...pure anger. Because I could not recognize my son when everything in me was pulling me towards him.

Just because of one fucking lie.

He fucking lied to me, all those reports were fake. And I never forgive liars.

I want to go and see Liam, but before that, there is something which I need to take care of. I am going to be the father he deserves, but before that, I have to make someone pay the price for betraying me.

“Fin, send some of the men and take Dr. Campbell into custody.” I dial Fin’s number, “I will be there tonight and I am going to deal with him myself.”

“Okay,” he replies without even asking any other question.

Anger is running through my veins like hot lava while my mind is coming up with different ways to torture this fucking doctor who lied to me.

He should not have lied to me, now he will know what happens when people get on my bad side.

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