Always Together

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Chapter 91

Alec’s POV

Entering into the building, I head straight to the underground as this is where all the interrogation takes place. All our buildings are designed similarly.

The white sterile hallway of the basement can’t tell what gory things are done with the people who are held behind these closed doors.

Opening the door of the far end room, I enter to find Finn standing beside a very scared looking doctor.

“Hello, Campbell.” I walk to him, “It is nice meeting you again.”

“Mr. Gregory, I haven’t done anything...” He nervously shakes his head, “I don’t know why I have been dragged here.”

"Have you given me the wrong report, Doctor?" I ask calmly.

"Which report?" He pretends to think.

Whereas, I pinch the bridge of my nose in frustration because now I have to waste my time more with him before I can go and meet my son.

And it makes me even, more, mad.

"You have said that I can't become a father, right?" Leaning down, I come eye to eye with him. "So, have you lied to me?"

"No, I haven't lied, it is true you can't have children." He pretends to look confident, but I can clearly see through his pretense.

"I hate when people lie to me, Campbell." I slowly nod my head and unbuttoning my cuff I roll my sleeves up, then I walk to the corner and lean against the wall of the room while rolling my other sleeves up.

“So, how shall we do this?” I arch my eyebrow, “In a nice way or in my way?”

When he keeps up his innocent act, I exhale a breath and turns to Finn.

"Tie him on the table." I nod my head to the table in the middle of the room, "I guess, it is going to be my way."

Ignoring his protest, Finn harshly throws him on the table and ties his hands and feet with each corner of the table.

Taking out my mobile, I open my phone gallery which is filled by the pictures of Liam because I wanted to keep some of his memories with me. So that I could relive all these moments whenever loneliness starts eating me. Because even though at that time I didn't know he was mine but still, he had become so much to me in so less time.

I am sorry for not being a part of your life, Liam.

I can't deny, there were many times in the beginning when I just wanted to go back to my Firefly... to ask her to come back and fill the emptiness of my life.

But when I found I can't give her a family, I had stopped thinking about going back to her. As she deserved someone who could give her a family which she dreamed of. Even though she had never said but I used to see in her eyes the wish to have her own family... who will not leave her just like her own father did.

Slipping my phone back in my pocket. I walk to Campbell, who is pale with fear... just like he should be.

"I will ask you again." I stand at the head of the table, "Have you lied to me?"

"Have you lied to me?" I forcefully slap my palm on the table beside his head, as I repeat my question, making him loudly scream.

"No..." he stutters.


Covering his face with a cloth, I motion Finn to hand me the metal jug which is filled with cold water.

I watch him struggle when I pour the water over his face. Then removing the cloth I allow him to catch his breath.

Then I again waterboard him.

"The more you keep on lying to me, the more ugly this will get." Picking up the wire cutter from the torture table, I place his finger between it.

"Since, I already know you lied to me." I glare at him coldly, "Now the question is why did you lie to me?"

"No...please...don't do this..." He begs. "I have known your family for so long... please."

"Who have you been working with?" I clamp the wirecutter slightly around his finger.

"I don't know..." He cries, "I don't know what you are talking about." I exhale a tired breath and completely close the cutter around his finger.

His finger falls on the ground as blood gushes from his hand while his agonizing scream echoes in the room.

The fucker, named Finn, beside me chuckles hearing his scream making me roll my eyes at him.

"Now, you have nine more fingers left to answer my question truthfully. After that, we will move to something else" I say, in a bored tone.

Wiping the blood off the cutter on his shirt, I walk around to the other side and hold his other hand and place his small finger between the cutter.

"I don't know..." He quickly says, "I got a call from some unknown number to forge your reports, and they had even promised me a huge amount of money to do this."

"I am sorry, please, forgive me." He cries.

"Who?" I clench my jaws.

"I swear on my family, I don't know." He cries, "Each time he called he used different numbers, and after I had done his work I found the packet of money in my car. And then he never contacted me again."

A blood-curdling scream leaves from his mouth when I cut his other finger.

"You are a doctor, you are supposed to be honest." I tell in a calm voice, "People trust you with their lives, and just for the sake of some amount of money you generated a false report."

I have a son because of him I was not able to recognize my own son... I thought my Avery could have been with someone else.

No matter how much I try to control my anger but this thought makes me livid even more than I am.

And just like that one by one I cut all his fingers, his screams seem music to my ears, as his pain-filled screams resonate in the room.

"I am leaving you alive because you have a family." I throw the cutter on the ground, "I can't let them suffer because of your wrongdoings."

"But don't you think, I will not be watching you." Holding his face harshly, I make him look at me while he is on the brink of losing consciousness, "My men will keep an eye on you, one mistake and you will have a bullet between your eyes." I jab my finger on his forehead.

Washing his blood off of my hands in the sink, in the corner, I turn to Finn.

"Make sure to get his license canceled and keep an eye on him. Also, make sure to go through all his call records for the past six years and try to gather information about this guy who gave him the orders. I need to know who is behind all this and what did they get from this." I order him. "But before ask someone to drop him back to his place."

"Okay, boss." He nods his head, then looks at me as if he wants to ask something as we walk outside the room.


"Can I ask you something?"

I give him a small nod, silently gesturing him to ask whatever he wants to know.

"Avery is the same girl, whom you have met six years ago?" He carefully asks.

"Yes, she is the same girl," I reply ignoring the ache which engulfs my heart every time I think now she is no longer mine.

"So, Liam?" His eyes slightly widen in realization as he puts two and two together. "So that kid, Liam, he is yours?"

"Yes, Liam is my son."

The feeling of being empty still lingers in my heart due to the absence of Avery from my life. But just by accepting Liam as my son out loud brings a strange sense of calmness to my heart and gives me hope that maybe one day, I will no longer live in this darkness and I will have my Firefly back.

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