Always Together

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Chapter 92

After I have changed into the fresh pair of clothes that Kris brought with her, I lean my head against the wall and watch Liam sleeping peacefully while still holding Pops dog tags in his hand.

Kris and Jake have gone just two hours ago, as they have a flight to catch in the morning. I have gifted them a fifteen days Bali honeymoon trip. Both were extremely reluctant to leave but when the doctor informed there is nothing to worry about and Liam is doing okay then only they left.

However, Liam will get discharged in the morning as they are monitoring him to make sure he doesn’t get another anaphylactic shock.

Apart from Pops, only Kris knows that Alec is Liam’s father. She was with me when I found out that I was pregnant. However, I made her promise not to tell about Liam to anyone as something in me was telling me that I should not let anyone find about him. She didn’t even tell Jake and kept her promise all these years.

But I do feel, Jake already has an idea that Liam is Alec's son.

Only Pops and Kris knew that I was pregnant. Nobody else knew about it because I soon left to pursue my degree. All these years I have never returned to this place, as I was busy in my own little world, Liam.

Pops used to come and visit me often, as more than me he wanted to spend time with Liam. Liam instantly became a significant part of his life and wrapped him around his little finger. We both knew there is not much time left for him, so he wanted to be with us as much as he could.

I am glad that Liam got a chance to know Pops and made some memories of his own with him. Liam used to call him Papa, and Pops used to love it so much. Pops would talk to him for hours and all Liam used to respond with calling him Papa after his every sentence.

Liam started speaking early, he was not even one when he said his first word. Pops took the credit of his early speaking, saying that he interacts with the smart person that is why he is smart.

Pops was the strongest and bravest person I knew, he never gave up living his life the way he wanted. He never allowed cancer to control his life and lived every moment to the fullest.

It used to kill me watching him slowly fading away because of cancer. Honestly, I would not have been alive if it weren’t of Liam.

I had never cried so much in my entire life how much I have cried the day when Pops called me to tell me that he wants me to come back home. I knew my worst fear is about to come true, just like the rest of them.

His health was deteriorating with each passing moment, and just like that, the moment came when I had to let my Pops go.

I can still feel his hand in mine when I told him it is time that he should stop worrying about me and go reunite with grandma as she is waiting for him. I told him, I will be okay and he can now sleep, peacefully.

I lied, Pops, I lied. I am not okay. I need you, your Avy is not okay.

Why did you leave me, Pops?

Covering my face with my hands, I finally breakdown as all emotions which I was trying to hold back hits me with full force.

My Liam... I could have lost my Liam, Pops. I was so scared.

A sound of hushed whispers reaches my ears, forcing me to open my eyes. Instantly, I sit up straight when I find Liam wide awake and smiling at me.

Sitting on his bed, I pull him into my lap while hugging him close.

“Liam.” I kiss his head, “Are you feeling okay, baby?” Leaning away, I look at his face.

“Yes, I am okay.” He nods his head, giving me his dimpled smile.

“My strong boy.” I hug him and closing my eyes I sigh feeling relieved.

“You are my strong mommy.” He hugs me back, “Liam’s mommy is so strong.”

“I love you,” I whisper and kiss the side of his head.

“I love you, too,” he instantly replies.

Unwrapping his arms, he settles in my lap and shows me a car.

“Look, mom, Alec brought a car for me.” He points at Alec, whom I have just noticed.

I stare at him clenching my jaws in anger, but keep my mouth shut because of Liam.

Alec looks calmly at me as if he was expecting this reaction from me which infuriates me even more.

“Liam, I will be right back in a moment.” I smile at Liam and place him back on the bed.

I step outside the room while glaring Alec. I know he is going to follow me outside.

“What do you want, Alec?” I throw my hand up in anger when he comes outside the room, “Why can’t you just stay away from us?”

“I can’t.” He shakes his head and stuffs his hands in his pockets.

“Stay away from our lives.” I clench my teeth, “I will not let you ruin our lives.” I warn him.

“I can’ stay away from him, Avery.” He shakes his head, “I am his father and I have just found him.”

“Father?” I scoff, “You call yourself his father?”

“Okay, so Mr.Father, answer me.” I cross my arms over my chest, “What he does when he gets hurt? Or which thing scares him?”

“Don’t know?” I ask shaking my head, “Okay, let’s ask you some easy questions.”

“What is his favorite color? Which sports he loves to play?” I nod my head at him, as he simply stares at me.

“How about, what is his middle name?” I arch my eyebrow challengingly at him, “Still, too hard to answer? So, answer the easiest question which I am sure normally every father knows.”

“What is his date of birth?”

He silently looks at me with a pained look.

“And you call yourself his father.” I scoff.

Closing my eyes, I slowly exhale trying to keep myself calm.

“I had called you, Alec.” I whisper as I lift my eyes to his face, “Not once but numerous times, not for me but for him. But you never answered my calls then a time came when I stopped calling you. Because my heart had accepted that Liam doesn't have a father."

“You know what, Alec?” I smile at him, “I should be thankful to you because you made my every fear come true. That now there is no fear left in my life.”

“I used to fear that one day you would leave me, and you did. I used to fear that a day will come when the dream in which I was living would be shattered, it did. I used to fear that my children would share the same fate as mine, and just like every fear it also came true.” Shrugging my shoulders, I smile as tears gather in my eyes, again not for myself but for my son.

Because whatever happened to me, it was my fault... but somewhere even Liam had to pay the price of my mistakes.

“I am sorry.” He quietly whispers, holding my gaze.

“Me too.” Swallowing, I nod my head, “I am sorry for letting you in my life and trusting you with my heart... and myself.”

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