Always Together

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Chapter 94

Alec’s POV

I watch her leave without saying a word.

My every hope dies the moment when I see her turning her back on me. It just feels like my life has turned its back on me.

Maybe this is the punishment of hurting her beautiful heart... the punishment of not being strong enough to protect her from myself... to live a life that is worst than death because life without Avery, and now Liam, means nothing.

I know I have said I will not let her keep my son away from me, but I can’t do this to her. How can I fight with her? Liam is her happiness and my happiness lies in watching her happy.

What did I do to deserve this? When will my suffering come to an end?

Pair of shoes come before my sight, making me lift my eyes from the ground.

My throat constricts with emotions and my heart feels like it will stop beating altogether when without even meeting my eyes she places Liam in my arms.

Her gaze fixed on Liam’s sleeping figure as she takes a few steps back.

“Arthur...” She whispers, “Liam Arthur Anderson.”

She has given him my middle name.

“He deserved to have his father’s name.” She continues, still not wavering her eyes from Liam, “Even if it was just his middle name.”

My vision starts to blur as I look at her, unable to utter a single word, while she slowly backs away then shifting her gaze to the ground she leaves.

As long as I am, I will make sure that you are never alone.

Her words echo in my mind, as I realize the promise she had once made jokingly to me, she has actually fulfilled that promise.

She has given me our son.

No matter how much I try, I can’t stop myself from breaking down while holding Liam against my chest.

The ache in my heart soothes when Liam sleepily wraps his arms around my neck nestling more into my chest. Like, unknowingly, his heart has figured that his father needs him.

But then a new pain surges through my heart when the realization hits me that I may have my son with me... but somewhere I have lost my Firefly.

I don’t how long have passed as I sit here with Liam in my arms. Honestly, I am feeling numb because I don’t know whether to be happy that I have my son in my arms or to mourn that I don’t have Avery’s hand in my hand.

There is a missing feeling in my heart... because a part of it still hasn’t connected back with it.

Closing my eyes, I sigh trying to find comfort in my Liam. But the storm which is swirling inside me can only be calmed when I will have my Avery with me.

Because without her everything is incomplete... my existence is incomplete.

Liam finally stirs in my arms, peeking at me with sleepy eyes. I expected him to be startled to suddenly finding himself in my arms. But he is just like Avery, doing something opposite of what is expected.

Because he calmly keeps staring at my face, while an involuntarily smile comes on my lips even though my heart feels heavy with grief.

“Good Afternoon, sleepyhead.” I kiss his hair.

He makes a sound something between a whimper and whines while snuggling into my chest with a small pout.

Okay, I guess, another trait he shares with his mom. Just like Avery, his waking-up phase means no human interaction.

“Mom?” After a few more moments, he speaks in a small irritated voice.

I don’t know what to tell him since I haven’t talked to Avery about anything.

Does she want me to tell Liam that I am his dad? Or she wants to take some time and gradually inform Liam about my relation with him?

I am completely clueless.

“Umm.. she has left you with me for some time.”

“What is my full name?” He suddenly asks making me frown in confusion.

“Liam Arthur Anderson.” My heart swells with an unexplainable feeling as I take my name with his.

“Okay.” He nods his head and doesn’t say anything.

“Why have you suddenly asked this question?”

“Mom told me never to go with anyone even if I know them and not to believe whatever they have said. Until she has directly told me. She has also told me never to open the door for anyone.” He looks at me and shakes his head, “But if someone says something about mommy that she has said this or that, then only believe them if they know my middle name because it means I can trust them.”

“Mom never tells my full name to anyone, because she doesn’t trust many people. It is a secret word between me and her.” He smiles feeling proud of himself that he is following Avery's instructions.

While, on the other hand, his words bloom a hope in my heart because this means Avery still trusts me.

“So, that is why I asked you my full name.” He seems to look quite proud of himself, “Now, I believe you that mom has left me with you.”

Avery has certainly raised a smart kid and I can never be so proud of her. Because she is really a great mother.

“But don’t tell anyone my full name, because no one knows.” Making his eyes big, he shakes his head while whispering.

“Okay, bud.” I chuckle at him while picking him up.

“Put me down.” He squirms in my arms, trying to release himself, “I am a big boy, I can walk.”

Smiling, I put him down, but somewhere his words sadden me as this makes me realize what all I have missed in these past six years.

I could not see my Avery carrying our baby in her womb, neither I could have been there for her when she brought our son into this world. I have been deprived of the feeling of holding my son for the first time in my arms when he was born.

I have never got the chance to experience Liam’s life’s first milestones. Like his first word, his first step, his first fall...

All the precious moments which means so much to a husband and a father... I was not able to witness any of them.

“Come on.” Liam frowningly complains, “You are slow.”

I chuckle while he glares at me with a small angry pout.

“Hold my hand.” He extends his hand towards me, “And walk with me.” He orders then without even waiting he grabs my hand and starts pulling me along with him.

If this is how it feels to be boss around by your kid, then I am already loving every bit of it.

All this while, I just smile at him as deep down in my heart there is a slight hope that one day everything is going to be okay. I may have missed many things, but I will be with him till my last breath.

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