Always Together

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Chapter 95

Alec’s POV

“Then T-rex came and destroyed all my toys.” Liam takes a bite from the chicken nugget which I bring near his mouth and continues telling me about his real experience with dinosaurs.

When he gets excited about something he forgets everything, even that five minutes ago he so much hungry that he could eat a car.

Currently, we are sitting in the McDonalds as Liam was hungry and demanding for chicken nuggets.

“Even Stegosaurus stepped on my cars and broke them.” Liam widens his eyes, “But then I got super angry so I punched it and broke its teeth.” He throws a punch in the air while I chuckle looking at him.

“Then T-rex attacked me but I was fast and I kicked on its giant head.” He makes an angry face, “Mommy heard the fight and came to help me. She grabbed both of them with their tails and smacked them on the ground and beat them until they didn’t say sorry for being bad and breaking my toys.”

Never in my life, I thought I would be so much enthralled by hearing stories about dinosaurs. I have been listening about them for the past two hours and honestly, I can listen about them non-stop because this is my son sharing his stories with me.

However, in every story, his mom is his superhero. Whenever anything goes wrong his mom turns everything right because she is so powerful. Even though all the stories are just the creation of his imaginations but there is nothing but true about Avery being strong.

He has been awake for nearly two hours and in these two hours, there is not even one sentence which he spoke and Avery was not part of it. His every talk starts and ends on Avery.

He has introduced me to an entirely new Avery. Although this Avery is his mother who is nothing like the Avery that I knew six years back. The Avery which was her Pops Avy.

“Why is that guy staring at us?” Liam’s voice alerts me.

I pull him close to me and at the same time, my other hand goes for my gun which is inside my jacket pocket.

Turning my head in the direction where Liam has pointed, I watch Finn standing at the counter. My body relaxes but I still keep Liam close to me, covering his body with mine.

I have asked Finn to bring a booster seat for Liam so that I can drive without feeling worried about his safety.

Finn walks to our table carrying his food. He was so excited to meet Liam because I can’t stop myself from talking about him. I wanted to talk about Liam with someone and since Finn is the only one who knows about him so I shared my happiness with him.

“Can I sit here?” He asks and takes the empty seat opposite us when I nod my head.

“Why were you staring at us?” Liam directly asks while glaring at him.

“No, I was not.” He shakes his head.

“Don’t lie.” Liam narrows his eyes at him, “I don’t like liars.”

Finn’s amused gaze meets mine but quickly he turns his expression into neutral.

“I have seen you that day in the mall, then I have seen you at Aunt Kris’s wedding.” Liam’s face scrunches up as if he is concentrating hard on something, “You are following us.” He points at him with an accusatory tone

I bite the inside of my cheeks to stop myself from smiling because he is quite observant, unlike Avery.

I have asked Finn to keep an eye on them from afar to make sure they are safe. But I guess, he was not discreet enough to hide from my son’s watchful gaze.

“I was invited to the wedding.” Finn still tries to cover up, but I know it is useless because if Liam is anything like me then he will not believe him.

“No, you were not.” Liam shakes his head, “Because we all wore that stupid flower pin but you didn’t have any.”

He is like me.

All the male guests were wearing a flower lapel pin at the wedding while females wore a wrist corsage.

“Guilty.” Finn raises his hands in surrender and laughs, “You are smart, kid.”

“I am a friend of your Da-” He instantly clears his throat realizing he was about to say dad, “I am a friend of Alec.”

“Then, why were you hiding?” Liam frowns still not convinced.

Definitely like me.

“I was keeping an eye on him.” Finn dramatically sighs, “Trouble always follows him, so I have to make sure he is safe.”

I arch my eyebrow at Finn, completely unimpressed with his stupid story. My five years old tells much more believable stories than him.

“You don’t have to follow him now.” His eyebrows pinched together in disapproval, “He is stronger than you and now he is my friend so no one will trouble him.”

“Don’t worry, Alec.” Liam turns to me dropping his furious expression and gives me a smile, which is enough to melt my heart, “I will always keep you safe.”

Smiling at him, I kiss his hair. Because somewhere he truly saved me. I was drowning in my own lonely life then he came in my life like my savior and saved me.

Just like once my Firefly illuminated my dark life.

Nearly after an hour, Liam starts to get cranky as he was missing Avery. When I dialed Avery’s number, I was not sure whether she will answer my call.

However, she answers my call after the second ring much to my relief.

"Hey, it is me," I say stupidly.

“Liam is okay, right?” She asks the first thing.

“Yeah, he is fine.” I smile looking at Liam who is stretching his hand towards the phone as he demands to talk to her, “He is missing you.”

“Here.” I hand my mobile to Liam, “Talk to mom.”

“Mommy!” His entire face brights up, “I was missing you... where did you go?”

I can’t hear her answer, but I watch Liam nodding his head to whatever she is saying.

“Love you, mommy.” He smiles.

He returns the phone to me.

“Umm... where are you?” I ask her.

“You can drop Liam at Pops house,” Ignoring my question, she says instead, “Whenever you want, or when he asks.”

“He can’t sleep without me...” I hear her sigh as her tone just turns into a whisper.

The silent apprehension behind her words pierces my heart. She is afraid... she is afraid of me that I am going to take Liam away from her.

“I will bring him back to you in an hour.” Clenching my eyes, I assure her.

Even though I want to assure her I can never separate Liam from her. He will be always hers. But I know she will not believe my words. I have damaged the trust she had in me and it can't be earned back easily.

“Don’t let him remove his jacket, if you are outside, as it is getting chilly and he catches a cold quickly.” She instructs, “His epi-pen is in his left pocket, but I hope you will make sure he will not need it.”

“Don’t worry, I will take care of him,” I promise her.

“Okay,” she replies then disconnects the call.

Her voice made it clear that even though she has allowed me to be a part of Liam’s life, but she is not ready to forgive me.

“Love you, Firefly,” I whisper, holding the phone tightly in my hand. While closing my eyes I imagine her smiling at me just like she used to when every time I told her that I love her.

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