Always Together

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Chapter 97

Giving Liam to Alec was not easy... is not easy for me.

I just feel like I have given him my heart again... Again I have placed my everything in his hands.

This is why I left as soon as I could because I knew a moment longer, my resolve will break and I will not be able to stop myself from taking my baby back from him.

And no matter how much it tore me from inside I can’t do this to him or Liam.

Liam has nothing to do with whatever has happened between me and Alec. Neither Alec deserves to be away from his son, because of his wrong decisions.

I can see Alec’s pain and I can understand the reason behind his decision... the decision which was not his to make.

But now it is all in the past and we can do nothing about it. So, it is better to just let things the way they are and focus on the present.

“Liam, go and change your clothes then come downstairs. Mommy and Alec want to talk to you about something important.” I smile at Liam as I guide him to his room.

“Alec, don’t go, I will be just back.” Liam happily says over his shoulder while climbing the stairs, “I will show you my stickers collections.”

“I will be right here, buddy.” Alec smiles looking at Liam’s retreating back.

Alec seems surprised when I called him inside and informed him that I will tell Liam the truth about him.

“Avery, it is not necessary to tell him right now.” Alec shakes his head, as soon as Liam disappears into his room, “We can wait for a little more time.” He is excited and anxious both at the same time.

The fear in his eyes speaks clearly that he doesn’t want to lose Liam and I will make sure he will not.

“The sooner we get over this, the better it is.” I motion him to follow me to the living room, “I don’t want to keep Liam in dark, he deserves to know the truth of you being his father.”

Every relationship is based on trust, even it is of a parent and a child. Your child blindly trusts you and it is your duty to never break their trust.

Liam trusts me that I will always tell him the truth and that’s what I am always going to do.

“Why you did not want him to hate his father?” He asks quietly, “Even when I hurt you so much.”

“I never wanted him to live with carrying hatred in his heart for the person he never got a chance to meet.” I simply shrug, “It would have been unfair of me if I had instilled the seed of hate inside his heart for his father who was not even aware of his existence.”

I frown when I hear a loud crash sound and then everything goes silent. Not a moment later, Liam comes downstairs with his most innocent face.

“Dinosaur?” I arch my eyebrow at him already knowing that poor dinosaurs will be blamed.

“Yes, mommy.” He pouts as he climbs in my lap trying to be cute, “Spinosaurus broke the lamp.”

Oh, God! Someday I am going to break this spinosaurus’s spine.

“You didn’t get hurt, right?” I quickly check him for injuries.

“No.” He smiles and shakes his head making me sigh relief.

My eyes flicker to Alec as he is watching our interaction quietly, however, there is a hint of a smile on his face.

Taking a breath to prepare myself to tell Liam truth, I kiss his head.

“Liam, baby, Mommy has a very important thing to tell you.” I make him look at me, “But before that keep in mind, nothing will change, I will love you just as much I love you now and you will always be my baby.”

He nods his head seriously.

“Do you like Alec?” I ask him, “Is he your friend?”

“Yes.” He looks at Alec and smiles, “He is my best friend.”

I can’t help but glare at Alec, who is smiling like he has won a lottery, because I am Liam’s best friend.

Well, we will talk about this later.

“What if I tell you that Alec is not only your friend, but he is your dad?” Biting inside of my cheeks, I carefully look at his reaction.

“Are you making him my daddy?” He looks at me then at Alec, confusion written all over his face.

“No, I am not making him your daddy.” I shake my head, “He is your dad... your real dad.”

Liam completely goes silent, my eyes meet Alec. His face tells the silence from Liam is killing him.

“He is good.” Liam looks at me and whispers, “Then why did he leave us?” Tears forming in his eyes, twisting my heart painfully.

“Baby.” I wipe his tears and hold his face in my hands, “He didn’t leave you, when he went away he didn’t know mommy was having you.”

“So, he never left you.” I press a kiss on his forehead while smiling at him.

“But he left my mommy.” More tears slip from his eyes as he frowns.

My heart.

Quickly, I hug him as I rub his back trying hard not to cry because I love him so much.

After a few moments, I pull back and clean his face with my sleeves.

“Liam, remember once I told you that I am your mommy but I am Avery too?” I slowly nod my head, “Just like you are my baby, but you are Liam too?”

“Uh-huh.” He nods his head.

“Just like that he is your dad, but he is Alec too.” I glance at Alec whose eyes are red while his jaws are clenched together, “And your dad has nothing to do with what Alec did.”

“Also whatever had happened is between Avery and Alec, and Liam should not come between that.” I give Liam a pointed look, “To you, he should be your dad and your friend, you should not think about anything else.”

“You said you like him even when you didn’t know he is your dad.” I run my fingers through his hair, “So, has it changed?”

He glances at the floor and shakes his head in no.

A burden lifts off my chest when after knowing this.

“He is still the same Alec, who is your friend... the Alec who you like.” Holding both of his hands in mine, I smile at him, “But this Alec is also your dad, who loves you a lot.”

“So now why don’t you go and give your dad a hug?” I gently push Liam in Alec’s direction, “Because it seems like he needs this hug,” I say quietly when I notice a tear slipping from Alec’s eye which he hastily wipes with his finger.

Swallowing my emotions, I watch Liam walking to Alec. Then standing in front of him he simply stares at Alec, even Alec’s gaze is fixed at Liam’s face.

Not a moment has passed when Liam wraps his arms around Alec’s neck, taking Alec completely by surprise as if he can’t believe that Liam has accepted him.

Pressing his lips tightly together he tries not to break down, even then, silent tears flow freely from his eyes as he holds Liam.

His eyes meet mine as he mouths thank you.

I simply nod my head in response, feeling happy that finally, my son will not have the same fate as mine... he will have his father in his life.

“I like you.” Liam speaks while still hugging him, “But I am super mad at you.”

Alec chuckles and kisses the side of his head.

“I know, buddy.” He glances at me with an unknown resolve in his eyes, “I have lots of making up to do.”

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