Always Together

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Chapter 98

After putting Liam to bed, I came back downstairs to find Alec glancing outside the window through the curtain openings then after a moment he closes the curtain.

“There are things which we need to talk about.” I sit on the opposite couch and clasp my hands in my lap as he turns around to me.

He nods his head and silently gesturing me to continue.

“I want to know that the marriage was real or part of your plan?”

His expression changes but he is quick enough to conceal his emotions.

“Part of my plan?” He looks at me in disbelief. “It’s real, Avery. I have told you that I lov-”

“Okay, then I guess in that case we need to end things properly, we need to file for divorce.” Waving my hand, I cut him off not wanting to hear what he has to say. “If you want we can legally settle for Liam’s joint custody, too.”

“Avery!” He runs his hands through his hair in frustration, “We don’t need to do this. We can try to make things work between us. We can fix this...Please...” He looks at me pleadingly.

“There is nothing to fix, Alec.” I shake my head, “All this was just a mistake.” I gesture between me and him.

“Don’t call those moments a mistake, because those were the moments that kept me alive in all these six years. Please, Avery, don’t...” He whispers, “I love you... please, forgive me. Don’t do this to me.”

“I have said this before and I am saying this again, you don’t have to apologize for anything.” I sigh, “It was my fault for allowing someone like you to enter my life. Someone who never trusted me while I was a fool enough to trust him blindly.”

“I trust you... always trusted, even more than myself.” He swallows.

“We won’t be having this conversation if you have ever trusted me, Alec.” Words slip out of my mouth before I can stop myself.

Crouching down in front of me, he tightly holds my hands not letting me remove my hands from his grip.

“You are everything to me.” He speaks while pressing a kiss on my hands, “Whatever, I did was to keep you safe. You should understand this as you had yourself said that you would do anything to keep your loved ones safe. Here you were the only person who was left in my life whom I loved more than myself. Then how could I have let anything happen to you when I knew, you were not safe with me.”

Some kind of volcano erupts inside me which I was trying to keep it inside me for so long as I look at him.

“When I said I would do anything to keep my family safe, I meant I would fight to protect them. Not abandon them!” Pushing him, I yank my hands back, “So, don’t you dare use my words against me.”

“You had no right to decide for me.” My voice raises along with the anger, “You should have just told me the truth.”

“Avery.” Standing up he grabs my hand, but I move away from him.

“You pushed me away when you needed me the most.” I press my lips together trying to stop them from quivering, “You took away my right to be with you. I should have been with you, not away from you.”

My heart twists painfully thinking about all the pain he has gone through... the pain which I should have shared with him. We were supposed to be each others strength, but he didn't let me be his. At the same time, I feel the pain which he has given me... the pain with which I have been living for the past six years.

“It was not your choice, Alec.” Shaking my head, I create more distance between us, “It was not your fucking choice to make!” I half-yell.

“Your one decision changed all our lives.” My voice cracks against my will, “Your words they haunted me for six years... our son has to live without a father for six years... You can’t erase these six years from my life.”

Rubbing my hands over my face, I close my eyes and take a breath to get hold of myself. Because being an emotional fool is not me anymore.

“But it is all in the past now, and there is no use to dig up the past.”

“Thank you so much for whatever you did for me... but now do one last thing for me that is forget everything we had in the past, just like I did.” My voice comes out strong just the way I want it to be, “I can’t ask you to stay away from my life, because I know it is something which can’t be possible especially when Liam needs both of us in his life.”

“For me, you are just Liam’s father with whom I have to share him.” Shaking my head, I turn away from him, “Nothing more than that.”

“I am saying this again, I don’t have any problem with you seeing him.” I sigh, “But you should not mistake this for anything else.”

“If there was anyone else other than you, even then I would have given him a chance to be in Liam’s life.” Shrugging my shoulders, I glance at his stoic face, “So don’t assume that you are special.” I give him a cold blank glare.

Slowly, a smile appears on his face and he shakes his head lightly to himself.

There is something in his smile which makes me uncomfortable.

“I will take whatever you will throw at me. So, do your worst.” He gazes into my eyes like he wants to look into my soul, “Earlier, I have been a coward for not being able to fight for you, but now I am not. Because now I have nothing to lose, however, I have everything to fight for.”

“I will fight you to get you back into my life... to have my family back which I have lost it.” He raises his eyebrows while there is a silent promise in “So, put up your best fight, Firefly.”

Before I can react, he walks outside the house leaving me stunned in my place.

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