Always Together

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Chapter 99

After thoroughly studying a case I make its notes and email them to my colleague which will help him to get a better understanding of the case. Rechecking everything once again, I shut my laptop and make a pile of all the papers, then I clean the table.

I never knew I would take up law as a career because I was always indecisive about what I want to do in my life. Every day something new used to get my interest and when I used to share that with Pops he would just say if I feel like I can do this and this will make me happy, then I should just go for it.

He told me I can be whatever I want as long as I have confidence in myself. This is the same thing that I always try to teach Liam.

He will have my full support with whatever he wants to do in his life, just like my Pops supported me.

Currently, I am not taking any cases as I knew I won’t be able to return to work soon as it is been a long time since I have been home.

This house is my home, every corner of this house holds memories of my Pops. This where I feel at peace...

I am still debating whether to settle back here or not. As now with Alec in Liam’s life, a lot is about to change. I can’t take away Liam with me, he has just found his father and I can’t separate them.

Rubbing my eyes with the palm of my hands, I fold my arms on the table and rest my head on them.

Sleep was foreign to me last night, as Alec’s words keep on playing in my mind. He doesn’t know that I have no more fight in me. I have surrendered myself at the hands of my fate. Because I have realized there is no use of fighting as I can't change anything in my life. So, I have stopped fighting for myself, now I just silently accept whatever comes my way.

I am just the shell of that girl who used to have the fire inside her, but now there is just silence inside me.

However, this doesn't mean that I have forgotten to take a stand in life. I may have given up to fight for myself, but when it comes to my family I will not back down.

In all these years, I have learned something that when you can't do something for yourself then do something for others who need your help. I may not change my life, but if I can do good for someone else than I will.

Being a lawyer also gives me this satisfaction that somewhere I am being there for those who need me.

Standing up from the chair, I stretch my body because I have been sitting for more than three hours and now my back is hurting from staying in one position for so long.

Walking into the kitchen, I check the pantry and make a list of the stuff that I need to buy as we are running out of groceries. And the growing kid living with me is hungry most of the time so filling up the pantry is on top of my list of work today.

Just when I have finished making the list, Liam walks down still half-sleep and crawls into my lap. Wrapping his arms around my neck, he rests his head on my shoulder just like he does every day when he wakes up.

For half-hour straight he will cling to me like a koala bear, while I continue with whatever I am doing. Kissing his head, I carry him back to the kitchen as I warm milk for him.

He got most of my habits, but then I know he is like Alec too. It amazes me the way he sometimes acts just like Alec.

Sometimes, I still think of Alec’s words because somewhere what he said did come true.

I do have a part of him with me, always, even now when he is not with me.

“Liam, ” I call him as I walk towards the front door, “Hurry up! We have to go grocery shopping.”

“Then we will go to the park too.” He shouts from the kitchen and a moment later comes outside holding wrappers of some candies.

“Inside voice!” I say in a stern tone.

“Sorry,” he replies in a calm and a little quieter voice.

I am working with him on, inside and outside voice. Sometimes when he gets excited about something, he starts talking in a loud voice. Even when he was a baby he often used to shout, so now I am trying to teach him to talk in a soft voice and use polite words.

“We are out of these.” He hands me the wrappers and nods his head seriously.

“This is what you were doing in the kitchen for the past ten minutes?” I raise my eyebrows at him.

“Yes, I was checking that we have all the necessary food.”

“Yeah, we will starve to death if we don’t buy these.” I roll my eyes looking at the empty chocolate and candy wrappers.

Once we are outside, I check the door to make sure I have locked it as Liam ties his shoe when I hear the sound of the car stopping in front of the house. Even before I can turn around to see, Liam dashes off to the front.

“Alec!” He laughs loudly when Alec scoops him in his arms then throws him in the air, only to hug him closer than before.

The sight of the two of them together clenches my heart in a good way. Whenever I see them, somewhere, I realize they both need each other. Liam needed a father, while Alec needed someone whom he can call as his. I am just glad both have found each other.

For a few moments, I simply watch them as Liam excitedly tells something to Alec while he listens to him like he is telling him the most important thing. Realizing, I can’t stand here all day, I walk to them and nod my head at Alec when his eyes lift from Liam’s face.

“You came here to pick him up?” I ask but can’t help but notice the shadows under his eyes.

Hasn’t he slept properly or is he sick?

“I have to help mom with grocery shopping, you can come with us then we will go to the park.” Liam slides down from his arm then without even waiting for his reply, he starts dragging him towards my car.

“Woah.” Alec looks at me surprised when Liam actually manages to drag him making him stumble. “Thank you for asking, even though you have already decided for me.” He chuckles.

“I wonder from where does he got this habit.” Rolling my eyes, I say to myself, but I freeze when I realize I have said it out loud.

Clearing my throat, I walk past them and sit in the car not looking at Alec at all because I know he has heard me the way his head has turned to me.

“Don’t worry, he got lots of your habits too,” Alec smirks glancing at me while he buckles Liam in his seat.

Liam is sitting inside the shopping cart pointing at the things which he wants as I push the cart.

“What are you doing in the medicine aisle?” Alec asks as he walks to us while holding a shopping basket in his hand.

“Need to buy some medicines for Liam,” I answer him while looking for the medicines.

“What?” Alec glances at Liam then back at me, “Is he sick?” Worry fills his tone.

“No, he is perfectly fine.” Shaking my head, I meet his concerned gaze and watch relief settling on his features, “Just some fever and flu medicines. Weather is changing and he catches flu easily, so I am buying beforehand just in case he needs them.”

“However, I just pray he doesn’t get sick because he becomes really grumpy when he has flu.” I huff a breath.

“Can you please pick two of everything which you are buying?” He asks, “I want to have everything in our home which he might need.”

"Your home.” I give him a pointed look then I pick up two Tylenol and place it in the cart.

“No, Firefly, our home.” He shakes his head, “The home which is waiting to have its family back.” He gives me a small sad smile.

“Just like I am waiting to have my family back.” He whispers while looking at with an unknown yet familiar expression.

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