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I came out of the bathroom and found both Madi and Nikki whispering heatedly to one another.

When Madi saw me, she quickly hushed Nikki before giving me a small smile and readjusting Markos on her hip.

I gave her a smile before heading back to my booth.

A minute later Lorelei dropped of my food with a wink and nod towards Madi.

I raised an eyebrow

After Lorelei left, a blushing Madi came to my table.

“Well...” she looked away “I’ll let you eat”

I rolled my eyes and pointed to the open booth with my fork

“Sit” I grinned “I could use the company. I’ll be here for a while”

“And you don’t mind a crying baby?” she bit her lip

“Not at all” my grin widened “He’s a cute little guy”

Her eyes widened slightly before her face broke out into the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.

It took my breath away

She sat down and Lorelei immediately brought over a high chair.

Madi strapped her son in quickly before giving him an adoring kiss to his head.

I stared at her in awe

“So why are you going to be here for a while?” she asked

I cleared my throat and took a drink of my coke

“My car broke down on King’s Road” I said “Just as I was leaving”

“Leaving?” she scrunched up her face “Leaving to where?”

“I was moving” I said softly “For college”

“Oh my God!” Her eyes widened “I am so sorry! Let me get out of your way!”

I laughed and grabbed her wrist “Mads, relax”

“But I...” she trailed off “I’m interrupting...”

“You’re not interrupting anything” I said “In fact, you’re saving me from boredom”

She smiled “So, where were you headed to?”

“California” I said “UCLA actually”

She whistled low “Wow congrats”


“One question though” she said

“Shoot” I took a bite of Lorelei’s meatloaf and sighed in happiness

“Why so far away?” she said “Isn’t all of your family here? In Texas?”

“You sound just like Kass” I snorted

“Sorry” she grinned

Markos made a sound to get his mother’s attention and she smiled

“I was tired of Texas” I lowered my voice “You know, with the Pack always keeping tabs on me”

“Oh” she said, sounding a little disappointed

“My turn” I asked

She shook her head before giving me a small smile “Okay”

“What are you doing back in Texas?” I leaned forward and poked Markos’ tummy “With this little dude?”

Markos squealed loudly and I grinned at his innocence.

Madi was quiet for a couple of moments and when I met her eyes, she was giving me a look I couldn’t decipher.

“My ex and I broke up a year and a half a go” she said quietly “After I found out I was pregnant with Markos. He said he wasn’t ready to be a Dad and suggested that we get rid of him...”

My Wolf bristled at the harsh statement and I felt an overwhelming sense of Anger. If he couldn’t be man enough to take care of his own kid then he should have wrapped it up and protected himself better. Or they should have discussed the potential risks of not using protection.

“What a dick” I said

She gave me a humorless laugh “And that wasn’t even the worst of it”

I winced “There something worse than that?”

She nodded

“He said that we’ve been growing apart for a while” she frowned “Said that he met someone else while in school and that they’ve been dating. I left when he said they were in love and going to move in with each other”

“And he didn’t stop you?” I gaped at her “Even when he knew you were pregnant?”

“No, he was happy when I left” she gave me a humorless laugh “He didn’t even sign Markos Birth Certificate”

I covered Markos ears before letting out a string of vulgar curses.

Madi smiled

I uncovered Markos ears before poking his tummy again.

He giggled and I gazed at him fondly

“So you moved back here?” I asked “With your family?”

“Not exactly” she bit her lip “They don’t even know I’m here, or that I have a child”

“How the heck are you supposed to keep this from them?” I said

“That’s why I’ve been hanging out with the humans” she lowered her voice “I was staying with Nikki but her boyfriend just came back from overseas and Markos’ late night crying is keeping him up”

I leaned back in my chair “So you have no place to stay tonight?”

“Lorelei offered her apartment upstairs”

“That shoe box?”

“It’s better than nothing”

I grinned at her “I think I can do one better”

I grabbed my phone and texted Max

“What are you doing?” Madi asked

“Texting a friend”

Me: Does your dad still own that Cabin in King’s Court?

Max: Yeah? Why do you want to know

Me: How many times do you guys use it?

Max: Not much since Dad’s working all the time and I’ve been interning at Will’s firm.

Me: Would you mind if I rent it from you for a while?

Max: I thought you were Cali bound? Why do you want to rent the cabin from us if you’re leaving?”

Me: I’ve decided to stay

Max: What? Stay! YOU’RE CRAZY!

Me: So are you willing to rent or not?

Max: Sure, we could use the money.

Max: Dad will give you the keys when you pick up your car

Me: Thanks Man, I’ll give him six months rent in advance before I leave.

I looked at Madi and gave her a full blown grin

“How would you feel about you and Markos moving in with me?”

Her eyes widened “What?”

Lorelei brought over her famous ten layer cake and two forks.

She kissed Markos head before gathering my plates and walking back to the kitchen.

I picked up the fork and nodded for her to take the other one

“So what do you say?”

“I though you were moving to California for school?”

I shrugged “California can wait”

“Ares...” she whispered “You can’t...”

“Mads” I grabbed both her hand and Markos “I know you’ve been let down in the past by a really shitty person but don’t let him ruin you. Don’t give him the satisfaction of swearing away love when he obviously didn’t”

“But you can’t give up your dream of college for us” she whispered, tears in her eyes “I can’t let you do that”

“Who said I’m giving up my dream of college?” I grinned at her “I’m just making a slight adjustment”

“Slight” she choked out a laugh

“Don’t worry about me” I chuckled “I have everything handled”

“So fast?”

I wiggled my fingers at her “I’m a wizard”

She giggled and stroked Markos head “If you don’t mind then...”

I cheered and Markos let out a fit of giggles.

I chuckled “I think he likes the idea of us living together”

Madison smiled “I think so too”

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