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Trust once broken can never be repaired. One bet and One day was all it took for him to break me.

Romance / Drama
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Rosaline POV

I woke up startled drenched in my own sweat. It has been 4 years after that incident. 4 years since i lost everything. one day was all it took for my life to change drastically. After that day i am not the same person anymore.

I did my morning routine and get ready for work. I work as a secretary in Js company which is owned by James howard. He is like a father figure to me. He was the one who saved me that day from those goons.

Today we have an important meeting. I know today i might see him again as he is a ceo of the company we are having meeting with. I tried everything to not attend the meeting today but nothing worked. I cant tell james that the one who has destroyed me is the one we are having meeting with. If james knew he will cancel the meeting. But i cant do that to james. It would be selfish of me to do so.

I cant avoid him for ever.All the feelings i had for him is long gone. I curse the day when i fall in love with him. Over these 4 years i have seen him grow to a succesful man through the media. Media portrays him as a handsome beast ,a womaniser , heartthrobe and so on. But no one knows him better than me.

All these years i have succesfully learned to hide my emotions. I was not that naive shy innocent girl he destroyed that day. I am just a shell of a person now broken destroyed shattered. I was not looking forward to take revenge or anything like that. Because of him i have tried to take my life many times. Everytime james and Anna ,james wife found me and brought me back to life. At last anna made me promise to not do that ever again.

I reached office on time. Everyone was preparing for the meeting . As kings enterprises is a big name in bussiness we cant afford to loss the contract with them. I have to attend the meeting with james as his PA is not here today.

I think its time for me to meet the biggest mistake of my life Alexander king.

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