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Rosaline POV

Only 15 minute was left for the meeting. I have arranged the conference room and decided to go get some fresh air before the meeting starts. As i was walking towards james cabin i saw him talking with a man. His back was facing me. Eventhough i cant see his face i know who he was. Once he turned his face everything came crashing down all the hurt and betrayal. He was once the most important person in my life , the person i trusted the most. But now he is the reason why i dont trust anyone.

He has changed a lot from before. He has become more muscular and mature now. He was one of the tall and handsome guys in college. With his height and built he is more intimidating than before.

I thought i can handle being in his presence without panicing. But the moment i saw him i started panicing. Before he could see me i ran. I ran straight to the washroom. Tears welled up in my eyes and i started to breathe heavily. I sat on the floor hugging my knees and crying.

I dont know how long i was sitting there. My phone started ringing in my pocket. James was calling me. I need to compose myself . I cant let him see me like this. I have to be strong infront of alexander. I stood and washed my face and i put on my usual blank expression and walked out of there.

I was the last one to reach the conference room. I appologised for being late and walk straight to my seat. I didn't bother to look at anyone. The meeting continued and once it was over i gathered my belongings and was about to walk out when james stopped me.

" Rose can u please come here for a minute". Without any other way i walked towards james. Once i reached near him he started introducing me to Alex. " Mr. king i would like to introduce you to my daughter rosaline".

When i looked up i saw shock and surprise on Alex's face. "Your daughter??? as i remember clearly your fathers name was Gerald. Where you lying to me the whole time Rose?".

Once he mentioned my fathers name my heart ached and i became furious. How dare he talk about my father?. He was the reason why my parents abondend me. But i remained calm and didn't bother to answer him. I just looked at him with a blank expression.

Before he could ask anything James answered him. " You are right Mr.king. I am not rosalines biological father but she is my daughter nevertheless. And may i ask how you know rosaline?".

Before i could lie to james Alexander beat me to it. " Mr.howard i know Rose very well. She was my junior in college. Rose you didn't told him about us?". He asked me with a smirk on his face.

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