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Rosalines POV

I looked at Alexander wide eyed. Is he serious now?. I am going to strangle him and kill him with my bare hands. I eyed him furiously. Seeing my face his smirk only grow wider.

James was looking at us suspiciously. "Us?" he asked me arching and eyebrow. "He meant nothing by that. He was my seniour at college and also my bestfriends brother thats all". I quickly replied. It was not the complete truth but it was not a lie too. I need to get out of here before i blurt out something stupid.

" Mr.howard i have some work to complete. If there is nothing else may i excuse myself.?". He always told me to call him james . But i always thought it inappropriate to address him by his first name at office.

James give me a slight nod and eyed me suspiciously. I am sure he was going to drill me for answers once he got a chance. But i was thankfull he didn't asked me anything more atleast for now.

Before walking away i turned to alexander once more. " Mr.king it was nice to meet you again and i hope you have a nice day". Saying that i quickly walked away. I didn't wait for his reply. I know it was unproffesional of me but I cant stand in his presence any longer. Its suffocating.

I went straight to my seat and tried to calm my nerves.

I hate it that after all these years he still had that effect on me. He still make me nervous. But one thing has changed drastically and that is my love for him. I will never forget what he had done to me that day.

I cant blame him completly. I was also at fault. If i was not foolish enough to fall for his fake love i wouldn't have got hurt like that.

After some time i decided to have a coffee to brighten my sour mood. As i was making my coffee i felt a presence beside me. I dont talk to anyone unless its work related so i dont have any friends here. Thats why i didnt bother to check who it was that was standing beside me.

I made my coffee and was about to walk away when someone caught my elbow. When i looked at who it was i was shocked. What is he doing here?. Why cant he leave me alone. When i saw the smirk on his face i came out of my shocked state.

" Mr.King is there anything you need from me? Are you looking for james?". I asked him with a blank face.

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