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Rosaline POV

"Miss howard may i have a word with you?. I have something important to discuss with you. We can talk over a cup of coffee". He told me with a calm face with a slight nervousness which i am sure is just my imagination. I am surprised to see him without a smirk on his face. He was always a cocky one when we were together.

I know this is also one of his plot but i am not sure what he wanted from me this time.

"Mr king i am extremely sorry . I have some improtant work to finish before noon. So i have to decline your offer" I replied him with a fake smile.

" Cut the crap rose. I know what you are trying to do. I know you are still upset with what happened four years ago. But dont you think its time to move on from that. Past is past." He whisper yelled at me.

Hearing that i got furious but i didnt loose my cool demeanor. He very well know what i had gone through because of his foolish bet yet he has the audacity to tell me to move on from the past?. I dont know how long i can stand in his presence without loosing my mind but i have to try my best to not give him any reaction he wants.

" Mr king i dont know what you are talking about. I am not trying to do anything. I am just telling you the fact. Past doesn't effect me anymore. As you said past is past". I lied to him.

"Oh i dont think so miss howard. You know what i think?. I think you still love me and you are upset that i dont love you back. So you are trying to win me by trying hard to get." He said with a cocky smirk on his face which i truly wish to wipe off with a hard slap but i restrained myself.

"Mr king i dont think you understand what i said right now. I told you clearly past doesn't effect me anymore and if you think i am trying to win you then you are extremely wrong. I would rather prefer to die than forming any relationship with you. I hate you that much. If your parents and sister who support you blindly know what you had done then they will surely hate you too." I told him with venom in my voice.

His smirk fell and a flash of hurt was there in his eyes which dissapeared immedietly once they appeared. He was about to say something again before i interupeted.

"I am sorry mr king i have to go. Its nice meeting you and we will be very happy to do bussiness with you." I composed myself and told him before i stomped away from there. Before walking away i heard him say that "this is not over rose".

I walked straight to my car. I can't stay in the office now. I want some time for myself. I texted James that i am going home and drove my car to the beach where i can feel at peace.

When i reached the beach i sat down on the sand and started crying . I know i am being pathetic. All the pain that i had gone through came crashing down because of him.

It took me three years to come out of my depression. Four years ago i lost everything, my parents love , my friends and i lost the one person who was going to be my world, my baby.

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