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Rosalines POV

Ours was a typical nerd jock love story. I was a shy girl with a short height and curvy body while alexander was a popular jock with a model figure and a handsome face. We were polar opposite.

I had only 2 friends ruby and ella.I still remember my first day of college when i first met ruby.

I reached college 15 minutes early and went straight to office. I collected my schedule and was walking to my class when i bumbed into someone. When i looked up from my schedule i saw a beautiful girl with the most striking blue eyes i have ever seen. She was about a 2 to 3 inch taller than me.

"Sorry i was not paying much attention to my surroundings." I told her nervously.

"Its ok. Its not your fault i was also not paying attention. By the way my name is ruby." She told me with a genuine smile.

After that i have seen ruby manytimes at my classes and we started talking more and more. Before we know it we became bestfriends.

Ella was rubys friend and alexanders sister. Ella doesn't trust much as a lot of girls has tried to be her friend just to get to alexander. Ruby and ella where friends for years.

It took some time for ella to trust me and after that we became best of friends. We share almost eveything.

Me ella and ruby always had sleepover at ellas house . Ella stay with her parents. As i stay in dorm room and ruby stays with her boyfriend dylan, our best option was ellas house. Ruby and dylan were highschool sweathearts.

Dylan was alexanders best friend. I had never seen alexander alone. He always hangout with his gang which consist of his 4 friends dylan, max, rob and ryan.

I have seen alexander only a few times during our sleepovers. He stays alone in his apartment. He comes to his parents house once in a while.

Second year started and our friendship was going as strong as ever. During one of my classes i heard two girls behind me saying that alexander had used and rejected their friend. She was so heartbroken that she decided to opt out of college.

I was not sure what i heard was true or not but still i decided to tell ella about that. When i told ella she was furious towards the girls.

"How dare they spread such false rumors about my brother. Just because he doesn't encourage their advances doesn't mean they can say watever they want. I am going to kick their asses."

Ella was so furious that me and ruby had a hard time to calm her. After calming her we decided to go and have some food. We went to our favorite cafe and ordered a burger and smoothie for each one of us.

As we were waiting for our order to arrive we heard some girls whispering and giggling looking at the entrance of the cafe.

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