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Rosalines POV

I turned to the entrance to see what all these commotion is about. Thats when i saw alexander and his friends standing at the entrance of the cafe. They were scaning the cafe for something or someone.

Dylan was the last one who entered the cafe and when his eyes landed on ruby his face lit up. He started approaching our table along with his friends.

They sat with us and ordered there food. This is the first time they were hanging out with us. We three were looking at them dumbfounded.

Rob was looking at me wierdly with a smirk. It was creeping me out. I never liked rob much, i always get a bad vibe from him.

"Hey babe why are you looking at us like you have seen a ghost?" dylan asked ruby with a laugh.

As we heard them laughing we came out of our shoked state. Ella started blushing profusely. Ella was usually a bold girl like ruby but whenever ryan is around she became shy and nervous. She had been crushing on ryan since childhood.

I felt a little awkward sitting with them. Suddenly rob turned towards me.

" So rosaline what are your plans for this weekend?". He asked me with that smirk still intact on his face. I dont know what's more creepy his smirk or the fact that he is talking to me.

" I .... i dont have any plans yet". I was nervous from everyone's attention towards me.

Before he asked anything more ruby decided to elaborate my answer.

"Rob you have asked the wrong person. Rose never had any plans on weekends besides studying. "

"Rose you are young you have to live a little. Come to rob's party this weekend. We will teach you how to live life to the fullest, and i dont want to hear any excuses." This time alexander was the one who was talking.

Other that rob everyone was looking at alexander with there mouths hung open. Alexander was a person of few words. He never talked to me and ruby unless its about ella.

I felt something wrong with this whole situation still i ignored it. I had a crush on alexander for a long time, so when he asked me to do something for the first time, i decided to do it without a second thought.

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