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Rosaline POV

Today i am going to my first college party. I was both nervous and exited. I dont know why i agreed to go, oh ya for alexander. May be i should back out.

Finally i decide to woman up and get ready. This is my second time i have ever been to a party. The first was both a pleasant and unpleasant experience. unpleasant because someone tried to take advantage of me and pleasant because this is how i met my crush in person.

No one knows that i have met alexander before i even joined college. I haven't told anyone that. Moreover alexander is the reason why i have been working hard all these times. I want to make a carrier and become succesful so that i can be worthy of him.

After i finished dressing up i looked myself in the mirror. I wore a simple knee length dress with full sleeves and boat neck. I dont have much party dresses so this will do. I always wear minimal makeup.

Ruby was going to party with her boyfriend . I dont want to be a third wheel. So i decided to go with ella. She will be picking me up soon.

I was pacing nervously in my room when ella barged in. She was looking stunning. This is so unfair why do one family get all good genes. Even if she wear rags she will look like a princess.

"Hey are you ready?". She asked me bouncing up and down. "What got you so exited?". I asked her raising my eyebrows.

She was blusing profusely. I narrowed my eyes at her. Something was going on with her but i cant put a finger on it.

"Lets go i dont want to be late. By the way you look beautiful." Saying that she began dragging me out of my room.

Once i reached outside my dorm i see a black sports car and ryan was leaning against the passenger side door. " Oh now i now why you were this exited". I teased ella.

Ella glared at me and dragged me to the car. " Hey Rose. You look beautiful". Ryan complimented me. I blushed as i was not used to compliments. I mumbled a thanks and got inside with ella.

I froze when i saw alexander on the driver seat.

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