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What will happen when Ellyan falls in love with a man who plays with hearts ? Will she survive ? Or will she be on his victims list ? And would she do when she discovers his biggest secret ?? Ellyan's dream became true when she finally passed her exams and successfully joined the college . she was so sweet , shy and innocent for this dark world that will bring her nightmares to reality . William was a hot successful man yet cruel when it comes to feelings , he would buy women and use them for his own pleasure without a single fuck , till he landed his eyes on Ellyan .

Romance / Drama
Nass Z
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Chapter 1 :

I can't believe it ! I am finally here ! Standing infront of my new college , I've been through hell to attend it but it was worthy because now I am about to start a new adventure . Hopefully.

Without wasting time , I stepped in and allowed myself to admire the decoration and how beautiful that place is , I'm not overreacting but I've never seen something that clean and organized before . According to where I lived and my situation, this is heaven ! Why ?? Well , my dad is a part of a very dangerous mafia so me and my mother had to escape and move to another state for better living conditions but her plan failed when she was found killed in our basement , back then I was at school playing with my only friend , they refused to tell me what happened or who killed her . After that incident all the students and teachers avoided me right after my mother's death spread like wild fire , as my dad's job too .

I moved to another village at 16 and worked my ass off to earn money and ensure my living , it was so hard and painful specially that I had to endure the cold nights in the streets and hunger but I'm proud that I've managed to bring my life together again even a litt-..

A hand tapped my shoulder and I jumped like a frightened kitten " Hey can you ple-... wow easy , I won't hurt you " a blondie rised both her hands in the air with a very genuine smile , I can tell she is new here as well . " Uhm I-I am sorry , I.. was deep in thoughts , how can I help ?? " I finally said after a very long uncomfortable silence .

My mom used to keep me home most of time , where I will be safe and protected and of course away from men , because after all then never showed their real emotions and never looked at women like human beings but only bodies .

So I was raised with a single woman , the only one I trusted so now I am a very scaredy cat , shy little girl and my body didnt help me at all , I was short and petite almost like 16 years old when I'm 21 .

" I can't find the library because you know .. I'm new here " she let out a chuckle and looked down embarrassed , I don't know as well but I think I can figure this out . Deep breath Ellyan , stay calm , smile .

I payed her a shy smile and scratched the back of my neck " Th-... uhm that's my first year too , and this is my very first day here " I admitted , I thought she would laugh at me or make fun of me but instead she squeezed my hand in comfort " Me too so let's try to figure this out . " she spoke softly " By the way I am Elena " I looked up at her and smiled " Ellyan .. Call me Ellie "

She was so beautiful and angelic , her body was taller than me but so beautiful , her hair reached her waist , I noticed that she haves a tattoo on her neck shaped as a butterfly I guess , but it looked so cute specially that there was a name nearby it , now I wonder what does it mean .

" Ellyan ,what a unique name " she shook her head from side to side playfully and I blushed , because no one admired my name before ! Why am I so happy to hear this ? Am I finally getting a new friend??

"Thank you , yours is beautiful too .. as you are " I said honestly and she looked at me in mix of awe and humor " Oh honey there's no way , anyways we gotta.. wait are we in the same class ??" Dramatically she placed her hand on her chest and she kinda sounds disappointed . " G-Group B ?? " I asked and waited for her answer , because somehow I felt comfortable around her and she seems to share same feeling .

She let out a shout of victory and wrapped her arms around my weak figure " Oh jesus we are !!! This is so good we gonna have a lot of fun ! " She jumped around with me in her arms , I tried to pull away but her hold was way too strong so I sighed in defeat and let her be , she will calm down soon , right ??


I was so mistaken when I thought she will calm down within few minutes but that wasn't true , Elena literally behaved like a kid for the last few hours , we talked about ourselves and our family situations , she almost cried when she knew about my past but without mentioning the truth and simply said " They died because of an ugly accident " because I don't think she is ready to know about that dark past yet . I knew she came from wealthy family , and her origins are from UK , that explains her British accent , I also knew that she got two brothers, William and Josh from other father . We shared our likes and dislikes along with our favorite series and songs , we were so familiar which is good !

We were about to head out when Elena's phone started ringing , her eyes light up as she scanned the ID on her phone " He is here !! " she spoke excitedly and I gave her confused look , she noticed and pulled me towards the college's exit " Wh-Where are we going Elena ?? " I was scared, yeah I liked her but I still don't trust her , humans can wear masks and once they drop them they change completely and I dont want to fall a victim' again , not anymore . She didn't mind me and kept walking till her phone rang again but this time she answers with a glare on her face "Chill William , we are coming "

William ??


A MAN !??



Fear started taking the best of me and my whole body starts shaking and mind creating the worst scenarios , my hand goes to hers as I tried to break free , she looked back at me with ' What the hell ' look , but I didnt care I am being kidnapped and I have to escape I wont go back to hel...

"Ellyan what is going on ?? You are so pale as you saw a ghost what's up ?" She stopped walking and looked down at me , but how am I supposed to tell her that ? All what she was doing is being nice the whole time we spent together but now I am freaking out because of a call and mentioning a male name , but then I remembered that that name belongs to her older brother , then I felt my cheeks heat up and I wish the ground could swallow me , I am so stupid now !

Keep it together Ellyan . I scold myself and smile sheepishly " Oh .. I was just uhm ... I was just cold a little and I hoped maybe I can hold your hand " I cant tell her that I fear men and I dont trust her yet because literally it will make me loose a friend I just made and I don't want to , not yet .

I nodded my head as she suggested me to meet her old brother and told me that he would pick us home , of course I refused but here I am infront of a luxury black car , I swear if I worked my whole life I would never earn money to buy a car like this one , seriously it was beautiful .

While I was deep in thought Elena moved from my side and throws herself at a man , it caught my attention so I dare to look up and I regret it . I really really regret it .

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